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  • Timothy Wayne George on Mark 14
    Peter denied the Lord three times, because the Lord Jesus had told him before the cock shall crow twice you will deny me thrice. Jesus would restore Peter after He had risen. Jesus asked Peter three times do you love me? Peter responded yes Lord you know that I love you. After Jesus restores Peter, he tells him how he will glory God in his death. We too must answer the question of do we love Jesus more than these? As Jesus told his disciples to watch, and pray less they enter into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. We all have failed the Lord just as Peter did, and the Lord has restored us too. When that day comes for us to lay our lives down for Jesus, we must say not my will, but thine be done. God gives us the same grace to live for him, that it takes to die for him. Paul said we are counted as sheep for the slaughter every day. We must first die to self, and then live for Jesus.
    To live is Christ, and to die is gain.
  • Amy on Revelation 13
    Well, first you have to apply the law of interpretation of the bible. Which is: When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense; Therefore, take every word at its primary, ordinary,usual, literal meaning
    Unless the facts of the immediate context, studied in the light Of related passages and
    axiomatic and fundamental truths indicate clearly otherwise. That said, here we have "The Beast" who is demanding worship of the image he sets up, and image that can be "seen by all" which in itself is an abomination as the Jewish temple worship system never allowed anybody but the "High Priest" to open the door to the "Holy of Holies" and go in. That said, it seems that people are actively worshipping the beast before they receive the mark IN their right hand or IN their forehead. It's either the number, his name, or his image. Be it an implanted chip, or a tatoo, it's IN their skin on their right hand or forehead. Meantime, people are being killed if they do not worship the beast. And, the beast is Satan, even though a "fallen" Cherubim, a Cherubim is a "beast", just like there are animals here on earth. I have to think that those who take the mark are already worshipping the beast, but it's Satans assurance of their allegience. and to be sure, he makes it so they cannot buy or sell (eat or live) unless they take the mark. Once the mark is taken, that person has reached the "Point of no return" and are destined for hell. By this time, how much of the population is even left? Either way, the tribulation is for UNbelievers. Many will still be saved during that time, but they will have to die for their belief in Jesus.
  • Bible Reader Kirk on Acts 15
    Iím sorry to ask a simple but powerfull question. Is not a Ghost realy another name for a demon? Think about it, people tell ghost story around a camp fire, right? So when people say Holy Ghost, is it not realy saying Holy Demon? That doesnít make no sence, right? If itís real lifeform, what is his personal name?

    Maybe God fearing people should take closer look at this? Maybe looking up up the original Hebrew and Greek Bible language words for Holy Ghost will bring more clarity to these very important question?

    Remember fellow Bible readers who is Godís number one enemy? Satan wants us to be a little lazy, he doesnít want church goers to do their homework.

    A good students usually donít pass test without studing and doing home work.
  • Nico j.j.koroh on Song of Solomon 5
    why this book should be in the word of God? that,s the first question to be raised? all the book of song of Solomon, is about the love of God to his people (that's the bride), otherwise we will miss understood the whole message
  • Charles Kennedy on 2 Thessalonians 2
    The question is what is the temple of God and where is it? If it is obvious then the obvious is deception!There have been throughout the history of the scrolls and present day scriptures many proclamations of ones claiming deity!God is a Spirit thus the reference to the man of sin must be spirit. The New Testament reveals that our bodies is the Temple of God and that the devil, Satan also is in the human body showing himself that he is God! There are other scripturs that point to this but I'm limited in space. The key is " temple " and our body is the " temple " not made by hands! Paul wrote plainly in 2 Corinthians concerning another gospel, another Jesus, another spirit and identified such as false apostles, false prophets,deceitful workers, even Satan himself is transfomed into angel of light. If it was possible Satan would deceive the very " elect." Remember, if it is obvious, it is deception!The " temple " of God as revealed by the spirit of wisdom and revelation to the apostle Paul as written is " man's body. "
  • Matthew Uche on 1 Samuel 19
    1 Samuel 19 shows vividly the law of partnership:
    David partnership with Jonathan Enables Him to Endure.
    No leader succeeds on his own- not even a great leader whom God called "a man after My own heart" (Acts 13:22), and "the apple of [My] eye" (Psalms 17:8). Even David needed his Jonathan.
    In the dark days when he scrambled from cave to cave to escape the murderous threats of King Saul, David turned to his friend, Jonathan, for strength and encouragement. At great risk to himself, Jonathan warned David and told him to hide out for a time (1 Samuel 19:2).
    Jonathan, hoping to pacify his father and reconcile the king to his friend, spoke well of David. And for a short while Saul relented, promising that David would not die by his hand.

    Soon the old animosities reaserted themselves, however, and Jonathan once again risked his life to help his dear friend (20:30-33). Even though he knew that God had chosen David-and not him-to rule Israel, Jonathan remained faithful to his comrade until the very end of his life. One verse in particular describes Jonathan's invaluable ministry to David: "Then Jonathan, Saul's son, arose and went to David in the woods and srengthened his hand in God" (23:16).

    Do you have someone who "strengthens your hand in God"? All leaders need loyal friends who can help them to persevere through the tough times.

    The book of Proverbs 18:10 says; The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. KJV

    Jesus is Lord!
  • Jaida on John 12:48
    How does the word judge you? Does that mean that peoples concience will be convicted because they'll know it's true? Or something? please help me. May the love of GOD reach you all.
  • Chaz on Acts 1
    No read it again! Jesus told the apostles to go and tarry in Jerusalem UNTIL WHAT? They be endued with power from on high. No Holy Ghost, no power. I guess he had to rely on his own spirit, but not in the sense that we do! After all He is that spirit!
  • Boyet Christian on Revelation 12
    Some people identify the woman of Revelation 12 as Israel. But, where does it say in the bible that Israel "fled into the wilderness" to be protected and nourished by God AFTER the messianic child has been enthroned in heaven? These verses clearly describe what God does for His People of the New Covenant after Christís coming, not the Israel of the Old era. Some people also say that the woman of Revelation is the Church, but the ecclesial interpretation by itself DOES NOT make sense of all the data, for Revelation 12:1Ė5 portrays the woman as the mother of Jesus Christ. If the woman represents the Church, we must ask, how could the Church give birth to Jesus Christ? Rather, it should be the other way around!

    Three main characters emerge in this scene: the woman, her male child, and the dragon. The woman gives birth to the male child, who is attacked by the dragon. The child is caught up to God and enthroned, while the dragon is defeated and cast down (Revelation 12:1Ė9). Two of the three characters are easily identifiable. The dragon is explicitly identified as "that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan" (12:9). The male child is Jesus Christ, for he is described as destined to "rule all the nations with a rod of iron" (Revelation 12:5) a reference to the description of the messianic king in Psalms 2:9. Furthermore, since the child is caught up to God and sits on His throne, most scholars identify the child as Jesus Christ. The other two main characters are identified as individuals (the male child being Jesus Christ, and the dragon Satan), it seems unlikely that the third major character is only a symbol for a collective group. Rather, if the dragon and the child represent individuals, the woman also is likely to be an individual.

    The woman of Revelation 12 is the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. A Marian interpretation avoids the pitfalls of views that see the woman not as an individual at all, but only as a symbol for the People of God. Such an either-or proposition itself is foreign to the biblical worldview in which individuals often symbolically represent collective groups (e.g., Romans 5:19, where Adam represents all humanity, and Psalms 44:4, where Jacob stands for all of Israel). Given this biblical notion of individuals representing larger groups of people, the woman in Revelation 12 could be understood as both an individual (Mary) and a representative of Godís People as a whole. And the Blessed Virgin Mary is just the right person to embody both the Old and New Covenant since she herself stands at the hinge between the and the New. If there was one woman in salvation history who could represent both Israel and the beginning of the New Covenant People of God, it would be the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Magira chacha nyakimahi on Genesis 2
    one of the things that confusing the world right now is on which day god is the seventh day in this world of ours, some says sunday is the seventh day and people rest on this day as god did after creation of the world and host.
    some says it is saturday, because jesus died on the sixth day and ressurected on the the first day of the week. then he rest in the grave on the seventh day, which day is the biblical seventh day?.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Proverbs 12
    I will be GREATEFUL today..WILL you?
  • Nice, Blessing! Hope Jesus will come in my life time so I can be transformed and taken into heaven without physical death? Praise Be To God
  • Kini.toloa on Mark 14:70
    This verse of the scripture is very hard to make me understand looks an easy but is not could you please explain to me why Peter say no to Jesus three times, is there any meaning?
  • Angelique on 1 Timothy 5:8
    Provision is three-fold. Physical, spiritual, and emotional provision is necessary for truly caring for your family. What good is feeding and clothing the body without feeding he soul or spirit?
  • Evangelist Fabrice on Romans 11
    Romans 11:1-6 COMMENTARY

    Saint Paulís writing to the Romans present us with another challenging theology to deal with. The whole concept which is conveyed throughout this passage can be classified under REMNANT THEOLOGY. Yes, I strongly believe that God is a God of dispensation who works in TIME and SEASON. See Galatians 4:4, Ephesians 1:10. The time line of the history of divine providence from the day of the fall of the First Adam has been that of restoration and the preservation of the remnant of the children of Israel. Despite the providential struggle for restoration and preservation of the remnant of Israel, God has been working through CONVENANT THEOLOGY. In each historical age of the dispensation of restoration, God had always made himself manifest to his children through what I called COVENANT. That is why we cannot really disassociate DISPENSATIONAL THEOLOGY, CONVENANT THEOLOGY, and REMNANT THEOLOGY:
    Saint Paul in Romans 11:5 is trying to convey a transcendent Truth about God which is through the GRACE of God, a remnant will always be preserved in all generations, irrespective of the circumstances. The word remnant itself should not only be understood within the light of all those who are being saved or the kept aside by the LORD, but the word remnant should be understood with the mindset of those whom God has chosen as an instrument to save the lost. The word remnant does not necessarily mean that they are those whom has chosen through his Unconditional Election to go to heaven. For example, in the days of Joseph, he was chosen as a remnant to preserve his brothers from the great famine which was to later befall the land. See Genesis 42. In the case of Joseph, we can see that he was unconditionally chosen by Godís election of Grace, and by means of this divine election of grace, his salvation was assured by God himself but his being chosen was for the preservation for the remnant that was to go through moments of hardship.
    This again takes us to another argument in the book of Revelation 7:4-8 where in every twelve tribe in Israel God had or God has preserved at least twelve thousand people to be saved. If we have to make a multiplication of the twelve thousand people by the twelve tribes of Israel, that God had or has preserved in history, then we will come to the conclusion of having 144,000 remnant preserved as it is described in the book of Revelation 14:1- Does it mean that only 144,000 people are going to heaven? I say no. why? This is how I explicate myself. This 144,000 people stands for the remnant which God has kept for himself which he will use to work out the salvation of those who have not yet been saved so that through them others will be saved and come to the complete knowledge of the saving grace of God. If we can logically agree with Genesis 42 that Joseph was sent into Egypt because God in his master plan wanted to use him to preserve the remnant that was going to survive the famine, then it is obvious that the 144,000 people have the same providential role to play like Joseph.
    In conclusion, the theology of Unconditional Election has never really meant to mean God has chosen others to be saved while he has predestined others for perdition. It does not suffice quoting the story of Esau and Jacob, but one thing remains certain that anybody who has been uncondionally set apart by Godís Unconditional Grace is only a bridge through whom the unsaved are saved. E.g, Esther.
  • Fabrice on John 1:5
    While we read through the gospel of saint John,we need to understadn that the word darkness itself does not mean the absence of light.Spiritual darkness is a form of light which is not from God. This is why saint paul in his epistle had to say Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light,that is,a form of light not of God.
    The second thing i will like to draw our attention to here is the mystery hidden behind the name LORD. These four letter words means a lot. This is the full meaning of the word LORD. LIGHT OVER RULES DARKNESS.L stands for LIGHT,O stands for OVER,R stands for RULE,and D stands for DARKNESS. In this case,we see that Jesus being of a superior light which is of God rules over the depraved world of sin which is spiritual ignorance. The word darkness in a simpler word will be called spiritual ignorance or depravity of who God is? Since the world has been under a false light called darkness,when the real light of creation which is Jesus came to recreate humanity in the book of saint John 1:5,it became absolute impossible for people to believe him because they have been used to the false light brought about by the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden,and that false light is ignorance of their divinity.
  • PENELOPE on Matthew 26:12
  • Claude Byrd on 1 Corinthians 13:10
    What does the word perfect mean in scripture? But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it--he will be blessed in what he does.(James 1:25). Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." (Matthew 19:21) Does the perfect here means something different than the perfect used in 1st Corinthians 13:10? What is the perfect law of liberty? What was Jesus referencing when he told the rich young ruler if thou would be perfect go sell all that you have and come follow me. Could perfect mean complete? I'm just saying! Sometimes we make things more difficult than they should be! My feeling or my opinion is fruitless when it comes to the word of God. Solomon said in Proverbs 16:25 "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." In Matthew 7:24 Jesus said these words "Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock." The Hebrew writer said in Hebrews 5:8-9 Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered And having been made perfect, He became to all those who obey Him the source of eternal salvation,

    Hear (Matthew 7:24), believe (John 8:24) repent (Luke 13:3,5) confess (Acts 8:37) and be baptized for the remission of your sins, (Acts 2:38, 8:12, Acts 22:16)
  • Matt on 2 Kings 2
    This is amazing! Really! All people die, including children. But a prophet cursing children and a god killing them?!? And for what; mocking a man cause he is bald. Yeah, makes perfect sense.

    Why don't you just kill anyone that mocks you or someone you know? You can't and you won't, why, because it is wrong and you'll just be a murderer!

    Wake up people!
  • Susan Dalton on Acts 5:28
    "Did not we straigtly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us." Acts 5:28.

    We have been affected by the Derecho and extreme heat; many have loss electrical power, and some have been out of power for nine days.

    At least in some cases, clearance has to be documented on de-energized lines over 600 volts. This clearance document states that all lines or equipment have been isolated from all sources of hazardous energy. Lower voltage lines or equipment may only require a lock out/tag out procedure.

    The apostles had received a clearance from the Lord. They were separated by the Holy Ghost for the work the Lord had called them unto. In essence, they were separated from worldly, hazardous powers which would keep them from fulfilling the Lord's work. They were not kept from those powers seeking to stop them, yet, they knew they had clearance from the Lord, and even if men sought to stop that work, they were to obey God: a hazardous work indeed.

    In another way of looking at it, some who call on the name of the Lord, may be low voltage disciples. The world may have isolated them from their main power source to such a degree that they are received by the world; they may be locked out or tagged out while they work in certain areas - meaning they cannot in word make mention of the Lord. Others may be low voltage due to sin, or lack of obedience to God's word. Some may be low voltage because they are a babe in Christ; still, others, may be low voltage by God's will to be able to perform a specific work according to His will; but, the power to perform any work for Christ must come from His power.

    The apostles, here,in Acts 5:28, were a live, hot wire for the Lord. The opposers of the gospel tried to enforce their clearance upon them. They sought to isolate the apostles from the power that enpowered them, yet, the apostles were a live, hot wire unto their death. They had received clearance from the Lord that His work might be done.

    Working on downed, energized lines can be hazardous to the worker of the Lord; but, thanks be unto God, He insulates His workers for the work He has cleared them to do.
  • Frenz on 1 Peter 1
    His abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

    These words respond to those who accept the process of salvation through circumscision and baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, as the Bible says! It is the Gospel of Christ..DEATHēBURIALēRESURRECTION. Meaning you must DIE from your sins thru repentance. BURIAL you must be buried in baptism to his death (Romans 6:3-4) RESURRECTION-Recieving the promise of the Holy Ghost, as the scripture says in (John 3:5) ecept a man be born of watwer and of spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. This is the GRACE that every man MUST ACKNOWLEDGE. And if you make an action for this then THERE WILL BE A LIVELY HOPE FOR YOU by the resurrection of Jesus Christ because it is God who planned this God was manifest in the flesh in the person of Jesus Christ as the body of God by the power of the Holy Ghost(1 Timothy 3:16)
    That is why the Inheritance incorruptible and undefiled that does not fadeth away reserved in heaven for you. This is the provision of God if you will ovey what is written in the book Bible
    Already reserve in heaven and it is already kept in God's hand by his power. do you agree what the Bible tells?
  • Edward francis on Numbers 23:19
    If God is not a man,how can Jesus be God and man ?
  • Emmanuel on Proverbs 8
    Proverbs 8 shows us that God's wisdom is the main thing anyone will get once we are in tune w/ his will and heart..
    not knowledge nor salvation...
    having wisdom coming from God himself is greater than anything else since it was there before the universe was created...
    this passage dont talk about God's sovereignity or Jesus being talks about wisdom and how are we to view it...
    that;s why it said at the begginning of the passage
    "Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice?"
  • Marie on 2 Samuel 4
    question? is there a significant to the phrae found in 2 samuel 4 chapter and verse 6. and he "smote him under the fifth rib"
  • Xavier on Exodus 20
    Hi there, I'm here today to make all of you know the truth. Basically, today some Christian religious obviously making the image of God. God don't want people to create His image right? So, why should they making God image?

    Exodus 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

    It's proven from the bible that we could not create image of God.

    Some people think that this 10 commandments included in the law that Mosses wrote. Well, it's not. The law is what Mosses write and the 10 commandments wrote by God Himself.

    So, in that case we must follow the 10 commandments until now. That's what God want for people to do.
  • Hattie on Romans 8
  • Patrick on Luke 1:30
    mhhm.......? can God say that he has favored us
  • Kimber on 1 Timothy 2
    1&2 Timothy is a LEADERSHIP epistle and Paul is talking to Timothy about leadership. Also most of the time when the word subjection and "woman" are used together the word woman should be "wife". In fact Strong's concordance says the word "woman" in 1Tim 2:12 is (transliterated into English from the Greek) "goo-nay" the number is 1135. And Strong's says it means woman and specifically wife.

    So Paul is saying that a wife is not to teach or take over the teaching from her husband; men are head of the household. But there are times when women do teach and are leaders: remember Deborah? She was a judge of Isreal. And Miriam the sister of Moses was a Prophetess and in Kings Huldah the prophetess and in the gospels the prophetess Anna who prophesied about Jesus when he was a baby.
    Women went a little overboard when they learned that they were equals with men spiritually. for there is no bond nor free; no male nor female; no Judaean nor gentile in the spirit. Being equals in the spirit women thought they should have equality in the church and yet GOD had given men leadership responsibilities; so when some Christian women and especially wives tried to teach and arguments broke out. Paul wrote to set things straight. Women can teach and have taught in the past. Remember Aquila and Priscilla; they were a husband and wife team who brought Apollos home and taught him more perfectly the will of GOD concerning Christ. Acts says they both taught him.
    I am still studying 1 Timothy 2:12, but I'm sure that Paul didn't mean that women could never teach as these other women clearly had taught and were still women of GOD.
  • Pauric on Genesis 50
    God has blessed humankind with the gift of freewill. If josephs banishment by his brothers is the work of god to prolong the sons of israels existence then is that not a contradiction of the concept of freewill?
  • Chandy on Malachi 1
    In fact, Prophet Malachi, the same word speaks to us today too. Many times, we feel that we are children of God, praying, reading bible, giveing tigthes etc., However, are we really have the fear of God? Just think about and let us rededicate ourselves to the word of God.

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