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  • Yvonne Mathis
    Does the KJV say if we will know our loved ones in Heaven?
    how was god w2hen he die
  • GLow-B
    (Im)migrants leaving their Country for a better opportunity has p

    r Dictarship. You are blessing another continent not your own.

    The HOLY Lands were Chosen by

    G-D. Father Abraham was the seed of ALL Nations. Jehovah said, to share the GOSPEL thru out the Earth that he may draw ALL MEN UNTO HIM. Feeding the Land Physically & Spitrtually is vital.
  • GiGi
    Well said Dr. Lee.

    You ad stated this well concerning this topic. Thank you.
  • Haymanot
    How to pray without ceasing?
  • Shelley on Revelation 14
    I'm neither advocating nor discouraging the 'vaccine', but this one shot is not the devil's mark. Your dna is altered everytime you get a virus, travel for a long period/ long distance, and many other scenarios. I did choose to get the Pfizer vaccine after much research and consideration, but I chose it specifically because of its anti-androgenic properties, perfect for a woman past childbearing age, but I supported my older teen daughter not getting it for the same reasons. My mother chose a one-dose shot after almost losing my dad to Covid. It's an individual decision. My relationship with God is stronger than ever.
  • Shaggy Baggy Group on Proverbs 1
    Thank you so much for making this app!

    Please don't feel the need to email me!

    Thanks again!

    Sincerely Jalyssa Palmer
  • GiGi
    Hi Joe, Heaven is the desire of everyone who believes in and trusts in Jesus as God the Son and Savior. We are told when we are resurrected, we will not have this sinful, mortal body, but a new incorruptible, immortal body like Jesus has. We will see Jesus and be able to talk and interact with Him as He will be the physical form of God in eternity. In Heaven, we will be eternally happy without sorrow, pain, or lack of love in all of the relationships we will have there. We will always do God's will forever. we will be able to interact with the holy angels. We will never view or experience anything wicked ever again .We will have pure worship of God and know pure truth as God reveals to us what He thinks is best for us to know. We will not know everything, only God has that attribute, but we will know all we will need to know to experience the fullness of our salvation in Jesus and to the fullness of what God has planned for our relationship with Him (within our human limitations). We will be wowed by the magnificent beauty of all of a restored creation and especially that of God Himself.

    So, there is so much to look forward to when we get to heaven.

    Hope this el
  • Genesis Charles
    How to pray
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    I need more verses
  • Ronald Whittemore
    New format,

    Not seeing the newest post, and not easy to follow a thread regardless of the subject. Cannot find conversations that were going on, loss of intimacy and keeping up with each other.

    Not a fan,

  • Grae
    Where is everyone ? It's very quiet here today .
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  • William Childree
    Married to a nonbelievers
  • Chelsea
    I want to tithe but, I am a homemaker with no say in how the family finances are doled out. I watch church on TV to avoid the pandemic. So with no money and no way to leave my home what could I possibly do to tithe? I understand it is usually a money concept but I have none, he doesn't want me to go to church and risk getting covid ( which I understand and totally agree with ) so I also can't offer to volunteer. I want to give my first to God but don't actually know what to do. I could give the first hour of my day to reading the Bible or diligently doing my wifely duties in God's name but would that even count? Would I really be giving anything to God when I should be doing those things daily any way? I would appreciate any ideas because I have nothing to give but still want to give something.
  • Shellon Hooten on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Greetings! I do have a question, will God himself come back to rapture us as it says here, or will Jesus come back for the rapture?
  • Donna
    Just a sincere question for all the oneness people. What about the great trinitarian evangelists of our time such as Billy Graham, Nikky Cruz, and David Wilkerson? Are they not saved? Because they were trinitarian? Or maybe they were baptized with the father the son and Holy Spirit as Jesus said to be in Matthew? And not in Jesus name only? Are they going to hell?
  • M
    I don't read Apocrypha. It wasn't canonized.

    It might help if we search the origins of the Chaldeans. Who were they, Where did they live.

    Search that word through the King James Bible: 'Chaldeans'.

    There's a lot of scripture in the KJV; Jeremiah.
  • Jcbu undercover on Genesis 41:43
    God bless everyone had a dream myself last night.Do not know if it means anything or not.There was a very young mother bear she attacked me! After a struggle for my life. I defeated her.Then thier where about 10 to 12 baby bear cubs wailing for their young mother so I thought bears do not have that many cubs there must be more mothers here.What am I to do with these babys?When awakening I remembered this place out of town that takes care of animals The bear man of Emo Ontario is this a sign that we should speak togeather?
  • Naw reeshalay
    I want to learn
  • Glenn
    I just wanted to thank all for the time and effort put forth on this site. For I surly can say I by far , am a student, an old man !!!! I enjoy everyone's comments , an the shall I dare say " competitive Banter " !!!! I've never been one to be aggressive or angry,.. for the word of God is always growing an can never be totally learned by anyone of us , we are to ask , an to seek , from him , not a flesh body know it all ,.. most important , then we are to pause, meditate, an try to understand,.. an hey , sometimes, I don't know, an I just keep trying,.. I am simply a Christian, an I really do not know how others teach in there churches,.. nor would I judge,.. I believe totally in that book of James , if anyone lacks for knowledge, let them ask ,.. an please, remember, on that great white throne judgement day , it starts with the teachers , preachers , an the ones who claim to be,.. so please be very careful, God dose not like those , who teach his children falsely, not only will you be accountable for your sins , but for all of those you taught,.. an that my fens , is a very big mess

  • Paul Akinwamide on Ezekiel 24
    Thank you for Sharing the deeper revelation of God's word.
  • Sheila on Psalms 128
    It's more than 66 books in Bible, need to get "Holy Scriptures" book with "Jasper & Tobit" and more.
  • Peterson on Isaiah 40
    The meaning of the is no searching of his understanding
  • Mark on Matthew 14:30
    My questionis three (3)fold:

    It's was known as far back as the time of Moses that men indulged in witchcraft and magic on accounts of Moses records with Ramses magicians and the serpents..

    Matthew 14: 27-33 records the events with Jesus and Peter walking on the water and having doubts Jesus had to save Peter..They thought he was a spirit!

    Fast forward to Jesus miracles after that..Feeding the poor with five(5) loaves and a few fish, healing the sick, some by just touching his garments, raising the dead, turning water to wine and most likely many more not recorded..

    Yet at his crucifixion they lost faith denying him publicly? They was with Jesus physically..We have to accept Jesus by faith!

    1.Does that make our commitment to follow and accept Jesus in this modern era less or more complicated?

    2. Scriptures states that Jesus granted the thief being crucified with him Eternal life before he, Jesus died and was resurrected? Anything is possible with God

    But why is that an example for us today?

    2. God opened the jail for Peter but allowed John the Baptist to remain in prison.. Basically for the same crimes! Being a voice against evil men..

    3. What's the rational or logic between the two events?
  • Stuart Haynes on John 20
    So I guess that upon our death. If we had Tatoos, they will be removed ?
  • Donna
    My brother literally believes that he is saved by grace keyword being Grace. That's fine but he has bad fruit. And I do believe that we can look at fruit and B fruit checkers and that's how we're going to know people. Because the Bible says we will know them by their fruits. Things that I will not, cannot, mention here. And certainly cannot do with Jesus. The things he is doing are destroying his life. And his family relationships. He is not having life more abundantly. It's like having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. Because his mouth speaks of this wonderful grace but his life is full of Dead Man's Bones it stinks and it's broken and it leaves destruction in its path wherever it goes.What can I say to him? His sin has ruined his life. That is not gods grace. How can he get free? He won't listen to me because he's so hung up on his grace salvation. He says you don't have to do anything to be saved not even giving up your sin. But I say if you're saved by grace in which I truly believe in he won't want to sin any more. God will be able to deal with you about your sin and convict you. Not condemn you that's the devil who does that. Does anybody have any thing helpful to say? Maybe some scripture? About why he is saved by grace but his life is so full of willful sin that has him bound and is leaving wreckage everywhere? He has been this way ever since he first believed 20 years or so ago ago. How can he get free?
  • Joe Rak
    What changes of going to heven ? How Do we know for sure if we are saved ?
  • Free
    Dear God, Father in Heaven, You who have created Heaven and Earth. And all things and life forms, and the Spiritual. Lord and Master of the Lords. Nothing can change Your Will for what you have decided is right.

    No one can compare with You Lord, You are omniscient Divine God. Who knows All things. Nothing is hidden from You Master. Now i pray for all who are struggling and carrying heavy burdens, come to them You Jesus Christ and give salvation in this moment!

    Now i also thank all Your children, who never stop pointing to the Way of Light. Let no one pass by the Light of Jesus Christ, who You Are. You Jesus Christ Is the Light of the world. Their love is also eternal.

    Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for strengthening us all to the knowledge of truth and eternal hope of God in You, Jesus Christ. Never let my song for You stop. You are with me all the days of my life and afterwards i will live with You where You are King. Love You forever. If i have forgotten anything in the exaltation of You Lord, look to me that i am a man and a child. For all human wisdom is foolishness to our God. And i bow to that. Amen.

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