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  • Johnathan Taylor - in Reply on Revelation 13:16
    Tent revival? It's going to be the biggest bloodbath ever known to man. The dead will be envied.
  • Proscovia naiga on Matthew 6
    what should i do when things are turning upside down for me, or which bible verse should i read to encourage me ??,
  • William Hayes on 2 Timothy 3
    I have had brain injury. I am wondering what chapter and verse that says the way someone is raised they are not subject to change?
  • Jesse - in Reply
    Brother Spencer, amen. Thank's for sharing those verses.
  • Ronald L Whittemore - in Reply

    Thanks for your kind reply,

    Just to be clear my calculations and my study has nothing to do with when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem has no significance to the prophecy given to Daniel except it was five days from when He was cut off (crucified).

    The main reason I replied was to show that one hundred seventy-three thousand eight hundred and eighty days from 445 B.C. will not get to 32 A.D. it is at least two years short. If that is true, what then, what will that change?

    Thanks again Jesse for what you do, may we walk in the Spirit of truth.

  • ETERNAL CHOICES and COVID VACCINES - in Reply on Revelation 13:16
    I don't think you got the Mark, getting a vaccination. I asked the Lord many years ago about how the mark will be given.

    It's not going to be accidental. You'll be given a choice. The Mark, or Death.

    The Mark guarantees us eternity in hell (at the end).

    So maybe when you were a teenager and thought it would be cool to wear black robes and attend orgies, black mass's, etc.

    Now is a good time to read Isaiah 1:18-20. Only the Blood of Jesus can cleanse that off of you.

    We aren't going to be able to chop off our hands and remove the Mark of the Beast.

    Pride is a sin that the Bible says God hates. Take His Son, Jesus instead. Your reward will be eternal Life. Don't allow Pride to rob you.

    Everyone is going to bow their knee to the NAME OF JESUS. Either it will be with Joy everlasting; or with the pain of eternal Separation.

    Who will you choose?

    Covid shots have nothing to do with this. Just be glad you don't live in Texas with Thousands of people who have Covid, crossing your borders DAILY.

    Why? Because Biden, Beto and Kamala hate Our Governor and Jesus Christ. See guys? We are in the Last Days!

    Figure out what you're gonna do about Jesus, and then DO IT. Now!!
  • Glenn
    The mark of the beast is simply worshiping satin when he returns as the anti - Christ , but is saying he is Jesus, acting like Jesus, an standing in the holy place playing Jesus , an his act will be very convincing,.. an my frens many shall be fooled, an will follow , an that is taking on the mark of the beast ,.. an remember, he also has all the fallen angels,.. so there's gonna be the biggest tent revival this world has ever seen .
  • Fred - in Reply on Revelation 13:16
    I suppose if what we are experiencing are the beginning of sorrows, the old testament is full of evidence that God is judging us! If repentance comes and a nation or people seeks God, perhaps the days will be lengthened. We have a free will to decide what the future holds, as of right now ,I see little if any of repentance.

    Billy Graham, could fill a stadium and have the place excepting the Lord Jesus! He preached the gospel. The good news. Man is sinful and separated from God! He Must receive the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved from sin and hell! The message we see now is an unthankful people unaware of the condition they are in! These will die in their sin. Yes, man will be judged either here now, or in eternity! O foolish people who hath be witched you! Judging from what I read, and see "it is at the doors". Repent ad be baptized!

    Freedom of speech is dwindling, I think as long as we have this site, this could eventually be our fellowship in the truth! Does your preacher teach the love of Christ? Does he teach the forgiveness of sins through faith in the shed blood. The redemption from sin and hell found in His sacrifice at the cross! Some think they need to fill 40 minutes and will say anything! Real pastors are those that believe the word of God! Studying to show themselves approved before the Lord. We need pastors now more than ever, to preach the gospel, while not judging or condemning. Putting Christ first in all things!
  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 13:16

    I fully agree with Heidi on this one. Unlike the Covid vaccine, the mark of the beast is not something you can just walk right up to receive. In order to receive the mark, a person must first bow down and worship the beast. You did not bow down and worship anyone when you received the vaccine. So no, that is not the mark of the beast. And as Deanna has said, when you received Christ, His Spirit has sealed your spirit and you now belong to Christ. No one can take you away from Jesus, not even a vaccine!
  • Jesse - in Reply

    I do not take it as an attack at all. You're simply sharing information with me that you may have researched out, and I do appreciate that. What I shared came from sitting under the ministry of a pastor who was very familiar with the Hebrew calendar and He took that calendar, plus the prophecy given, and that is the date he came up with based on the number of days as to when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, that date being 6 April, 32 A.D. I believe this date to be accurate. For myself personally, I do not see any benefit in trying to prove this pastor wrong, as it is not an issue that would benefit me one way or another in the Lord.

    If you have taken the time to do the calculations using the Hebrew calendar, and you've come up with a different date, you're a better man than me because I do not enjoy math at all. If I tried to figure this out, it would take more time that I wish to expend on it trying to prove the date wrong.

    To answer your questions, when did Jesus first come? Well, we know that He was already 30 years of age when He was introduced by John. And then at the end of His 3-year ministry, Jesus then rode into Jerusalem to surrender Himself. I still believe April 6 A.D. is the correct day. Do you have a different day from your research? Either way, Jesus rode in on the exact date that was prophesied, and the Jews should have known that it was their Messiah that rode in on that day.

    Thank you for sharing that. If the Lord leads me in that direction to try and figure the date out for myself, I will do so, not for my own conscience sake, but just out of my own human curiosity. I am curious however to know if anyone else here has gone through the time to calculate the exact date that Jesus rode into Jerusalem? I would really like to know that!
  • Derek - in Reply on Revelation 13:16
    My opinion is it isn't the mark, but I think it's evil to coerce people into taking something that has killed tens of thousands in the US and hundreds of thousands around the world as well as untold risks. Deliberately risking death in order to avoid risking death doesn't make sense. On one hand if you do nothing, you are unlikely to get covid. And even if you do 99.99% survive it, even more so if you're young and take care of your body like God's temple. On the other hand, people are intentionally taking an experimental injection assuming it will protect them, but it isn't in so many cases- many have died- just read the vaers data and prepare to be horrified.

    Not only that, it's an untested injection they are pushing which the pharma companies have made billions. Not only that they make everyone agree legally that you can't sue them. If it's so safe why would they need legal immunity? Not only that, but it doesn't work- people are still getting covid. Not only that, but the vaccinated seem weaker and seem to be dying in much higher rates than unvaccinated. Not only that but those with vax injections have massive side effects- sickness, blood clots, heart problems, mental dysfunction, and who knows what else. Not only that there are safe alternatives that stop the covid virus better than the vaccine- it's just that pharma hired people to lie and do fake studies where they deliberately killed people with overdose in late state and wrote fake studies to discredit it. It saves lives but they banned it in the US and got doctors to believe it's bad. Lawmakers and big pharma then wins, people lose.

    Mostly pray and trust God and do not put your faith in the fearmongering and lies you see in the media.
  • Eric Lopez on Isaiah 19:1
    What time is this talking about? At first I thought the time of Moses. Per other discussions seems no time confirmed and its upon our interpretation (our time)?
  • Deana Erickson on Revelation 13:16
    I have been told that taking the covid 19 vaccinations/shots is all part of the mark of the beast. I am a Christian, I have sin that I have asked God to forgive. I hoping to go to heaven, but as I have taken the shots have I become a part of the mark of the beast? I do believe that our Savior would have let me know I should not take the shots. Can you advise?
  • Ronald L Whittemore - in Reply

    I respect all you do on this site and do not want to cause strife. If I may ask a couple of questions.

    When did the Messiah (Jesus) first come? Was it when John the Baptist said "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world". Or was it when Jesus, after his ministry to the lost sheep of Israel, rode into Jerusalem as the Lamb of God, on the tenth of Nisan as our Passover Lamb, the same day the Passover lambs were being taken up by the people. At this time, they had already rejected Him and were conspiring how to kill Him.

    69 weeks is 483 years in 365-day years, is 176295 days, not counting .242 per year, solar years

    69 weeks is 476.4 years in 360-day years, is 173880 days not counting leap years, prophetical years

    If we start at March 14 th 445 B.C. in Nehemiah 2 it is in the month of Nisan. 0 is 476.4 years calculating in 365-day years. If we subtract 476 years, not counting the .4, which is 144 days from 445 B.C. that gets us to 31 A.D. When going from BC to AD you have to subtract 1 year because there is not a 0 year, that puts this in 30 A.D. in the month of Nisan, not counting the 144 days.

    If we use the 483 years, we wind up at 38 A.D. minus 1 year we are at 37 A.D. that is too late.

    Jesse, I hope and pray you do not take this as an attack, but in respect and love showing truth. Please calculate this for yourself, not taking what I post, but for your own conscience.

  • Ian on Exodus 16
    As a devout Orthodox Christian who has read the Johns Hopkins research into psilocybin mushrooms, I am left shocked and dumbfounded wondering whether this description of 'manna' (word that means "what is this?") is in fact a description of psilocybin mushrooms and/or non-psychoactive mushrooms - at least in part. The characteristics of the 'manna' being delivered upon an early morning dew and then rotting, filling with worms & smelling if left too long are a far stretch from bread (it is acknowledged that the Bible should not be read literally) but fits much better the characteristics of psilocybin mushrooms. It would further provide an explanation as to manna's spiritual connection with God upon consumption (see aforementioned Johns Hopkins research).

    I do not mean to be controversial or disrespectful to this thread of conversation - I simply was raised to question everything in secular life and religious life and so it is with this curious epistemological mindset that I pose this question. Thank you for your time reading and for any responses I get to this post.
    1 Corinthians 9:18

    What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of Christ without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel.

    1 Corinthians 9:14

    Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.

    1 Corinthians 9:16

    For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, WOE is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!

    Galatians 1:11

    But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.

    Galatians 1:7

    Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

    2 Corinthians 4:3

    But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

    Romans 1:1

    Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,

    Comment by Mishael: Don't you yet see that THE GOSPEL is the person of Jesus Christ?

    He is the fulfillment of prophesies foretold by the prophets.

    The Gospel we carry to unsaved people are: Jesus's virgin birth, Jesus's Sinless Life on Earth, Jesus's Crucifixion, Jesus's Resurrection.

    If anyone thinks in their heart, that Jesus is a Religion, that people modified to fit their Religion__then you need to be born again as Jesus told Nicodemas. John 3.

    On the Mount of Transfiguration, when Peter saw Jesus in his glorified person, the first thing he wanted to do was construct 3 Churches. That's Flesh! Even God spoke from a cloud and told Peter to stop it and Listen To Jesus I would say that is how a lot of people get themselves into a Box. I suggest we slowly read that passage.

    The Gospel is meant to be CARRIED to the people. Did you know there is a demon that is named: Religious Spirit? Google that. What is its purpose?

    We make up religion to keep the Gospel in a box. "BEAUTIFUL are the feet of those that carry the Good News." This is where I say, pause and think on these things...and pray.
  • Jesse - in Reply

    Both places in my post should read one-hundred, seventy three thousand, eight-hundred and eighty days. I typed it the same in both spots but for some reason, and this has happened to me a few times before, but this website changes words and numbers to things you did not type.
  • Jesse - in Reply
    Vincent Franco,

    That would be a correct date. April 6th, 32 A.D. is the exact date that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. This is taken from Daniel's prophecy. Daniel's prophecy says from the time of the going forth of the command to rebuild Jerusalem until the time of the coming Prince when He is cut off (that is, His crucifixion), is 69 sevens or 483 years.

    The decree went out in March 14th 445 B.C. and that is recorded for us in Nehemiah Chapters 2 and 3. You can check that out there. And 483 years later, that is, 173,880 days, which was the exact day in which Jesus rode into Jerusalem, which is what we see in Luke.

    Matthew didn't mention it, which is kind of surprising that he didn't. But Luke mentions the fact that when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and wept over Jerusalem, He told them that "If you had only known this your day, you would not have rejected me." So if somebody had a calendar going they would have said "Hey, today is 173 day, Messiah is supposed to be here!" But they missed it and Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that very day. And that day was April 6th, 32 A.D.
  • MG
    Is suicide forgivable
  • Last Days Evangelists of the Harvest - in Reply
    I have several Arthur E Bloomfield books. He's deceased and his books are really hard to find. His books were written with a lot of maps.

    He was way ahead of his time. I really believe the Lord was showing him things, because nothing that is occurring now, he could've seen in the natural. God was with him.

    I don't think we should argue our way through these matters. I know absolutely that if we will spend time in Gods presence that He will reveal key things.

    I'm thinking of the false prophet problems we'll have with them trying to get rich and I guess they are planning on living through what happens after the tribulation, incredulous as it is. Who knows how big that Wormwood star is...NASA is not showing that online like they used to. It is plain nuts for people to think they can wait out the Apocalypse on Mars or the moon.

    I've been in evangelism since I was born again. I did it all wrong. Had my head down boo-hoping one night and the Lord said so clearly, "Are you through trying it your way?" I said, YES SIR!!. And my life and love of winning the lost changed. He iS the LORD OF THE HARVEST.

    We need not be so scared to ask the Holy Spirit for His Gifts. He alone knows what we need.

    It's not scary as long as we have Him helping us.

    Matthew 24 and Luke 21 will open a lot of dialogs.
  • Steve m spring on Isaiah 63
    Isaiah 63: v2, winefat? Used in 3 of my kjv. Why not use winevat?
  • Eric Wiggin on Job 31:9
    Job asks in 31:1 why he would "think upon" a maid (KJV and older versions). STRONG'S CONCORDANCE agrees, and gives the original of the Hebrew word for the English "think" as "biyn," which seems to agree with the King James translators, but not with the 20th century translations who render Job's word as "look" or "gaze" on a maid or virgin or young woman.

    This seems too contradictory as to be silly. Would these translators (ESV et al) have us believe that Job's covenant would prevent him--or us today--from gazing at the girl ("virgin") who happens to be on the platform singing a solo in a worship service? It seems to me that some of these translators have bought into Stephen Arterburn's eye-bouncing!

    Or has a more recent Hebrew version of Job been discovered than that (Erasmus Textus Receptus) which the traanslators of the KJV and the 1560 had available? (???)
  • Otis Holland on Isaiah 35
    what is the different between sancify and holiness?


  • John Russell on Revelation 5
    Revelations 5:13 says "every creature (as well an others noted) "in Heaven and on the earth"Animals have shown me God's goodness, special love, and kindness and love to other animals! Does this verse comfort us who love dearly our pets and would rejoice to see them in heaven?
  • Jacob beaty
    What is a breach
  • Jesse - in Reply
    Thanks brother! Yes, I meant to type Luke 3:17. It's a little harder typing on a phone!
  • Saint Dan
    is there a concordance to the apocrypha?
  • Saint Dan
    what is Noah's wife's name?
  • Fred - in Reply on Acts 15
    Do u think Paul had suffered from dehydration? I do think asking the speculative question helps to confirm my faith. I helps understand the works of God? How he works using his creation and the conscience of man to achieve His outcome . It is ok to be the devils advocate? Ananias, must had heard He was on His way, after all, Paul was slaughtering people! The holy spirit spoke to Ananias, Ananias saw this as an opportunity to convert this man and give peace to the church. Love the KJV!
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Hello, have you tried searching for it in the KJV? Link

    Since it's in the Bible it would be hard to argue that it was taken out.

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