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  • Ibrahim on Ecclesiasticus 32
    Why does it say do what though wilt ? 32:12 ?
  • Dorothy Brooks
    If you accepted Christ at one time, but back slid; would you have to have demons cast out upon returning to Christ? It's said that it is more demons when you backside?
  • Brian Hewitt on Ezra 4
    After reading Ezra 4:1 Link I'm wondering... could the 2 witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11 be the 2 Tribes of Judah and Benjamin?
  • Shauna Arnold on Psalms 101
    What will the Lord perfect?
  • Tammy on Luke 6
    Is it in the Bible where you should give the church 5% offering, I know you give a 10% tithe?
  • Mukesh
    Who is the owner of this physical world ..aaj in whose hands this world has been taught....we have taught the truth according to the Bible ... O brother, I am not accepting anything (other brother pastor) says that God is the master of this physical world.
  • GiGi on Leviticus 15
    Leviticus chapter 15.

    The previous chapter was addressing skin contagions and the God-ordained process to deal with these infirmities and what a person is to do to be considered clean and thus able to join the congregation in the tent of meeting.

    In this chapter God is addressing bodily issues. These are liquids that flow from private parts. The first part of the chapter speaks of a man having an infectious discharge. The middle part of the chapter speaks of a man emitting seminal fluid either involuntarily or during intercourse with his wife. The last part of the chapter speaks of the bleeding that happens when a woman does not become pregnant and thus sheds the uterine build up of the lining that builds up to receive a newly conceived implanted child. When conception does not happen, then menses follow. Also, it speaks to ta continued bleeding of a woman not related to a normal menses.

    It is interesting how specific God is about determining cleanness of someone who will enter the tabernacle to worship Him. The infection is not in itself sinful. Neither seminal flow, nor intercourse, being normal relations between husband and wife by which they are fruitful and multiply as God commanded in Genesis 1. Neither is it sinful for a woman not to become pregnant and thus have her menses. The cycle of fertility is designed by God and good. So, I wonder why they are to offer a sin offering or burnt offering for things that are not in themselves sinful? I understand how they should bathe and wash clothing and for others to avoid touching them for hygienic reasons, but God is speaking more than about hygiene or disease control.

    I think that God has these laws concerning normal bodily functions that are not sinful to remind the Israelites and us that we are fallen creatures even when we are not directly sinning. We are sinful through and through due to the fall of Adam and Eve. This is why we do not enter heaven in our this life's body...continued
  • Guy Vincent Zito on Luke 3
    In Luke 3: 21-22 it speaks of John baptizing Jesus and the Holy Ghost coming down from heaven in the form of a dove. Didn't Jesus already have the Holy Ghost because he is consubstantial with the Father? and why did he seek out John and need to be baptized and cleansed of sin when he was without sin? Or is this baptism symbolic of something else?

    Thank you.
  • KD7IVS on Colossians 4
    Where can one read the epistle of Laodicea??? Colossians Ch:4 verse16
  • Madhatter57
    what does the word alms mean
  • Madstyler71
    Is it possible to have a verse or chosen for me everyday?
  • Light Levi on Ecclesiastes 12
    Could you prophesy about my life? =]
  • Gerald on Genesis 1
    "And God separated the light from the darkness ,and the light he called good"

    God does not change as it was in the beginning so it will be at the end .

    For God will separate the " children of darkness " and the children of light"

    Some object to a God who will send people to hell .

    But if you " love darkness more than the light" would not heaven be unjust of God to send you there? For "Heaven" ( gen 1:1) needs no sun or moon for God is the light thereof .

    But would it not be just of God to send you to that place you love the most ? What the scriptures call" outer darkness ".

    I'm not sure what that means but it does not sound good .

    Man was created for the light . His eyes respond to light conscious or not . Put a man in a room with no light for long enough and he will suffer . We were created for the light .

    But due to the fall and of sin we have by that fallen nature become children of darkness .

    Notwithstanding this ,he has the ability to respond to the Light .

    Jesus said though "this is the condemnation , the light has come but men love darkness more than the light "

    If a man finds himself in hell ,it's not so much because he has sinned ( for all have sinned) but that he loved his sin more than righteousness .

    Religion if that is all it is ;is great darkness though it asserts otherwise . " for if your light be in fact great darkness how great is your darkness ".
  • Debbie Deb
    Where in the bible does it mention what to do about infidelity
  • Joyce on Revelation 5
    good morning

    what is the meaning of the 7 seals?
  • Nyambs
    Bible verses about morning prayers
  • Gerald
    It is recorded in the scriptures that two thieves were crucified on either side of the Lord .

    A careful and prayerful reading of the gospels reveals that at the beginning both thieves reviled the Lord .

    There was no difference between them.

    But as time passed ,things were said and done it made one thief THINK .

    He thought of his past ,not good .

    He thought of his present .not good .

    He thought of the little future he had .not good .

    Then he got really concerned for he saw his coming death and him standing before God .

    When the other thief began to mock the Lord again ,this thinking thief " rebuked him and said ,"do you not fear God"?

    We are are here for all our sins and fully deserve our fate . He judged himself and spoke the truth about himself .

    But this man he continued " has done nothing worthy of death " . He judged Christ and spoke the truth about Him .

    I hazard the thought no man speaks the truth about himself or of the Lord until he catches a real glimpse of Calvary .

    Then this thief did a remarkable thing ,he turned ( his head at least) to the Lord and said " Lord remember me when though cometh into thy kingdom ".

    Clearly the man has gone mad !?

    For he is talking to a man in far worse agony than himself .

    Mental agony : My God myGod why hast thou forsaken me ?" The Lord knew full well why The Father had forsaken Him .yet the mind of the man could not understand it . Not only was it real but scripture and it's fulfilment became one .

    Physical agony : forget about the Turin shroud with its few artistic stripes of blood . His back had been so badly whipped " it looked like a ploughed field" his head pressed down with huge thorns . His face mot some handsome rugged man but one where his beard had "been plucked " from his face and who's face was so marred it was hardly recognisable as a man.

    Spiritual agony : "He who knew no sin became sin" all the sin of the world ,past present and future was laid on Him .

    Yet in spite of all
  • Faith Grossl on Genesis 22
    Did sarah have any knowledge of his request
  • Richard H Priday
    Life is short (Part 2).

    Today; we seem to think little on the next generation; hence kids have found that there isn't much value in their existence. With so many cut off before birth it is no wonder that kids would feel unvalued today and with such poor parenting skills undisciplined themselves. Hosea 4:6 indicates that because of a lack of knowledge people are perishing. Life is as a vapor as several scriptures indicate ( James 4:14). Not only are things accelerated today ( Daniel 12:4) but as I said in the last piece the value of everything has diminished. There will be no suffering loss; I assure you for cell phones; computers and other high tech entertainment sources NOT being present in heaven. We need to be careful in earthly treasures as well (See Luke 16:11); such behaviors show what is really in our hearts as to our conduct in this world.

    In light of these facts; do we consider how great it is that we are saved from having to be in an unregenerate state for all eternity? Isaiah 66:4 describes how God "chooses their delusions" and later on at the end of that chapter a vivid description of hell is given. Phillipians 1:21 states that Paul said "to live is Christ; to die is gain." and other verses show that it is better to be in the house of mourning rather than mindless happiness ( Ecclesiastes 7:2).

    In light of all this; we do well to see how we approach the House of Worship but also how we live out the rest of the week. It is sad today how many people insist on having beepers and other cell phone distractions interrupt the services. Personally; I feel a need to have a cell phone only in case my elderly parents have an emergency at home. That was the original use of "beepers". For every moment here on earth there are eternal ramifications; we need to focus on working while it is yet day ( John 9:4). As for Christ it is also for us in that respect our time to serve here is short and we need to focus on the Great Commission.
  • Rrvaughan
    I have accepted Jesus as my savior. I've been thinking about being cremated after I die, but wondering if I will still go to Heaven? I've heard someone say "a body that has been burned can not rise." But I've not been able to find this in the Bible.
  • Deniyzce on John 8
    what color is God
  • Armand Nieuwendam on Revelation 20
    But they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with Him for a thousand years. But over whom do these priests of God rule for those thousand years. Aren't the people who didn't accept Jesus and who were lost in another last? And when Satan is released again a thousand years, what people is he going to seduce.

    Difficult questions, please can you explain.
  • Chepa
    Why is the book of Enoch not part of the Bible?
  • Gerald
    Given we are drawing near to Christmas ,it might be to a lot of peoples profit not to squabble over the date of the Lords birth but rather read carefully and prayerfully what actually happened .

    For one thing the unknown number of wise men were not there at His birth nor present at " the manger "

    For they " came to the HOUSE where the CHILD was "

    When Herod diligently sought of them when they first saw the star on that information he ordered the death of everyone two years old and younger . It took those unknown number of wise men up to two years traveling from the east to get to Jerusalem.

    It is also reasonable to assume they did not follow the star from whence they first saw it to Jerusalem ,nor indeed needed to . For the Silk Road was well known as also the capital of the Jews ,Jerusalem . Where else do you find the King?

    The star would not have led them to Jerusalem . Their own thinking did that .

    Yet when told they would , by the scriptures find Him in Bethlehem then they saw the star " and were exceedingly glad".

    Which led them to the house where the child was .

    The truth is far more interesting than any man made scenario.

  • Gerald
    A question : How long did it take for the children of Isreal to go from Egypt to the promised land?

    I would hazard the thought that most if not all will say 40 years .I too once thought so.

    It only took them a little over two years .Three months of which was spent at mount Sinai.

    But we the church has inclined to believe it took 40 years emphasising the wandering in the wilderness rather than the truth .

    We have made Jordan death and the promised land heaven . Even some of the great old hymns do so . While Jordan is a type of death it is not that death and heaven is not the promised land for there are no giants to overcome or land to be conquered .

    We have made the wandering in the wilderness as te Christian norm. Despite miracles every day twice on Saturday . Despite shoes and cloths never wearing out . The fire by night to lead and keep them warm . The cloud by day to lead and to shade them. Despite water flowing from a rock etc etc . They were still all but two maybe three outside of the will of God .

    Did not Paul warn the church not to be like them " who entered not in because of unbelief"? Unbelief is not just not believing God it is actually also believing another message .

    Did not the same Paul warn and was concerned that the church be not deceived as Eve was? Who also believed the truth changed into a lie?

    We have been robbed!

    Getting out of Egypt was but being born again . By the Word of God ,by the blood of a lamb and by the power of God .

    The wilderness was a proving ground ,boot camp if you will here they were to learn that " man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that Proceeds from the mouth of God" exodus .

    It was not meant to last all our lives . For 40 years .

    It only took the just over two years and God said to them " go in and posses the land for I have given it to you " Did not then God expect them to be ready and obey?

    He was justified in his expectation for He had two witnesses ,Joshua and Caleb who were ready.
  • Takunda matambo on 1 Timothy 4
    Hie, I have a question here; Does 1 Timothy vs 3 to 4 suggest that every meat can be eaten even those creatures forbidden in the old testament.

  • Judith Cerimele on Matthew 22
    My husband died last year, the question is will we be married when I die, we are soulmates we wanted to be together in eternity? Will my husband or let's just say anyone be met at the gates by their spouse or is this just taught by the church, so you won't be afraid to die. Tell me I read this about 50 times before my husband died, he had questions before he died, I said love is eternal, love never dies, he said he felt this was never discussed in church and that he never heard it in a Sunday sermon I think he wanted to know if we would know each other, or was that a lie? we were taught that you would be with your family when you got to heaven or your spouse. The rules can't stay the same for millions of people are counting on seeing family. When will hearts be together the priest talked about being with your loved ones after death, rules after to change This is a new world now, I want to be with my husband after being 39years.

    Please Help Us.
  • Neville Stewart on Mark 13
    30Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.

    What is the meaning of "this generation" in this context?
  • Gerald
    " All scripture is inspired by God and is good for reproof,correction and instruction in righteousness .."

    People can get it wrong but always we must go back to the scriptures ,but the scriptures alone are not enough .

    For " the letter Killeth but the Spirit giveth life"

    It is clear then that as the Holy Spirit was needed to inspire men so to write " ALL scripture" so likewise the same Holy Spirit is needed in the same measure to understand what is written.

    " For what knoweth the things of man save the spirit that is in man? Likewise then what knoweth the things of God save the Spirit of God" who when He comes will lead us into all truth ".

    How is it then there is so much confusion and great lack of understanding of the scriptures?

    Mainly because men have and still do subject the scriptures to their own reasoning rather than follow the reasoning of scripture.

    For " My ways are not your ways ,says the Lord and as high as the heavens are above the earth so are my thoughts higher than man's thoughts "

    Nevertheless that Gods thoughts and thus reasoning ,is not unreasonable nor then his logic is not that it cannot be followed ,IF we are willing to be led by the Holy Spirit .

    For we have the body of truth ,the scriptures and we have the Spirit of truth and both are needed and vital to thectrue and right understanding of the scriptures . For the Holy Spirit will not contradict the scriptures nor the scriptures contradict the Holy Spirit.

    But carnal minded men will contradict both for a carnal mind "cannot receive the things of God for they are spiritually discerned "

    The Holy Bible has its own internal logic it is not man's logic nor by man's reasoning "for man by wisdom knew not God"Why then is it thought he can now do so?

    But a man's mind has to be renewed by the Spirit of God through the scriptures and is by so submitting transformed .
  • Karla on Exodus 3
    Why is the priest of Midian called Reuel in Exodus 2:18 then Jethro in Exodus 3:1?

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