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  • Jason on Genesis 3:22
    God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, they are infact 3 different beings, they are One. "let 'Us' make man in 'Our' image". People think that the trinity is one person but if you go through the scriptures you will find that they are different beings. Jesus is know as the Son of God, He says..I am in the Father and the Father is in me...They are in agreement!! Like one church has many bodies,different people but they are all in agreement to God..Jesus also said on the cross..Father, why have you forsaken me? the scriptures have the answers to all your questions..don't take my word for it..go and study. Seek and you will find. Pray for wisdom. God bless. Amen
  • Rev. Autrey on Numbers 18:21
    (Verse 21) "As for the tribe of Levi, your relatives, I will pay them for their services in the Tabernacle with the tithes (10% of your income) from the entire land of Israel."

    This is a part of the Law of Moses under the old covenant. And as Galatians 3:24 explains, it was given to point us to our coming Savior: "Let me put it another way. The law was our guardian and teacher to lead us until Christ came. So now, through faith in Christ, we are made right with God." What I am saying is, when the Jews gave 10% of their income to support their priesthood, they were supposed to see this as a picture of Christ giving himself to God to support his work. That is, Jesus gave himself to God as as atoning sacrifice to pay for the sins of the world. This was his work for God.

    Let me put it this way. God divided the dollar into two parts: 10% and 90%. The 10% pictures Christ giving himself to God to redeem the 90%, the world. It can be no other way, because if Jesus did not die for our sins, it makes no difference what we do. We are still lost in our sins.

    This is a hard concept for most people to understand because we are too steeped in pride and self-righteousness to allow our minds to think along these lines. We want to think that we are good, and that we can save ourselves by paying money, or that we don’t need any saving at all.

    Just think of it: All because of the law’s demand, nearly 2,000 years ago, a poor, helpless man in His early 30’s was executed by crucifixion like a common criminal. He never wrote a book, never pastured a mega-church, never traveled on an airplane, and never was awarded man-of-the-year. Furthermore, He never took a wife, and never had the pleasure of eating a meal in a fine restaurant. Yet, His death saved us all.

    Why? Because His death was a substitutional atonement; that is, the law recognized it as a legal replacement for all mankind, and at the same time the only means by which man could be reconciled to God. That’s why the cross is the symbol of the Christian faith and the crux of human history.

    The first two verses and refrain of the old hymn, “At the Cross,” express this view:
    Alas, and did my Savior bleed
    And did my Sov’reign die?
    Would He devote ... [such a] sacred head
    For such a worm ... [am] I?
    Was it for crimes that I had done?
    He groaned upon the tree
    Amazing pity! Grace unknown!
    And love beyond degree!
    At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light
    And the burden of my heart rolled away,
    It was there by faith I received my sight,
    And now I am happy all the day!

    God bless you!
  • Zuli on Hebrews 13
    thats a good encouragment,does tests icdnule yeilding to temptations?It is so difficult to balance this life.One want to always please God,but on the other hand a person find herself on the wrong side.
  • D. Ellis on 1 Peter 3
    My though is that Jesus Christ gave himself to die on the cross,paid the price for our sins so that we may have everlasting life.Jesus rose the third day with all power in his hands I'am so glad he love us so.I thank God that he give his only son. no man take his life. I love him . He first loved.Are you glad?
  • Ken on Genesis 7
    In reference to one of the above comments which stated, "The Lord will not show mercy to those who don't earn that mercy". I pray tell me, which one of Adam's children can claim the merit of having earned God's mercy? If we had to earn it, then it would not be mercy, God would merely be paying a debt He owes (Romans 4:4). Besides, who can give anything to God so as to earn anything He gives? Absolutely none. (See Romans 11:35-36). Mercy is a manifestation of God's grace to the me. I thank God it is based on His goodness and not my labor, thus I have hope.
  • Clement baptiste on Luke 19
    Usury is biblically wrong.But what will we say about the bank's?
  • Ehigbor dickson on Deuteronomy 22:5
    We ve all shear our different view. Bt can somebody tell me wen trousers were invented. Was dere anything called trouser den. Wat type of cloth did Jesus use in his days? Find out de answers for urself den u ll knw wat exactly wat n y those laws were given. U ll grow well in ur spiritual walk with God.
  • Boimmanuel on Deuteronomy 22:5
    hmmmmmmmn,the bible is an inspiration from God, i believe God knows the future and know all this will come as a confusion to MEN. THE BIBLE IS A BASIC INSTRUCTION THAT WILL GUIDE WE CHRISTIANS and that's those who wants to follow it.
    Let no man put on what pertains to woman is different from let no man put on what a woman has worn BEFORE...(don't get it twisted)
    Aron putting on skirt is the usual dressing of old and its general to all....even now we see men plat hair, will u still tell me the attachment he used has not been used by a woman before and so its not a sin?
    Pls bretheren,lets apply wisdom here and those who knows the truth,stick by the truth and dont let the world sweep u away.
    I believe there are still somethings to come and has been recorded in the bible which will show up in coming generations, will they also say the bible is an old thing? and does not refer to them?

    Donmoen sand a song (Ancient word, ever true,changing me and changing it changing you at all?)
  • David on Genesis 8:7
    It seems as if there is a certain meaning behind Noah's sending forth of a raven before sending the dove. I mean it never says that the raven returned. And did it fly until the waters were dried up enough to land somewhere. No, it just says it flies until the water is dried up. And why wouldn't it eventually bring some kind of evidence back, as did the dove, of their being able to get off the ark?
    Is there a principle God wants to convey to us using the raven and the dove?
    Is this a foreshadowing of a future event?
  • J gakura kenya on Deuteronomy 21:23
    yes Jesus was hanged at the tree (cross), these means to me no any curse was left to me.
    i love my savior Jesus.amen,amen,amen,
    Can God? God can.
  • Merv on Mark 15
    When Jesus cried with a loud voice, My God, my God,why hast thou forsaken me? It was because he was speaking to his Holy Father God, who could not look at sin and had turned his face away from Jesus, at the time when Jesus took upon himself the sin of the whole world. Remember Jesus was doing the will of the Father.
  • Mark Hudson on John 1
    (This my response to a comment made to me on John:5) Proverbs 18:4, “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity, but a wounded spirit who can bear?” If one speaks of their affliction, are they the inflictor? The commandments of Jesus are Blessed and True... But some come the sword, Not knowing when to put it into its sheath... (Matthew 26:52, KJV). Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword... Colossians 3-16, Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; Some trees appear too few figs? If they had much fruit, they would not be like the Levite or the Priest, but rather the Good Samaritan, not with the sword of judgement... Colossians 3-14, And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness. Love is compassionate, not a sword... even some know while waiting upon their Lord Jesus for deliverance from crushed spirit, know these things... Jesus is my Blessed Redeemer, Bearing His Real Fruit Through His Spirit, see, John 6:63... Be Filled To The Max, With Jesus Sprit...
  • Mark Hudson on John 5
    Re:These are my comments to Rosalinasaysonkotapay's John Chapter 5 comment on 9/19/2013, 2:57am... (Number 1): Matthew 18? The angel said,“You are to give Him the name JESUS, because He will save His people from their sins.”Acts 4:12 says,“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. Acts 2:21 says, “Everyone who calls on the NAME of the Lord will be saved.” (Number 2):1 Corinthians 3:15, If anyone's work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire. Jesus My Savior
  • Michael on Prayer of Azariah 1
    The prayer is awesome. it blessed me to know that there was a prayer of Azariah. After reading the Book of Daniel and their story, I had a question about that what prayer that they had prayed. So years later, here it is. Here is my million dollar question: "why wasn't this prayer with the book of daniel? That prayer of faith was awesome. Who decided that it was uninspired, what leaders made the choice to deprive us of this nugget from God? The prayer of the man that God delivered from a burning furnice. So his prayer, his praise and his thanks to God was not good enough to make the list. Its his testimony, right? I read the commentary on the books that didn't make the Canon, but I still feel that this prayer should have been in the book of Daniel.
  • Mary on 1 Samuel 4:21
    Who is she that named her son Ichabod?what was her name?
  • Bill joyce on 1 Corinthians 14:35
    Women can preach in churches. i mean if men are starting to step down then who is there to fill their shoes?
  • Turtle of WA on Matthew 6
    I love Matthew 6. I feel that Christians need to read it more carefully. Are not the words in verse 9-13 an example of how to speak to God privately in your own words? How is it that these words were then turned into the Lord's Prayer, which is repeated publicly, when Jesus counsels against this in the preceding verses? It seems hypocritical. Just as Jesus said it did. Can someone please explain?
  • Mark on Deuteronomy 26
    Song to Anyone. Written Today, for Singing... Deuteronomy 26.
    What Make man/woman that weepith?
    Is it the dust he/she made of?
    Or the spirit within his/her soul?
    What make man/woman with great joy?
    Is it the earth he/she return unto ith?
    Or to the knoweth thou whereat thy spirit of soul goeth?
    Whom shalt hearken, Thee? "Thy Voice", Thee Of?
    That Before Abraham was, "I Am", He...
    Unto them that weepist,
    thou souls yearn breatheth,
    Unto Whom That Giveth,
    Thy fruits we recieveth,
    Whom Thou Leadeth hand,
    Bearith fruit from land...
    Whom shalt thou Honor Me, Witheth not thus,
    thy only mouth?
    But Whom he/she, doeth bear...
    Fruit Worthy Of Me...
    That Thou Only Name...
    Thy Will Be Same...
    That thou shouldest dost not walk,
    Thou nash thy teeth in shame,
    from thou own,
    Labouring iniquity...
    But recieveth honor,
    That thou dost obey,
    "For Thy Holiness,
    Surely Covereth thee,
    Dost now Abaideth He, With me,
    Forever Clean," "And Eternal We,
    Sing Oh Glorious King...
    Yashuwa Yaweh...
    Is thy Surely Way,
    That thy Only Lord,
    Thy Glory Bring...
    For forever more,
    Dost thou hearith to sing?"
  • The only name given under heaven whereby men MUST be saved is Jesus Christ. Not Allah, not Buddah, not a job, not a husband - only Jesus Christ saves us. So, if we are to escape the wrath of God that He will pour out on the wicked, it starts with calling on the name of Jesus and serving Him and not other things. God's wrath will be full of vengeance and righteous judgment and without any mercy. God's wrath will tear down all the unrighteous and ungodly. Who will be able to stand in that great and terrible day of the Lord? Those washed in the blood of Jesus and found on the Lamb's Book of Life
  • Bert McIntoah on Deuteronomy 26:5
    So Israel really belongs to Syria??? I thought that Abraham came from Babylon and, while being promised a ''land", had not inherited it yet, was a 'wandering Babylonian'. Also on 'Wesley's Notes - I have heard of Chaldea and Mesopotamia. - I have never heard that they were a 'part' of Syria. Rather it was the other way around. Syria was a part of them.
  • Bert McIntoah on Deuteronomy 26:5
    So Israel really belongs to Syria??? I thought that Abraham came from Babylon and, while being promised a ''land", had not inherited it yet, was a 'wandering Babylonian'. Also on 'Wesley's Notes - I have heard of Chaldea and Mesopotamia. - I have never heard that they were a 'part' of Syria. Rather it was the other way around. Syria was a part of them.
  • Bert McIntoah on Deuteronomy 26:5
    So Israel really belongs to Syria??? I thought that Abraham came from Babylon and, while being promised a ''land", had not inherited it yet, was a 'wandering Babylonian'. Also on 'Wesley's Notes - I have heard of Chaldea and Mesopotamia. - I have never heard that they were a 'part' of Syria. Rather it was the other way around. Syria was a part of them.
  • Randy on Judges 19
    I want to qualify yesterday on my commentary on this chapter. Upon further reflection, I wouldn't actually kill someone that abused a member of my family as I wouldn,t want their blood on my hands and there is a scripture that says "Vengeance is mine says the LORD, I will repay." At the same time, another scripture says that "He who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel."So, what does a Christian father do in a dilemma such as this? You cannot do NOTHING because the abuser thinks that he owns the female and never gets the point-he just keeps coming back until he is dealt with by the authorities or by someone, so they have to be dealt with in some way, or else the woman will be in danger her entire life. I hate to quote hollywood, but a famous movie that dealt with that very issue is called "Sleeping with the enemy." That really is the way it is in real life. That demon within the person continues to drive them to abuse. So, one would need to find another solution short of having to flee in the middle of the night and move away somewhere.
  • Bruce on Psalms 90
    What does it mean - Let the beauty of the Lord be upon us in verse 17?
  • Mark on John 11
    Jesus States: Believe, Do you believe? Why do you doubt? If you believe... Believe me when I tell you... Believe in Me and Live... He that believeth in Me... John 11:40, (KJV), Jesus saith unto her, "Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the Glory Of God?" Believe thou?
  • Marc on John 1
    There is a lot of talk about God, which is good, don't get me wrong. John 5:19, do you see what Jesus, who knew he had all power but states, and I might add, important for all of us, "The Son can do nothing in himself"... This hit home with me, we have our many problems and struggles, why? You can do nothing in yourself, as the father do, you do... Read John 6:63, one of the best verses I keep reading, discerning? Yes...
  • Ock on Romans 10
    Romans 10:15.....And how can people preach UNLESS THEY ARE SENT? [ who were sent and by whom and with what authority?] "SENT", as used in the Greek language of which the book of Romans was written, is apostello. [apostle] "Peace be with you. As the Father has SENT me, even so I SEND you."That authority was delegated to the Apostles ALONE by Jesus Christ. Someone please show where where the Bible gives authority to anyone other that Apostles or their designee 9VIA THE LAYING ON OF HANDS) TO PREACH?
  • Teresa on Genesis 2
    So did God create man then Adam and Eve?
  • Keyna Welenc on Isaiah 5:14
    I believe hell is located "under the earth" according to Philippians 2:10 "in heaven and on earth and 'under the earth' "
    Hell enlarged herself after Jesus preached to the Old Testament saints (1 Peter 3:18-20) in Abraham's bosom and released them from prison. Before this, a great chasm (Luke 16:19-31) separated Hell (those in torment) from Abraham's bosom. The rich man (in hell) asked that Lazarus (in Abraham's bosom) be sent to dip the end of his finger in water and cool his tongue. Verse 26- the great chasm was fixed... no one could cross/pass over. Jesus released those in prison and Abraham's bosom was emptied, then hell enlarged herself (was expanded).
    I believe this is where Catholics get the idea of purgatory (even though this place is not mentioned in the bible). Purgatory was emptied after Jesus descended into hell and released the prisoners from Abraham's bosom.
    Is the idea of hell enlarging itself (and being enlarged ever since) the cause of so-called global warming???
  • Mark on 1 John 4
    I need some advice from believers. 1 John starting with v-8, He that loves not, knows not God. Second, v-18, there is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear. I have not known the concept of love, I have loathed myself since childhood, what do I do? V-13, 15, 2, I have confessed Jesus as Lord, believe the Holy Spirit is given to me, and v-2, says I am of God, So how can I know I'm of God because I confess him without shame even, but yet not be of Him because I love not? I was scorned, betrayed, beaten, and was told repeatedly I am nothing by my very creators, both of them, and that's what I've been, nothing... I don't know how to love myself, in the sense of any worth, never mind knowing how to love others, so how can I be anything useful? I've prayed a lot over my 50 plus years but live in complete fears, not love, need help... Thx.

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