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  • Grant on Isaiah 45
    I wonder what the trinitarians think when they come across Isaiah 45:18. God himself says there is no one else, but they say there are two other Gods. Is God saying there are three in one? If there were, he would have said so.
  • André on 2 Kings 19
    Because both sections are telling the same story. In fact there would have been a problem if they were contradicting each other over the same story, but exact copy is not a problem at all.
    Now did the chronicler of the kings of Israel insert that section of the book of Isaiah in the book of kings? that we can not tell, what is true is that both books were written under God’s inspiration. And the exact likeness just proves the author is but one, God, with different writers, Isaiah and the chronicler.
  • Thomas colbert on 2 Kings 19
    I would like to know why 2 Kings 19 reads exactly like Isaiah 37 word for word, does anyone know?
  • Robert on James 3
    Truly stated, How often are all wars of hate started? By one mans thoughts given to him by some one other power than God's, Then poison is past along by evil of the heart, lies cost lives and we know who is the father of lies. On the other hand we can chose to beleive God and live in peace, but we have chosen wrong and have trusted in the lies of the very words we chose to speak. Be carful with what we say and to whom that gives glory.
  • Josh on Genesis 4:13
    Did Cain honestly expect to kill someone and think he would get away with it? Well, when your in Gods presence, you get away with nothing!
  • Josh on Genesis 4:9
    "Where is Abel thy brother?" God asks Cain. Now, any scoffer will look at this verse and say; "If God really IS all-knowing then why is he asking Cain a question if he should already know the answer?" Well its very simple; God IS all-knowing so he will not ask a question when he knows the answer. He asked Cain that question to test his honesty! Then Cain says he doesn't know. So he just lied to God, which is a VERY BIG mistake!
  • Ryan on Job 1
    The Book of Job has always made the most sense to me not as a literal history of a man, but as a parable, used just as Christ later would, to teach that misfortune does not stem from a person's wickedness. When we ask God, "Why me?" during our troubles, this parable teaches us that God is making more from our lives. Even if it is our lot to perish to injustice as the martyrs and saints, in doing so with our faith unbroken we further God's kingdom.

    I do not believe we should interpret this book literally; God and Satan behave in a manner very inconsistant with how they are portrayed everywhere else in the Bible. Rather I am quite convinced this is a parable. It lays out an arguement, points and counterpoints and refutations, and concludes in the last chapter. Besides, 1:8 states Job was a perfect man, yet only Christ was perfect. Job is a hypothetical example to build the premise of this arguement. I am quite certain he never existed, but the teaching in this book is still very real and divinely granted.
  • Josh on Genesis 1:2
    "And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Now THIS part of the verse REALLY confuses me. Notice it says he moved upon the face of the waters. It doesnt say he CREATED the water, so does that mean its ALWAYS been here?
  • Anyasteph on Numbers 31
    The Lord dosent want the midiante to replanish again by commanding moses to kill all the male and all the women that had known man by lying with them. But why did they brought back those things in vs 50 which the Lord was angry to Aaron?
  • JOHN I COWEN on Daniel 4
    what would god do to our government today to be a priority in their job?
  • Samuel on Jeremiah 33:3
    i love this you know how great god is?take a look at the heavens at night or day and see for yourself that the one who brought us on earth wants to use us for his kingdom.that mean that we are very important and since we are so important it means that we are untouhable because he giveth and taketh was created a little lower than the angels then it means that man can do many great things.look at jesus christ, look at the wonderous works he did and he stated that we can do greater works than him.i remember that in the new testament that someone was demon psesss and the disciples could not of cast out the demon and christ told them that this cometh only by fasting and praying.we as human has great spiritual capabilities but we must yes its compulsory seek god everyday walk and talk with holy and he would showw you great and mighty things that thou knowest not.remember angelica zombrano and mary baxter.
  • PR on 1 John 1
    "Forgiveness from “sins” is a free gift based on a condition. (Acts 2:38) The condition for forgiveness is baptism in water."

    And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. (Luke 23:43)

    So when exactly was the malefactor baptized?

    Either the Lord is wrong or you are.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Psalms 18
    DAVID was always giving JESUS GLORY!MAY I ENDEAVOR TO DO THE SAME.EVEN in times of adversity,when others turn back,i will keep going forward towards THE PRIZE.IS JESUS pleased with me?
  • Yvonne Boatright on Amos 1:5
    I am not quite sure to be honest.. I am still praying and asking the Lord Jesus to reveal it's truths to my heart. Perhaps you could shed some light on this scripture..
  • Kerry on Genesis 2
    On the sixth day our HEAVENLY FATHER created man, both male and female. Which day was Adam created?
  • Samson ohanaka on Titus 3
    The word of God is the true light. It's guidance is not subject to human opinion. Is it not amazing to know that our salvation is not based on our works of righteousness but by grace? Titus 3:4-5. It doesn't matter what you think you have done, how dirty you think your life may have been, or what people think about you. His love for you is greater than the judgement of men against you. Accept his righteous works done on your behalf then you can produce fruits of righteousness.
  • Ja'ala on Ezra 2
    How do you pronounce Jā’-ă-lăh from the Bible and is it Jewish? Male or female? Would like to know please.
  • Feke aliki on Genesis 15:5
    It comes down to "be happy with what you got". Be happy with the stars in your life. So if you only have one kid, that's one star that shines brighter then the others. Amen....
  • André on Genesis 7
    Of course there was not such a story like Santa Claus's sled. Not only the possibility of containing pairs of species and even seven pairs of pure ones could be questioned sense knowledge wise, but also the means to bring them to Noah and finally in (not ON) the Ark. All such are questions that need answers.
    Now you can find the dimensions of the Ark in Genesis 6:15, and convert them to our current measuring units to see how unthinkably huge was that ship… But how did Noah manage to draw pairs of each specie in the Ark? It is unimaginable, but above all we can understand, GOD was in charge of HIS own business, Noah was there just for implementation, but the project was GOD’s…
    GOD bless you.
  • Pete on Genesis 7
    How did Noah fit all of those animals on the ark ? If an atheist ever asks you that question, here is your reply:
    The ones that couldn't fit rode in Santa Claus's sled.
  • GERSHION WETLE on Revelation 22:2
    The idea of always being prepared makes me think of the man who lived next door to us when I was growing up. When Mr. Nienhuis came home, he never failed to back his car into the garage. That seemed unusual to me until my mother explained that Nels was a volunteer fireman. If he got a call, he had to be ready to race to the fire station. He backed in so he could leave quickly when he had to report for duty.

    To be well prepared is important in so much of life. “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 sharpening my axe,” said Abraham Lincoln. We prepare for a career by studying. We buy insurance in case of a car accident or a house fire. We even prepare for the end of life by making a will to provide for loved ones.

    The Bible tells us we must prepare ourselves spiritually as well. We do that by putting on spiritual armor to protect ourselves from spiritual attack (Ephesians 6:10-20); by preparing our minds for holy living (1 Peter 1:13); by making sure we’re always prepared to answer questions about the reason for the hope we possess (3:15); and by ensuring that we are ready for the promised return of Jesus (Matthew 24:44).

    How well prepared are you for what lies ahead? Unsure? Ask the Lord for His help and guidance.
    When I awake at early mornTo meet the coming day,I want to be prepared to takeWhatever comes my way. GERSHION D WETLE.
  • Jw on Isaiah 45:7
    Very confused. To have evil it must be committed.
    Therefore God created an action the must be committed. ??????????
  • Peggy on Mark 5
    I did not know people could cut themselves all way back to the bible. I knew someone that did that, and cut himself with a knife and that person is no longer with us he took his own life. But why does people cut themselves? It is hard for me to understand this.
  • Genevieve on Proverbs 1
    @Michael, God will never give up on you, think about this,,who reached out first? God or you,by giving christ to us He is simply saying ,I've got your back guys, trust me and hold on,you are not in this alone, I am with you and will always be once you don' t quit on me. Hope this encourages you.
  • BTW on Deuteronomy 1
    My question is why is there so much violence and hatred in gods commandments. Why doesn't god just come forth and wipe them out. Why doesn't he just appear himself? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • Saundra on Ruth 1
    Isn't it awesome how GOD always plants someone without our life too comfort us when we need it most? Naomi's trials didn't begin until Ruth had already been firmly planted in her life. Having gone through some close family dealths I am a true testimony that GOD will never leave us without someone to comfort us. He will be ther 24 hrs. a day also. Naomi is an example that even when we have our doubts, GOD will stear us on the right path.
  • Samuel Kel on Joshua 13
    Not just that Joshua should wake up but that we in this present dispensation should arise and preach the Woed and leave it, frowning at what God would frown at. We have been commanded in Mathew 28v18-20 to go out and spread the Word, it is a command not a suggestion from the Lord. How many are doing this and conquering lands (souls) for JESUS, how many compared to the millions of professed christians? We must wake up before it is nightfall.
  • Susan Dalton on Genesis 4:14
    How do you know Cain? “Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid…” Cain went out from the presence of the LORD. He knew his wife, and she conceived and bare Enoch. Cain built a city and called it after his son: Enoch. How do you know if you are in the city Cain built? Do you see the face of the LORD? Is his face hid from the people there? Do they want you to hide the face of the LORD if you come to work or dwell in their city? If in such a city, the seed of the Lord are not to slay Cain; but, beware, the seed of Cain may slay the righteous seed; for the seed of Cain are hid from the face of the Lord and they hate to see the Lord in the face of His seed.
  • Delvin Scott on Job 2
    Job; reminds us that our faith in God is more important than the things we have. problem is can he trust us to prove that point ?,todays christians are too for me my salvation is most important,and God allways best.Remember Matthew 6:19 -34
  • Vincent on Psalms 127:2
    The daughters of zion talk of there captiviy in babylon, not the old babylon but the new."They that carried us away captive" Identelfy one of the tribes of israel which went into captivity by ships.DUE 28:68. They where force to sing of there home land of zion .Keep in mind they where in this strange land. WHERE DO WILLOW TREES GROW IN THE US?

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