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  • Mishael in Galatians 32425 - in Reply on Romans 12:8
    Wherefore the law (Ten Commandments). was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

    But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.

    If you broke even one of the Ten Commandments, you were guilty of all.

    Then Jesus gave us 2 new commandments; that if we live our lives by them, we won't need the Ten to teach us again.

    It's a process of becoming free to love one another. A prophetic gifting doesn't give us permission to trample on others who have no clue. Love goes where law can't. Most unsaved people know they are sinners. The need to know about Grace; unmerited favor of God.

    If you're grafted into God, you'll produce fruit of the new Life.

    It's not a matter of the Old Testament no longer having relevance anymore. It does. There are many scriptures there, about Jesus before He was born as the Son of Man.

    Also, scripture to us about conditions preceding the End of Days. There are plenty of those in both Testaments. Proverbs are excellent for anyone needing Wisdom; help in living alongside foolish unsaved people. Jesus never railed on people: His heart was Mercy and Righteousness. He wanted to come and set us free from the taskmaster of trying to obey the Torah. NOW Jesus is the only sacrifice that God accepts. He came to earth, fulfilled every jot and tittle of The Law; and sat down at the right Hand of God; the work complete.

    He is now everyone's ADVOCATE (or attorney), when Satan comes Accusing us of gross or little sin, Before Almighty God!! Jesus consults in the Lambs Book of Life (names of the saved)....He says this one is MINE. God says: CASE DISMISSED!!! All of your days on earth are recorded in a Book; including your day of birth & death. The Book Of Remembrance: has all the things you have Spoken out loud about God and Jesus.

    Tell someone about Jesus and what He's done for you. Even strangers.

    Angels lean in to hear your praise.
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia - in Reply on Genesis 1:25
    Well Pete how are you? - You say I must be joking regarding the cosmology of the Moon - Believe me I am not! I never joke about the word of GOD and the Bible

    God says the Moon is a light - NASA says it is solid - You told me everyone knows the Moon is solid!

    So tell me this - How do they know - Has everyone been to the Moon? - No not at all! Most people blindly believe what they are told by Scientists and NASA ( That openly displays in red "THE SERPENTS FORKED TONGUE")

    I encourage you to do some research on them Science also tells us we came from Apes!!! Do you believe that?

    Let God be true and every man a liar Romans 3:4

    The Bible tells me - The Earth is a flat non- rotating plain - The center of what is known as the FIRMAMENT - The Moon Sun and the stars revolve around us

    In the beginning God created the heaven and Earth - The Sun and Moon had not been created until V :16

    Another question for you ! ....... Does it mention it was spinning?? - If it indeed does spin give me Chapter and verse because I have missed it - Because I also want to know" WHAT WAS IT SPINNING AROUND" as the SUN MOON & STARS were not there!!

    Cheers Mate -I'll give you time to digest that information
  • Loreli - in Reply on Genesis 13
    It doesn't say that anywhere in the Bible.
  • Chris - in Reply on Titus 3
    Lavan, this Scripture only applies to conduct within the Church Body. A heretic is someone who attends a Fellowship but wilfully rejects or opposes the established doctrines/teachings of the Church. And this was very important especially in the early Church as there were a lot of other divergent doctrines entering in (e.g. gnostic teaching) that attempted to water down or introduce new teaching that would lead believers away from the Truth.

    So Paul was warning Titus about this matter (along with other warnings) that a heretic should be first warned first but if he refuses to repent & come back to apostolic teaching, he should be rejected (maybe dis-fellowshipped or being avoided altogether).
  • Brenda Piper on Psalms 91:2
    This is my daily prayer it tells me no matter what God has me in the palm of his under the shadow of his wings

    I'm safe for I dwell in his presence

    Amen read Joseph Prince The prayer of protection
  • Gicheru geoffrey M on Matthew 24:9
    Amageddon is warfare betwn good Gods' people and bad evil satans' people my question is has it been ongoing or not yet started,i know that good Gods' people will win the fight and triumph.
  • Mishael on Peaceful Protests - in Reply on Luke 23:31
    Find where Jesus participated in a peaceful protest?

    The crowd that screamed for His crucifixion was somewhat orderly till they brought him to the podium with a red horse blanket over him and a crown of thorns (needles 5 inches long):

    The crowd became a DEMON and screamed for The Guilty Verdict. Penalty: Death

    I know if many of you have heard of actual demonic persecution. It's a whole different teaching but it's in the New Testament in numerous places.

    Demons are no doubt in the crowds pushing people to do the unthinkable. They had the Pharisees doing demonic will. Demons thought they finally had the Son of God at last... to suffer and die a grisly death for working on the Sabbath.

    Demons of violence; chaos; murder; demons of death! Spiritual wickedness.

    People who take over protests are possessed by Satan with plans for mayhem. They don't care if you're blinded by a rubber bullet.

    The New Testament in the Bible has a lot to say about last days Of violence. It would be wise to study that.

    Try thinking what cities will be like one hour after the rapture (Caught Up) happens? There's not enough police to stop a flood of demon possessed people armed with guns or baseball bats. If recent hoarding wasn't bad enough; after the Rapture they'll knock in your doors for what they want. It's gonna be bad...

    It's not a phenomenon or a fad; it's a preview.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Isaiah 66:23
    Look in your Bible encyclopedia. Do not WORSHIP stars, planets, sun or moon!

    Don't read horoscopes!

    See death penalty in the Bible for doing it.
  • Mishael reply to Peter - in Reply on Genesis 3
    When I pray against hell and demons hurting Gods people: I always remind Satan that he's going back to hell !!!

    He doesn't want to hear that.

    I'm here if you need me.
  • Mishael reply to Peter - in Reply on Genesis 3
    You did not offend me. My phone died and had to plug it in....and get sleep. I have health problems too; but that is never an excuse not to study Gods Word.

    I think you may need a New Bible WITH center of the page columns, concordance & dictionary. Some of this study needs a way to see the Hebrew meaning of words. Most Old Testament was written in Hebrew. :/

    Sometimes I find really good Bibles at resale stores, like Goodwill. Just wait to buy till you see one with center of page columns.

    Most people hate (can I use that word?) Benny Hinn. He has the best explanation of spiritual warfare. I'd be dead if not for that.

    He has a 5 HOUR teaching on YouTube you can listen to. If we can get past "the vessel" that God chose to deliver the information through, we'd be able to help people who are oppressed.

    He starts out with the foundation of where demons came from. Which is the part that interests you. Before, during and after Genesis.

    I investigated where he was pulling in that information and found that he was using the Center Column references to other scriptures that supported what's going on in Genesis, BUT with some Hebrew word definition. The best way to do that is to write the verses down on paper (with the verse name). It's going to take a lot of time. Note: INHABITANTS (you can use the KJV website to search and read verses). Inhabitants seem to be the evil angels who had bodies: that inhabited the land, married, built cities and caused God to be very angry. When God got finished with them they didn't have bodies anymore and Satan was in hell until the Garden of Eden; where he appears as a snake.

    Several people in my family are autistic and it doesn't mean you can't learn or teach others. Just pray and send all your questions to the Source: Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Jesus said I do what I see my Father doing. Holy Spirit teaches us.

    Just get that study Bible; spiral notebooks and you'll be ready to go. See you later :)
  • Lavan on Titus 3
    Hi, I want to know does verses 10-11 apply to all disagreements or just a scripture.
  • Mishael on Science - in Reply on Genesis 32
    That's some weighty thought there.

    We're a 3 part being: spirit, soul, flesh.

    "Behold, ALL SOULS ARE MINE; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die."

    When we die, the flesh returns to the dust that it came from. The whole earth is dust.

    God owns the soul. They were paid for by Jesus's blood sacrifice.

    IF the individual received Christ as their Lord and Savior, the spirit is made alive unto God; and returns to God in heaven upon death; to await the moment of Jesus Rapture (Caught Up), in the clouds.

    The believer is transformed into the eternal body which does not decay. Spirit, soul, transformed body.

    I'm not sure why there needs to be a scientific explanation of molecules, atoms and matter?

    God has already set forth what happens and when. Pouring over books just causes weariness of the mind.

    We're supposed to be filling our spiritual lamps to the top with the oil of The Holy Spirit, and be watching for Jesus coming in the clouds. The oil of gladness?

    We're too close to be getting engrossed in weighty theories that busy our mind with anything other than what we're supposed to be doing. No offense intended.

    God could use someone Full of zeal and fire to pray and intercede for scientists of all kinds to come into the Kingdom NOW. It seems boring huh? Mighty angels respond to those prayers.

    Being a Christian is the Best! We just can't be Christians full of pride and self-achievement. Gotta get on God's team :D

    May the Lord bless you.
  • LINDA CAN - in Reply on Song of Solomon 1:1
    In my early walk with the Holy Spirit I found Him to be faithful. It was when I stop reading my Bible and stop spending time with Him. This is what I found out, it was me. I stopped calling on Jesus and seeking His presence. James 5"Draw nigh to me an I will draw near to you."nkjv Jeremiah also speaks on this chpt. 29:12-4. When I did the presence of God became so wonderful again.
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 12:8
    I think the word 'end' here is similar to the word fulfill. Paul wrote Romans and is not saying it's ok to sin. We're saved by grace, but this is provided we are a Christian following Christ. Notice what Paul writes in the next chapter: Romans 11:19-23 "...if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off." To me this is similar to Paul saying Romans 6:1. Warning against people who want to abuse the gift. Also similar to Hebrews 10:26. Romans 7 and James 2 explain this. Paul struggles with sin as he says in Romans 7:15 and is trying hard to obey and avoid sin. Romans 7:12 Paul says the law is holy, just and good. God bless...
  • BabzO39Matic - in Reply on Genesis 32
    It is, most certainly, my humble opinion concerning Burial and the methodology of what might refer to, respectfully "dealing with the remains." I assure everyone with a single most and paramount answer; Our God, Father Almighty is Sovereign and therefore ALL those who've died in Jesus will be Resurrected. We're already aware that, "We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord," (2 Corinthians 5:8). A body, alive, is but a vessel of Neutrons, Protons, and Electrons, manipulated by God Almighty within the Womb (It is above my Paygrade to comprehend this, molding of Atoms, prior to conception!). And the possibility, not answered can be that upon our death, the vessel/shell, I believe to be a disposable unit, is left and those Atoms are what is delivered to in the presence of The Father? So, my answer is that the "disposal of remains" does not matter as the Torah does not give guidance towards this finality? In most cases, man-made ceremonies and adornments are what we know today.
  • LINDA CANNON - in Reply on Philippians 1
    Thank God for this word. It spoke to my heart when I saw this post. I know that our God is faithful. We as the body of Christ has to believe even when we are facing hard times.
  • Terry Sykes - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Thank you Chris for helping me out, I thought I had it in my notes and I knew it was in there. I just want yall to know I appreciate what you are doing. Back on the law subject I will follow our laws here until they go against God's law then I go with God. Thanks again.
  • S on Luke 23
    Jesus did miracles still they did not believe.

    They will believe a false one because of miracles.

    I read where Jesus said they the religious leaders kept the key of knowledge from the people.

    Knowledge is the key.

    The name of Jesus is the key.
  • Teboho - in Reply on Romans 12:8
    Dear Adam,

    Many thanks for the detailed explanation. Are you then able to provide me with a simple interpretation of Romans chapt 10 vs 4. I believe the view that the new testiment is replaced by the old testement is confused by the above. Hence require an interpretation of this.

    God bless.
  • Peter on Genesis 1:25
    Searches related to

    are humans the only animals that can think about their own thinking

    My answer Yes, we are the only animal with a mind.

    are humans the only animalsto have language? No, other animals have repetitious language. Look at a sparrow for example.

    can animals thinkand reason No. animal develop their Brains, repetitiously,

    how doanimals thinkwithout language once again, animals do not think; but they develop their Brain repetitiously and Neuroscientists, evolutionists and genetistist call it thinking as they believe that thinking comes from the brain and people do not have minds.

    can animals thinkarticle no. they see articles and develop then repetitiously;

    Also I call it semiconsciously developments as opposed to subconsciously thinking. My Theory of mind development is sub too conscious to unconscious. Animals are semiconscious too conscious to unconscious. We can do both but generally we only go the the semiconscious stage unless we decide to use repetitions in our development. If we go further than the semiconscious repetitious stage accidentally; we develop disorders. .

    can animals thinkrationally NO; Brains only repetitiously

    what doanimals thinkofhumans,

    depends how repetitious we are, and they are. it depend on we and they but, of course animals do not think but you can develop them repetitiously quite a bit; and they get use to responding to you and others depending on how you treat them;

    however there was a man on twitter who had a bear trained repetitiously and had a picture of the grizzly with his head in the bears mouth. i advise him that that was still a wild animal who any second could eat his head. he was never heard from on twitter after.
  • S on Luke 23:31
    Should you join the world in peaceful protests?

    I don't think so because that's of the world. Jesus didn't come to bring peace but a sword and taking up your cross doesn't include protesting with the world.
  • Luany Reber - in Reply on Revelation 22:14
    Jesus never cancelled the 10 commandments. He upheld them. He died for us because we can not truly obey the commandments without failing. That does not mean that then sinning is to be ok. Never. Romans 6:1. "What then, shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means!
  • William on Psalms 136
    As I humble myself to your throne of grace Lord. Praising you every day all day for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon me and others. Knowing there is no other like you because your mercy endureth forever I can focus and meditate on the goodness of my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Thank You Lord for never leaving me or forsaking me even when I fall short of your grace and mercy. Glory to your name.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 51
    create in me a clean heart O Lord and a right spirit I pray,
  • Pericles on Isaiah 66:23
    is new moon still to be worshipped today together with the sabbath? If "no", then why????
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 12:8
    Hello, yes, I believe the whole Bible applies. I've heard people claim that Jesus fulfilling the law is abolishing the law, that it no longer applies whatsoever. Jesus already said that is wrong in the exact same verse of Matthew 5:17. He said he was not abolishing the law. So, I believe Jesus over what random people say. Fulfilling the law was through his death to pay for our sins, so we have grace as long as we follow Jesus- this is an active pursuit though. But that doesn't mean the law is gone. Keep in mind that Israelites has more than just moral law, but civil law, and ceremonial law. We don't need to follow the Israelite specific laws, just moral law. For example, 'do not kill'. Are some claiming that it's now just fine to kill your neighbor because Jesus fulfilled the law? That would be a very difficult argument for one to make that it's totally good to kill, when the Bible clearly says the opposite.

    Jesus already said what happens to people who are inactive, who do nothing, who blaspheme, who follow the world, who use grace as an excuse to sin as much as possible Matthew 7:21-23. Jesus says if you love him, then keep his commandments. John 14:15. If you don't keep them, you don't love him. If you don't love him and don't follow him, is it likely you'll be invited to spend eternity with him in heaven? Jesus warned his followers repeatedly through parables that most people will go to hell. It's interesting how some Christians are trying to claim sin is okay, that it doesn't matter and that it's wrong to say it's wrong. Satan is the great deceiver and even works within the community of believers to spread his lies. It's clear what Jesus already said, so I'm going to believe and follow him and his words, not the words of man.

    James 2 and Romans 6 explain this.

    Note that this is my belief through years of Bible study and prayer and you will have other Christians claim otherwise. I already know all their arguments and find them unbiblical. God bless...
  • Cody Hampton on Zephaniah 2
    I think that people that think that think that the big bang are not smart but i look at it like this way... God said it and BANG it happened.
  • Nancy Martinez - in Reply on 1 Esdras 1
    I totally Agree
  • Carl - in Reply on Psalms 70
    Jesus loves children! Remember how he blessed them when the disciples wanted to turn them away. Let's be like Jesus. We don't have any record of how Jesus' influence affected those children, just like we don't know how we will influence the children we love today. But no doubt it can only be good! Blessings to you and your family.
  • Andrew Kingsly Raj on Amos 5
    Extend the Hand of Christ

    In this chapter we see Amos morns for Israel as they believed their wealth and religion made them secure while suppressing and victimizing the poor. In making application we see that many today follow in the same path of preaching prosperity while ignoring and suppressing the poor. Today our focus should be on Ministry or Service to restore the poor, needy, and sin sick showing them the way to a better life is Jesus-Christ. How about you? Do you Restore the needy or are you too busy to help others who find themselves in sins pit? Let us learn from our text today and the warning of Amos to extend the hand of Christ who find themselves in a pit due to their sin.

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