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  • Elias on Mark 12
    The LORD just wants us to be pure from heart to Him i.e. Love Him with all our being even though in front of other we may be of no importance but as LORD saw the heart of widow and gave us parable through her. So, He will see our heart for Him and will give us importance. So do we children of Most High need favor from human....? If LORD is with us what else do we need? Praise The LORD.
  • Jay on Mark 1
    Tips about reading book of Mark:
    1. The writer (Mark) portrays Jesus as a servant;
    2. No servant ever has a genealogy;
    3. When reading the gospels, anything before the cross is still officially under the law;
    4. This is the same John Mark that retreated earlier on Paul's first missionary journey (Acts 13:13);
    5. Paul and Barnabas spilt up over John Mark in Acts 15:36-41 6, then Paul ask for John Mark, for he now is profitable unto Paul in II Timothy 4:11.
    What is the lesson we can learn from this!
  • Moses chukwurah on 2 Timothy 1:12
    Isaiah 60:22 the little one himself will become a thousand and the small one a mighty nation! I myself JEHOVAH shall speed it up in its own TIME.
  • Yemmy on Deuteronomy 22:5
    Why do we have so many hypocrites in the Christendom trying to interpret a simple verse of a whole chapter. Just to suit their darkened mind. All talk had been on pants or trousers. What then do you say about shirts and T-shirts that are been worn by both men and women? Check up on Genesis 3:21. The first tailor who is God Himself clothed both of them alike. Please leave all these jargons and let's move on to perfecting our walk in Christ in this garden of Salvation. Let's work on how to really populate the Kingdom of our Christ by reaching out to the lost. Stop giving heed to all these Jewish Fables, move on to knowing and experiencing the Power of Christ while we await His coming with soberness. God bless us all. Amen
  • Camille Nemorin on Luke 5
    Verse 18 talks about men who brought the paralytic down, what are the names of those men?
  • Bless on Psalms 20
    God is at our right hand, so ask yourself this question: who can move us?
  • Jay on Matthew 27
    On verse 26 - Barabbas (means son of the father) was released instead of Jesus. In John 18:40, Barabbas is called a robber; Luke 23:25, Barabbas is called a murderer and sedition (rebellion against authority); Mark 15:15, Barabbas is accused of insurrection. But Pilate like most politicians, had a poll taken of the most likely voters, and wanting to please the people, released Barabbas; a known murderer, robber, and rebellion against authority over a known innocent man (not much has changed in 2000 years in politics). As for the 2 thieves on the cross along with Jesus, one thief repented and went to be with Jesus in paradise and the other went to hell because he repented not (Luke 23:39-43). Question? Do you know the difference between paradise and the 3rd heaven? And which one is where those that die in Christ go now?
  • Chris on Isaiah 45
    Isaiah 45:7 speaks of God creating evil, what exactly is meant by evil in this verse?
  • Garyloyd on Revelation 1
    Well we have had a few calendars and the last one we tossed out 11 days was it? The calendar that was used during Exodus and Revelation was Israel’s and it was 10 days shorter I'm pretty sure. I think if you are trying to pin point a day to worship I think every day is the correct day from reading the scriptures. You don't need a day to be a part of Christ Church. All you need is a Bible and Love for God and Christ. So don't let any man or building that says they worship on the correct day worry you, just love God and open your Bible and study, and God will see your love for Him and bless you.
  • Clint on 2 Chronicles 7
    @Gary Loyd,
    Where and how do you come up with that? Apostle Paul said if we have food and clothing, we should be content with that! Nowhere in bible does it say its sin to be poor! Paul didn’t mention houses, just food and clothing! Get it right Gary and stop poisoning young Christians with YOUR doctrine! Please.
  • Jay on Matthew 24
    All of chapter 24 is prophetic in that Jesus is talking to his disciples (verse 3) and giving the signs or events that will come to pass before the second advent (coming) of him and his army (Revelation 19:11-16). Items of note are:
    1. Son of man is a term used by the Jews only (gentiles use the term son of God);
    2. Verse 13 is a tribulation verse after the rapture;
    3. Verse 14, this gospel is not the gospel we preach today (which is the gospel of the grace of God);
    4. Verse 32 the fig tree is Israel (1948) is when they became their own state which you can liken to a tree budding. When you see trees beginning to bud you know summer is close;
    5. The real significance of these signs is that they will all start and continue to increase in numbers and in intensity before the second coming of Christ, which we know that the rapture will happen 7 years earlier; which means the closer we get to the second coming of Christ, it is even closer for the rapture of the church.
    As you watch the events in chapter 24 unfolding around the world these days you need to ask yourself, am I ready to come face to face with God almighty, which could happen at any moment? Examine yourself and see what faith are ye, II Corinthians 13:5.
  • Noalias needed on Revelation 8:1
    my comment is a parallel topic:
    a question; is there anyone who has calculated the prophetic messages pertaining their possible connection to huge influences on the entirety of civilization such as: the instant macro discovery of electricity utilization worldwide? Or other similar occurrences before and after Christ's crucifixion (occurrences more profound than for example many of the achievements such as airplane flight, or creating a compass, or something changed like a virus or a nutrient)

    what could be a list of revealed macrocosms that changed history? And could those macrocosms be predicted in the Bible? Excluding those prophecies that have not yet occurred, but I am speaking of prophecies that could have already happened; for example something larger than the internet or oil or could it be the usage of electricity or the usage of radio waves, a sociological experiences such as the Enlightenment period or the Medieval Ages or etc etc etc.... well hope someone comes across this comment I typed and left here and has some fun and encouragement from it, or if someone has some good ideas let me know and reply, I might check back! CYA
  • Arlis Johnson Jr on Genesis 5
    I am wondering if Seth is the beginning of the ancestry of the present day Israeli Jews. Seth is mentioned as being Adam’s own likeness and image, therefore hinting that he is more in the image of God than say Cain or Abel. Is this a split in linage or will I be convinced otherwise as I read on? Help me.
  • Jay on Matthew 11
    On verse 21 , in what form did God appear to you as on Christmas eve 1987? When the scriptures states that no man has seen God at anytime John 1:18.
  • Clint on 1 Chronicles 16
    If the people you listen to do not admit that Christ Jesus came to earth, was crucified for our sins and rose from the grave and ascended to heaven to sit on the right hand of God, if they say anything other than that then that, they are deceivers and come from Satan ! Hope that helped?
  • FORTUNE on Romans 8:35
    IF I MISS HEAVEN, WHO WILL I BLAME? Will I blame my parents for threatening not to pay my school fees if I surrender to Christ and become born again, or will I blame my friends for their misleading lifestyles, or the economy for leading me to evil ways of getting money, or my body that refused to be controlled; or the devil for tempting me in the first place, or my bed mate for immorality I got addicted to; or conditions around me. But I heard the warnings from people even on face book, TV, radio, school, tracts, busses, friends, etc. But why can’t I just decide for Christ now I’m still breathing, my friends, neighbors and age mates are dying and I can also die anytime, what is wrong with me. Jesus died for my sins to redeem me from the hands of hell, but I have remained adamant. What is wrong with me? If I die tonight and open my eyes in hell, it’s torment for ever. God, I want to surrender to you now before it become TOO late. Who will I blame if I miss the rapture?
  • Godfrey Zekpa on Obadiah 1
    Are our hurts like Edom? Are we right in criticizing our religious orders? Is not judgment for God? The archangel Micheal could had complained a lot about Satan but he otherwise said "God rebukes you” Jude 1. We must be careful to murmur or rise up against God's chosen. Amen.
  • Jay on Matthew 16
    About verse 18- when Jesus states that upon this rock I will build my church. Jesus is making a direct reference to himself as the rock using 3rd person singular. Christ is the head of the church Ephesians 5:23, I Corinthians 10:4. That's why the church is also called the body of Christ, Ephesians 4:12-16. As for Peter being the 1st Pope or holy father, Matthew 23:9 states to call no man on earth your (spiritual) farther, for one is your (spiritual) father in heaven. That church is building on the rock of Peter is in serious trouble when Jesus states 4 verses later that Peter is become like Satan momentarily (verse 23) and Peter is married. Matthew 8:14 which makes me ask the question why priests, bishops, cardinals and popes do not marry? I Timothy 3:2 states that a bishop (Pastor, Deacon) to be the husband of one wife which is where one would find the criteria of a bishop, deacon.
  • R. Sanchez on Romans 1
    It has been said that God loves the sinner but not the sin; can he love these that live without natural affection, the ones that burn in the lusts women against women, men against women and men? The ones that adopt children only to feel that they're a complete family and make a mockery of the natural family unit which God design from the beginning? The ones that by their ungodly actions confuse children's minds to make them think lesbians and homosexuals can reproduce? It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
  • Evangelist Myles on Mark 5:36
    Really a powerful verse and scripture because Jesus only said a "mouthful" or a few words but they were powerful in that He was/is saying we simply need to believe God and most of us doubt him will disappear. It is sad what the reality is, we so often more then do nothing or anything else before we go to the throne room of heaven first. What does it take before we believe God?
  • Stephen ojeabu on Deuteronomy 22:5
    Let’s keep to the word of God. How many laws of God were violated by Lucifer that God threw him down from heaven? Satan is watching you that is removing from God's Word! be born again, then cultures, opinions of men, "what will people say?", ...will no longer get hold of you. The Holy Ghost is still in the world today. Repent and ask Him to sanctify and fill you. Then all these questions will die. "O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" (Matthew12:34). As a sinner, the first thing you need is deliverance, not argument. REPENT wearing man's garment is ABOMINATION!!!
  • Emanuel on John 19:31
    What about the theory that there were two separate Sabbaths days in that week, please see "centuryone [dot]com[slash]crucifixion". My question is bona fide - can anyone elaborate on this, or respond to it? Thank you.
  • Carl on Matthew 16
    Matthew 16:13-18 “When Jesus came into the coast of Caesarea Philippi he asked his disciples, saying whom do men say that I the son of man am?” 14 “And they the disciples said some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets”. You notice the word “they” is two are more of the disciples answering Jesus. 15 “He [Jesus] saith unto them, but whom say ye that I am?” Now Jesus would like to know who the disciples think Jesus is, the word [them] implies he is asking all of the disciples who am I? 16 “And Simon Peter answered and said, thou art the Christ, the son of the living God.” You understand Peter was the only one to answer Jesus. 17 “And Jesus answered and said unto him, [Peter] blessed art thou, Simon Barjona:” [Why was he blessed?] “Because flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee but my father which is in heaven.” The word reveal means to uncover, to make known through divine inspiration or revelation. Peter had a divine revelation from God the father that Jesus was the son of God, all the people thought Jesus was a prophet, just a man. 18 “And I say also unto the, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Okay what is the rock that Jesus was talking about? The answer has to be the reveled knowledge from God the father. Satan would have no way of stopping a divine revelation from God the father to a disciple. This is what is wrong with the church today they do not know about divine revelation, and that it is available to the church today. How do I get it? Remember Jesus said whatever you asked the father in my name he will give it to you. I would pray this prayer; Father, teach me something about your word in the name of Jesus. Now if you do not believe this is right, go ask Paul in Galatians 1:11-12, and 2:1-2, and Ephesians 1:16-23, and 3:1-21. Paul had a encounter with Jesus own the road to Damascus, Paul received divine revelation about who Jesus was. In the book of Galatians, Paul talks about receiving revelation knowledge from Jesus, and he says he did not receive this knowledge from man. Remember Paul wrote two thirds of the New Testament, where did he get it from? Jesus Christ gave him.
  • Hollie on Leviticus 11
    I do know this, those with a Jewish bloodline are more susceptible to colon cancer if they do not adhere to the dietary laws, whether they are faithful or atheist. A family member of mine was told this before her colonoscopy. Actually, countless cancers can be traced to impure diet. Christ openly said he did not come to do away with the Old Testament, but to fulfil it. I think something has been vastly misinterpreted. How are we to know what the original text said? Christ would never override the Words of the Father.
  • Brother Johann on Deuteronomy 22
    I just want a clarification on verses 23 and 24: if a soon-to-be-married virgin gets raped within the city and cries out but no one hears her, will she still be stoned to death?
  • Kathleen on Acts 10
    Where exactly in this chapter does God contradict his ordering of man and the animals and declare that unclean animals are clean to eat? I don't see it here, nor do I find it in the Greek. If he is God and doesn't change, how can he go back on his original command? (Hebrews 13:8). And what did Jesus do? He never ate anything unclean and never broke a single commandment set forth by God in the Old Testament. Are we not to be like Jesus? If he had, he would have been sinning and would have been unacceptable as a sacrifice for our sins. Sounds like you're making this up or just regurgitating what you've been taught, perhaps colored by a very anti-Semitic church history. Search it out for yourself!! "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Timothy 2:15).
  • Bells on Luke 7:24
    I'm having hard time trying to understand this chapter. What exactly is Jesus saying?
  • Jay on Matthew 12
    Verse 40, the 3 days and 3 nights are literal 3x24 hour periods as in general. 1 during creation (the evening and the morning are your clues during creation) which equals 72 hours that Jesus spent in the heart of the earth. Which Jonah is a biblical type. If this info is true (which it is) then tell me how anyone can conclude Jesus being crucified on Friday and resurrecting on Sunday morning and arrive at a 72 hours of time?
  • Anonymous on Matthew 16:26
    Why did the corporate or group take out the name of God?
  • Jm on Luke 12:51
    The question is what does division mean in its general context? What I have just finished doing is researching the Hebrew versus Greek definitions of division! Through studying I will conclude in saying that we are not getting it because we are interpreting the Greek content when I believe we use the Hebrew definition it means distribution. Deliverance redeems after reviewing these meaning. One would say Deliverer and redeemer of the masses? To separate the few believers from those who are unbelievers.

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