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"He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life."
1 John 5:12 (KJV)

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Jesus was teaching his apostles. When he healed people of their illness' it was to prove He was the son of God.

It is ok to feel fear. Jeremiah felt fear, but he didn't let that keep him from doing Jehovah's will and serving Him. In verses 20 through 23 Urijah let fear take him over and he stopped doing God's will. As a result he lost Jehovah's blessing and protection.

He barely made it into heaven,the creator told him,you don't get a job well done,you get a you barely made it,he was asked about a female he was with before and GOD asked Why didnt you forgive such and such, he was going through all things he could have done better all he didn't do,he no longer wanted to hear,trying to imagen how HOT HELL was,his body transformed and as he entered heaven he awoke.

MAN /has/ APPOINTED MORTAL SORROW; /but/ THE BLESSED GOD SHALL COME DOWN TEACHING, /and/ HIS DEATH SHALL BRING THE DESPAIRING COMFORT. That is a sentence using the Geneology of the names in Genisis up till Noah, just wanted to share this.

I am in no way saying don't celebrate with your family,just read more into the meaning behind why no tree is to be any where near where God is present,it is Idolitry and wedon't even know it,bowing before the tree and singing oh Christmas tree,look up orgins of the songs we sing,Babalonians had a prophecy that a child was to be born from the heavens,christ was born in the fall not WINTER,God Bless

Acceptable understanding we will go into the timing of Dec 25. Or there abouts. You realize of course Mary's joy of this miracle Luke 1:46-49.So is it wrong to rejoice at this time of year?If you know truth yet they hold it wrong in most cases it causes no harm. But it is important soon we know truth absolutely. There are no contradiction in the Word of God. The Contradiction are what man created

Thank you Brother Bruce. Please do ALL to not become Spiritually depressed! You have the "Word's Of Life". Go out ANYWAY, Father God is preparing someone to receive those Life Giving Words from YOU! Stay Way Up Brother★†

I was in awe,I had to repent to GOD,I was like I didn't know I am so SORRY,when you get gifts under a tree,you are bowing down,and there is somewhere a scripture that says a tree is not to be around where the holyness of the LORD is,for people were worshiping TREES,Easter is for Paganism a time of fertility,so much I never knew,I was heart broken to find all I was doing WAS NOT what I thought,Amen

Mike:, God can compute way more intel beyond human comprehension and therefore we try to analyze intel with OUR own way of thinking and understanding,but to say someone other then GOD and his son understands GOD word is like saying we all understand each other ALL the time,like we Don't have poor communication at times

Necromancy. Didn't do King Saul or Johnathan any good. Devilish, sinful. Doesn't lead to salvation. Or edification of the body of Christ.


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