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"Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come."
Matthew 24:42 (KJV)

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Doug (cont.) Although it is true, and we do thank the Lord, for the quiet times and happy days of prosperity in the ways of the Lord; we know too that it is the Lord's gentleness and skill in being our Good Shepherd, and His guidance in our growth. But WHEN the days come when we are called upon to walk the way of the cross AS OUR MASTER AND LEADER before us; then God give us grace and courage!

Verse 8-we don’t want to try to fit into this world by copying the fads and fashion trends that have been set up as the standard by people who don’t love Jehovah God.

Jot (cont.) Also as far as taking the Lord Jesus' words literally; AMEN! If we don't literally obey His words, we will not be saved! By Jesus' words we are cleansed every whit from sin, and made a new creation. By the words of Jesus Christ, the heavens and the earth were created; and there is nothing that exists that hasn't come into being, and is sustained in its existence, but BY JESUS' WORDS!

"..Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the LORD thy God.. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars." While the truth is, that the MANY professing themselves to be Christian Believers and people of faith, virtue and truth; knowing and claiming ALL the most popular verses, yet in action trusting NOT in the Lord nor obeying His Word!

When jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirt thats our new innerman, TH h.g. th new creature, has to be born in us which is spirit, th seed is spiri thus th child is th H.G,Which is the multiplication of God in us, Thus the h.g. is the PROMISE CHILD,It was God himself that made this PROMISE, When he cd sware by no greater he swore by his self meaning he was gonna multiply himself N US

God Sent His: Sovereign Will

This scripture also tells us that long hair on a woman is power, who would not want more power from God. It is witnessing power to the unbelieving. To judge we would want to judge in ourselves as God would have us to judge not as we would judge. Gods ways are always the best way.

Lilian (cont.) In John 13, after the traitor was departed into the night with Satan in his heart; the little group of Jesus' real friends and brethren remained, and Jesus began to take the lid off His heart, and expound to them all that they (and we) should expect to encounter, and what is our Purpose from God till He comes. We are clean "every whit," but still need daily to care for each other.

The Spirit here shows us plainly, and every honest man or woman who professes faith in Jesus can verify it to be true; that NO ONE is ready for Service when they first get saved, or even with years of walking with the LORD. We have to first be brought under subjection to His Spirit by the things of the Lord we experience, and be given understanding; THEN WE MUST STILL WAIT FOR THE POWER FROM GOD.

Ya can't have a kingdom without a king,When the king comes again th kingdom will come, IF we had the kingdom now nobody wd be looking for a 2 nd coming.ITS GONNA COME VIA A CHILD. HIS 1ST COMING WAS BY A BIRTH, AND HIS 2ND COMING IS GONNA BE BY A CHILD, THATS Y HE IS SAYING UNLESS YOU RECEIVE THE KINGDOM AS A LIL CHILD YOU WILL IN NO WISE ENTER. NOTE THE KNGDM COMES WHEN THE WOMAN GIVES BIRTH gbu.


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