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Revelation 21:4 Inspirational Image

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."
Revelation 21:4 (KJV)

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I feel the same way and ask myself the same thing lol .Every night before bed ill say my prayers ill say our father , hail mary and act of contrition and it seems by the time i get to hail mary or even our father i fall asleep and if I'm wide awake not even that tired i find myself messing up or start thinking of other things . I never thought of it that way of evil stopping me or messing me up .

I have a different interpretation of that verse. Paul says he would 'rather' be absent from body and present with the Lord. To me that does not mean in 100 percent of all cases someone dead is with the Lord. Why would they be with the Lord if they haven't been judged yet? In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 it says people will be asleep and await the Lord's coming. If people were already in heaven it wouldnt make sense for them to go back to earth into their body only to be raised again to go to heaven.

JOHN 14:16 and I will pray THE FATHER and HE shall give you another comforter that HE may abide with you forever 14:17 even the spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeth HIM not neither knoweth HIM for HE dwelleth with you and shall be in you

JOHN 14:18 I will not leave you comfortless I will come to you 14:20 at that day you shall know that I am in MY FATHER and you in ME and I in you COLOSSIANS 1:27 to whom GOD would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles --- which is CHRIST IN YOU --- the hope of glory

ACTS 22:12 and on ananias a devout man according to the law having a good report of all the jews which dwelt there 22:13 came unto me and stood and said unto me brother saul receive thy sight and the same hour I looked upon him 22:14 and he said THE GOD of our fathers hath chosen thee that thou shouldest know --HIS WILL-- and see that JUST ONE and shouldest hear the voice of HIS mouth

MATTHEW 7:21 not everyone that saith unto ME LORD LORD shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that doeth the will of MY FATHER which is in heaven HEBREWS 10:36 for you have need of patience that --- after you have done the will of GOD --- you might receive the promise JAMES 1:22 but be you doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

GB, read Proverbs 3:9-10. Also, Tithing the first and best of all our increase is a faith response that applies to all who are in Abraham's seed, through Christ Jesus our Lord. Tithing should not be out of a sense of duty, but rather out of love for the Lord and a desire to see His kingdom advanced. Also, to help with your question, please read 2 Corinthians 9:6-7.t

There is no big or small sin, sin is sin. Even if you break one commandment you are guilty .There is just one sin that cannot be forgiven------against the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 26:24 The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born. Woe means: grief, sorrow, misery, a heavy calamity, Curse. Galatians 3:13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: Iscariot.

2 Corinthians 5:8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. That means your soul and spirit returns back to the Lord who gave it, and the flesh returns back to dust. Amen

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