Christian Testimonies

  • Sherry Fiteregizar on Genesis 1
    After 16 years of wandering alone, I am sure I have finally found a way, a way to be free from fear and anxiety. I am no longer prone to self-denial and self-criticism. I no longer care so much about other people's opinions. God fills my heart with hope and strength, God will understand me, and God is with me. I am devouring the Bible now, and I regret that I did not understand the guidance God gave me sooner. I hope there is still time. May God always guide me.
  • Kobe Southern on Ruth 3
    Hey this is Kobe I grew up in the hood. I never had a real good life until I found out about God. I know Ya'll might think this is dumb, but I feel like I need to let people know this. I grew up watching and experiencing a lot of things people shouldn't have to experience I am not trying to throw myself a pity party. Not until a few weeks ago I wandered and fought that God exist because I always told myself if God is so good how could he let bad things happen to good people but I just want everyone to know God still provides and he still answers prayers well that's all I had to say goodbye until next time.

    Thank you!

    Yours truly Kobe Southern
  • Morninglover
    I like to fist of all do the most honorable thing of all and that thing one can do is say Thank You LORD Almighty GOD JESUS CHRIST,so Thank You LORD

    For had it not been for GOD grace and mercy, I would not have the pleasure of writing this morning, yes He has cary me for over eight years and five months now, cause should one percent of the blessing I received in the past three years had been done in Sodom Gomorrah they would have repent and we would be able to fly there today and do the most honorable thing one can do that is to say Thank YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST
  • Morrisbrada
    One Saturday about 4 months ago Jesus came to my house, I didn't see him but we had a long conversation. I had received a message from First Free Church saying to take 30 seconds and pray for a better understanding when reading the word of GOD and I did. I started listening to the Bible through my hearing aids, and I had family over which kept interrupting me so I separated myself into the Garage. I started with the book of Revelation and then the New Testament, as it was playing

    Jesus told me it was time to make a choice, laid out for me the cost, persecuted, beaten jailed even unto death. I said I was willing he told me to awaken the churches, then he told me he was going to sit at the right hand of the Father. I have been reading his word going to church and trying to figure out GOD's plan to awaken the churches. It is important that it be his will and not mine because the potential for harm is there.

    Please pray for this to happen and for me that I do his will on earth as it is in Heaven.

    To GOD alone be the Glory Honor and Power forever. Amen
  • Sammi
    Thanks to God in Heaven and thanks only to Him . After twenty years my prayer has been answered . I wish I could say that I waited patiently for God to answer but that would be a lie . I was not patient . While I waited for His answer I was ridiculed , thought to be a liar , no one believed me , people thought badly of me . Now I have my answer and it's not as sweet as the realisation that has come with it . Through out those twenty years , God and God alone has taken care of me in a million different ways . He kept me sane , alive , warm dry fed and cheerful . He has taught me patience ,and to trust Him always . I still have a lot to learn but I thank God for His lessons . I realise that to be His is to trust Him , at all times but especially in the dark times , He was right there with me . I was just to wrapped up in myself to recognise Him . So , I have my answer which is lovely but , not as lovely as knowing that He sorted everything out for me while I was waiting . Brothers and sisters , know for sure , that He is with you every second , His love will sustain you through everything and all things can be and should be endured because He is with you , and maybe , just maybe He is trying to teach you something ? Trust , faith , patience and love . Life is a constant lesson , allow Him to teach you and don't fear the lesson , He will teach you in the loving way every good parent teaches their child . Be His child , allow Him to be your parent .
  • GiGi
    Just wish to shout out a thank you to the Lord for being with Damar Hamlin and restoring his life from his heart attack last week on the field.

    May Demar come to the realization that God spared him and so, may he live his life for Jesus from now on. Amen.
  • Rugged Christian
    First time going public with this.. It was on 11/2/22 that the Lord removed the heart of stone form me and placed a fleshy one in. Since 1986, I was a practitioner of traditional witchcraft and ancestral paganism. I was known internationally through my podcasts and appearances on hundreds of YT channels and podcasts. On 11/1/22, I had a compelling urge to pray to a God that I had been at war with since I was 9 to ask for His help with my daughters as I am a single father of two girls. Within a minute, He answered. It was like this voice within me said " take them to church". Without analyzing what I felt, I immediately complied.

    24hrs later, I said to myself that if I am going to make this sacrifice for my daughters and walk into enemy territory then I need to prepare myself by listening to sermons. I came across this sermon by a well known pastor and he said " there are many who study the bible for years to use it as a telescope to argue and debate but I ask you, when was the last time you let the bible study you and be a mirror?" I broke and this consuming feeling overtook me that I could not fight and a transformation was happening within me that I have never experienced before. It was God's irresistible grace that I could not fight and the transformation within was He removing that heart of stone and putting in a fleshy one. I immediately gave my life over to him and repented for all my sins and the lives I have destroyed over the decades.

    So I am no longer the enemy but a Brother In Christ.. I am no longer and enemy of God but a Soldier In His Army.
  • Rugged Christian on John 15
    Such a powerful verse. It was on 11/2/22 that God chose me and removed the heart of stone from me and placed a fleshy one in. I was one of many wolves that attacked the flock for decades and now He has called me to become a sheep dog. In all, I see it as God performing a miracle as I never would have entertained the idea of being a Christian yet I am so grateful.
  • Ssmith82
    I have a long testimony, so I'm going to leave out many, many, details for time's sake.

    Demonic possession led me to cry out to God, and He delivered me and I repented that day and gave my life to Christ.

    I have a history of practicing witchcraft, satanism, and the New Age. I used to study anything on occultism and "ghosts." Anything seemingly supernatural. I practiced meditation, sought psychics, used crystals, practiced LOA, communicated with what I thought at the time were angels. All kinds of things.

    The time during my possession was horrific, terrifying, awful, and traumatic. And those words don't even truly explain what it was like.

    The day I was delivered, I prayed and cried out to God and asked for His help and for the Holy Spirit. I literally felt the demon leave my body (I had also felt it enter).

    I repented for my sins that day, gave my life to Christ, and devoted hours and hours to reading the Bible. I've shared my testimony publicly several times, and I share the gospel every opportunity I have. My life is lived for God now. And I am so thankful for His grace and mercy and what Jesus has done for us. Truly, we are blessed.
  • Bshiff68
    I came to saving faith in Jesus Christ on March 4th 1995.After thirteen years of alcohol and drug abuse which started in my early teens I got to a place where that lifestyle wasn't fun anymore.I never held a job, bummed off people.Many believers and preachers in my family tried to witness to me.I would listen but never was interested in knowing about Jesus even though I was headed for Hell.I can attest of many times Satan tried to take my life as a sinner but God had other plans.One night my preacher Uncle told me he was holding a revival and invited me.all that day I thought about it.i was invited to a party that night also.Something in me prompted me to go to the revival.I sat each night telling myself I wasn't going to go back after first night. On the fourth night of this revival at the altar call I headed to the altar but made it only to the front pew as I fell to my knees and cried to God for forgiveness.He saved my, baptized me in thr Holy Ghost a month later.I was water baptized four years later.I have since been involved in various aspects of ministry mostly outreach and street preaching.
  • Tyler1222
    When I was a child, I was always told about God and Jesus. I never really knew much about them except that they were the good guys and the devil was the bad guy. That's really all I knew until I was a preteen. I was told by my grandmother to pray to them often, especially when I was in any sort of trouble. Well as I got a bit older, I was in Jr High and I began to suffer from anxiety. Now mind you, I was a kid. I had no idea what it actually was that I was facing, I thought of myself as weird for thinking the things that I was because no one ever talked about it. After many months of dealing with it, missing school because I was pretending to be sick so I could lay in bed, and really struggling in my academics and relationships, I began to pray about it. Now when I did this, no medicine nor therapy in the world could ever give me the sense of peace that I had, whenever I prayed. I felt like someone understood me, like they had my back no matter what. Still, it took a lot of time and years to truly know The Lord. It didn't happen overnight, but He saved me from suicide, He saved me from so much pain and heartache I can't even describe it. Now, because of all that, I know more than anything else in the world, that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I never found peace of mind, heart and soul like I did when I came to Him with my problems. He loves us and He's waiting for us to realize we can't do things in our own power. We need Christ in our lives.

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  • Alexanderdanigelis
    Astral projection opens the door to pure evil

    I was a practicing Satanist, devil worshipper, and idolater turned Christian. I am coming out as a witness and have recently come out of and was heavily involved in the New age movement (higher self meditations), occultism, various types of meditations, self-styled Satanism, psychic third eye abilities, summoning and calling up different "spirit guides" ie fallen angels of Lucifer and giving offerings to other idols to obtain Satanic knowledge favors and power through these practices. This was all done in secret. All these things mentioned above and many other practices are a trick of Satan and his demons and their false religions he's established to get you to defile yourself (hooked into him through your sin) like the Bible says.

    And guys, don't get me wrong, I knew what I was doing. I was knowingly using these powers and this knowledge to harm people spiritually and to trick people into thinking that these practices these occultic things, these New age beliefs ("higher self power") are okay and being part of spreading these false doctrines on purpose instead of the truth of the Bible. Any occult subject or New age subject to talk about and entice people with was game.. among many other sins.. sin is sin and sin is death like the Bible says. Satan knows the Bible too, And Satan protected me and blessed me while doing these things and operating using this knowledge against people for being a loyal servant to his kingdom. But I was even more dangerous because I knew the ways of God and what Jesus commands us to do and what he says in that gospel and that he looks at all these things as sin but I went against it anyway for the feeling of power, and the pride that comes with it - and I was ruthlessly evil in doing so. And pride is what got Lucifer tossed out of heaven.
  • James Keith on Revelation 22
    "4And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads."

    I've squandered the last few years speedily absorbing anything and everything in a never ending research in global events - studying all things Jewish - and studying Christianity, attempting to understand what's happening in the world, by whom, why, and what it means - or what I should do.

    I know for multiple reasons, there is simply not enough time to come even close to one full reading of the New Testament. If the world doesn't implode, well my health is... quite bad, which i've come to terms with. Life always being overrated imo, yet I have found comfort in Christs words, though remaining conflicted & confused. I know Revelations warns twice not to be deceived I'm hopelessly deceivedconfused.

    I'm aware of the "mark of the beast" branded either in the forehead, or the right hand. That being said, I've on occasion heard, or read snippets of something of this above line, Christ's people who reject the mark of the beast, six hundred and sixty six, no buying, selling, being beheaded, and em, much unpleasantries of Tribulation (The general idea of it anyway), but what can you tell me of a mark that followers of Jesus Christ, faithfully, are supposed to haveget?

    One other please, I'm familiar with the names, "Lucifer Lightbringer" & "Lucifer Morningstar" and reading an insinuation that Jesus is Lucifer from a randomly encountered commentary bringing me here:

    "16I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

    Reading it... didn't dispel their claim. Can this be a translation confusion from Greek to English, or am I just a total idiot? Why is Jesus saying he is the "Bright" (Lightbringer?) and "Morning star" (Lucifer Morningstar?!)

    Not even sure if this'll get read, but apologies for the foolish questions. I have a million more, but if anyone responds to these two, thank you.
  • Donna Grace
    I am sitting on my bed early morning THANKING GOD and being AMAZED that because of His great mercy I NO LONGER smoke cigarettes!

    Cigarettes are more than a bad habit. They are one of the devils "tools". They steal, kill, and destroy. But there is freedom in Christ.

    This was a major bondage in my life. The BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST destroyed that yoke! I have been loosed of it, 16 months ago. PRAISE THE LORD! This was a major prayer answered. I couldn't/wouldn't have done it on my own.

    When I get a craving I just start praising God. And the craving leaves. (Thank You Lord)

    Hallelujah.and glory to God in the highest. So much good has come to my life just from quitting cigarettes.

    If you're struggling with an addiction to _________, ask God to make you HATE that thing. He will do it!

    I have found God to be faithful, when I am not. To be a merciful loving Father, Savior, Deliverer, Healer, Friend, and so much more!

    I'm praying for you.

  • Texsis this is what "America the Free" should feel like.! From age 2-38 I was abused in Everyway & allowed that to run/rune my life. Thinking I was Christian cuz I was raised that way or because I went to church. Then, In 2021 God showed me true Love, Peace & Freedom from my past that was dragging me way down, to near suicide, a few times. I have since apalajized to my kids for bringing my baggage over the yrs raising them (single) with anger, spitefulness & being vengeful at times. Tho we went to church so God's hand was w/them. Thank you Lord! Which lead me to think, IF I had Read, Studied & Learned His word, instead of listening to others tell me what the bible says, I could have reached this point way sooner. Then the meaning & depth of the words, "It's all in His time for His glory", came to mean so much. So in letting go of said baggage & finally Loving Him w/all my being & helping others in need (even when I was homeless) how free I truly have become thanks be to God.! I no longer stress over what's going on in the world, tho I disagree w/pertnear everything, I pray anytime I see things or hear sirens even. I talk to ppl (before you couldn't get me to, to save my own life) daily about believing in their heart He is the ONLY way truth & life.! Loving God w/all our being (heart, soul, mind & strength) & our neighbor as yourself (anyone in need), again I say WOW, the peace that passes ALL understanding was with me always, right at the top of my nose. Then reading all the prayers & responses in here it hit me even we have to work together to make the world great again. Not just America.! Love GOD & EVERYONE in need with ALL our being.! Amen, Amen& Amen
  • Fredrick odiwuor abuor
    Oh Lord Jesus Almighty i call your name every day to tell what I need in my life and Ways Your my life and ways and my slide way God am still waiting for this long shall I see your help today version your my touch light and my salvation and glory what can I do to make my needs back Into your hands you no whom I am God bless me father of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Moses and light show me your love in Jesus Christ name Amen
  • Head and shoulders
    There is power in the Name of Jesus!

    Since I was very young I had nightmares and images flash in my head sometimes feeling of being watched would overwhelm me at night and I would scream out. I remember coming to age and the understanding of the world.being so painful (my personal life and the wider picture) sometimes I'd feel so out of control and the sadness would feel like my heart was being crushed as if it was a car at a scrap yard. As I became a young adult I would look for distraction from reliving painful mistakes and events in my life I was living with so.much pain and exhaustion from being someone I didn't want to be. one day a friend of mine asked me to join her for church as she was visiting her mum's church and didn't want to go alone. as I joined the church inside I continued to feel uncomfortable and uneasy with the other people finding and distance myself from them.

    The music.started and people started to sing I was reading the words and singing to and I get into it and enjoy the music I felt an odd demention of affiliation to the lyrics I looked over at the people and I saw something in the church although nothing had changed and could not physically see anything. It was as if the breath of the people singing was reaching up to the above and as if the very same.something was reaching down to them and finding the church it was beatiful! It seemed to.move.around the room like a great wind I heard the speaker say the words of Jesus " take my yoke apon you and I shall give you rest, " and it just felt so real to me at that moment I felt a pressure on my heart and chest it's as if the cloud in the room wanted to be in me i.felt as if someone was behind me and in front of me and beside me and it got stronger I have in to this beautiful feeling and I know God with me and still do. Jesus is teaching me and his spirit fills me with love and the father tells me what to do and what will happen. God is really it's nuts
  • Jon Goffaux on John 1
    I have seen the effects of many things, I have learned of God and God's LOVE. I have walked through the valley of death i call life for nearly 70 years now. I often wonder how much easier my life could have been. if only i had listen to GOD and his teachings before now.. I like love God and put all troubles I had to endure on me. I see now that the battles I fought was between the spirits we all have and the spirits that were and and the spirits that are in me. Both good and bad spirits. i thank God for keeping me safe all my life. I thank God for sharing all I ask of HIM, HIS WHISDOM, HIS LOVE, HIS MERCY, HIS HELP! Glory to God forever
  • Anonymous
    I was raised by a Godly Mother who took me to Church and Sunday School, taught me the difference between right and wrong and introduced to JESUS CHRIST. One Sunday morning when I was about nine years old, I went forward during the invitation time and knelt at the altar. I remember a lady praying with me and she told me to confess to GOD that I was a sinner and ask HIM to forgive my sin and ask HIM to save me. That night I was baptized. From that day forward, in my own mind, I believed that I was a Christian. Upon graduating from high school I put my Christian life to the side and went my own way. I got involved in some pretty heavy drug use and began to live a life completely contrary to the way I had been raised. Several years later, I found myself with no job, no money and no place to stay. So I moved back home with my MOTHER. I had nothing but time on my hands and for whatever reason I began to read an old Scofield BIBLE that my Mother had given me for my 16th birthday. The more I read the more the

    HOLY SPIRIT began to convict my heart and slowly but surely convince my mind that I had never given my heart and my life to GOD I had only been through the motions. So there in my bedroom on a Tuesday evening 8/5/75 around 7:25 I gave my life to CHRIST. At the time I was smoking 4 packs of Kool Filter Kings a day. I asked the LORD to help me give up that nasty habit - I did not want to be a hypocrite. PRAISE GOD FROM THAT DAY UNTIL THIS I HAVE NEVER SMOKED ANOTHER CIGARETTE NOR DONE ANY MORE OF ANY KIND OF DRUG. My Christian life has been far from perfect but at this point in my life I start and end every day spending a little time reading my BIBLE and praying. I make an effort to ask every person I come in contact with

    " I WONDER DO YOU KNOW THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR? DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOU'RE GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN YOU DIE? The responses I get are varied but I've had many opportunities to share and to pray with folks. OUR GOD IS AWESOME!!!
  • SKR
    I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior Easter Sunday 1994. Since then I have been blessed in so many ways. God is so faithful. One example of his provision that helped build my faith as a new believer... My husband's brother and his wife were struggling to make ends meet and they were unable to make their house payment. We were newly married and were struggling as well, but I had just the amount they needed in my savings account. Without a second thought, we gave them the money to pay their mortgage. That very day I received a refund check for a retainer fee, from a lawyer I had used the year before. It was the same amount of money we had withdrawn from our savings account. The Lord proved to me that very day that when he asks us to give, we need not be afraid. He will take care of us better than we could ever imagine. He has provided for us over and over and over again.

    Our 16 year old son was tragically killed in a car accident in 2012. He had accepted Christ as his savior March 20, 2011, PRAISE GOD! When the police knocked on the door and delivered the news I sat there speechless for a moment. I finally said to them, "If what you are telling me is true, I KNOW where my son is. He is in heaven." I excused myself for a moment and went to my room where I dropped to my knees and prayed. I asked the Lord to give me the courage and the strength to get through this and to give me that "peace that passes all understanding". I believe he did, that very moment. Dealing with such a tremendous loss is something no one wants to go through but I KNOW where he is. He is in the presence of the Lord. I WILL see him again some sweet day. It's been 10 years and I miss him very much. My marriage is stronger than it was before our loss. We have shared his testimony with teens and adults and have had sweet fellowship with other parents in our situation. God has carried us, provided for us, loved us, sheltered us and healed us. Thank You Lord Jesus! Amen
  • Kh4800 on Matthew 1
    Shows genealogy of Joseph who was not the blood father of Jesus.

    I don't know why this is mentioned.

    Why did it not do the same for Mary , who is linked to Jesus by blood.
  • Jonet on Exodus 8
    I am born again and have the spirit of the Lord but for many years I have chosen men that were wrong for me and it became obvious. This morning I sought a specific word from the Lord and can it be he wants to set me free from choosing frogs or from choosing to act like Pharoh? I think I thought that if I kissed them theyd become princes and you know how we ladies like to think we can change a man. We Christians think we can make choices without asking him because we feel something, without taking into account the scripture that says " The heart is the desperately wicked thing" The heart feels this or feels that but God knows. I want to trust my Lord to keep Pharoh and the frogs out of my life. So this morning I "cast my cares over on the Lord for he cares for me." I trust and obey the Lord. Please pray for me.
  • Ray Peters (What's the Bible say about all this? I ran out of space for the on 2 Corinthians 5
    Greetings! I attend a church that I love - the leadership, the goals, and objectives - and I "feel" like I'm on solid ground in general.

    However, the leadership seems to push "speaking in tongues" over the basics of Christianity (e.g., Jesus says the greatest among you will be your servant and our Father in the faith Paul teaches that prophecies will fail, tongues cease, and knowledge will pass away.) Of course, what I'm referring to isn't really "speaking in tongues." It's a private prayer language that is spewed publicly and privately and is regarded as acceptable regardless of occasion and venue.

    What the leadership refers to as "prayer language," serves zero purpose other than a measuring stick for the leadership to separate "the men from the boys" as far who is baptized by the Holy Spirit. So technically, they are not "speaking in tongues." In fact, it reminds me more of the scenario outlined in the story about the Tower of Babel.

    In addition, a goodly sum of the people who use this prayer language and are allegedly baptized by the Holy Spirit have anger issues, they are covenant breakers, and they exhibit issues relating to self control - and the list goes on. So even if what that they are experiencing is "the real deal," a significant number of this "true blue elect" are ostensibly lack luster. The Pastor has even cited a friend who "was baptized in the Holy Spirit," spoke in the prayer language, and yet continued on in a struggle with violent behavior.

    I'm the worship leader in the church. I do not speak the Tower of Babel prayer language, and while I don't own it, I could easily be made to feel like a substandard, 2nd class Christian. My goal is not to focus on anyone's shortcomings as we must all love each other; however, I feel like there is a HUGE inconsistency in what I know for a fact that the Holy Spirit accomplishes vs. the fruit (or lack thereof) that is regularly exhibited by these spiritual he-men who possess this prayer language.
  • Jesus knows
    Please pray for peace, me//family members//our relationships and united fellowship.

    The fight is unbelievable hard. There are many things I don't understand - unanswered questions.

    It feels like I have poured it all out for nothing. Like I'm loosing everything.

    But deep inside I know it can't be true, it's NOT how God is or how He works.

    It's just many emotions and thoughts that runs through me. And at this point I'm exhausted after standing in a long battle.

    If you pray, I'm grateful.

    God bless you in Christ Jesus, amen.
  • Malayaisfaithful
    I was very sinful, i cursed i was getting into fights. I mean i knew God i just didn't have a relationship with Him and I was following after the world. When i moved i was happier then ever, i changed for the better. I then started my relationship with God. I was so happy i spread his word and read my bible and always knew that He was there for me. Then i started slacking I stopped reading my Bible I stopped Praying and i just stopped doing everything that i loved doing. Now I'm just now starting to get back on track with my relationship with God. I love him, with all my heart. He changed me for the better. I also know that some of this stuff doesn't really make sense but as long as it makes since to me and God, It makes since.
  • James A Link
    I have been a porn addict for most of my life saying yes Lord I want you in my life and never following through.I can't remember how many times I have said yes to Jesus Christ and failed him by going back to porn.Im now 71 years old and realized I have wasted so much time to my sinful nature and not given it to God.I have recommitted my life to Jesus Christ and ask the Holy Spirit to make all my moves.For the first time in my life I feel lead by God.
  • Allison Bond

    I am Allison I am the founder of KTLM (Kindness through Letters Mission) a mission I started by myself to encourage and spread God's love to people all over the USA since I started KTLM (Kindness through Letters mission) I am also disabled I have sent over 1,000 letters and cards . I am from Arkansas I love spreading God's love throughout the world

    I started by sending letters to soldiers, prisoners and sick kids my goal with this mission is to bless as many people as I can as I slowly expand this mission into a future non profit as I spread God's love and kindness throughout the world

    God lead me to share my story of my faith based mission KTLM

    have a blessed day


  • Giannis
    Hello dear brothers and sisters.

    Today I' m going to tell you a story.

    A brother in Christ once dreamt a dream. He was in his house and an angel came in and asked him to follow him. The angel was going to show him his house in Heaven. So they both went into Heaven. They went to a place where there was a marvelous house like a palace. The brother thought "Well, this is my house". The angel as though he read his thoughts told him, " No, No, No, this house is not for you, it is for that elderly woman who sits at the back of the church. She is always praying for her brothers and sisters, day and night". The brother got a bit dissapointed. They kept walking until they reached another marvelous house. The brother thought, " Well, this time this house is definitely mine" " No, No, No, said the angel. This belongs to that humble brother who always goes unnoticed in the church. He always runs to meet his brothers needs and he is there to support everybody who is in any sort of need".' Next time the brorher was not now in any hurry to think anything, but the same thing happened. Not his house. I don't remember how many times he said the same thing was repeated but sometime later on they came to see a house which was not bad but it wasn't a villa either. "This is your house" said the angel. The brother collapsed. But he immediately got the message. It doesn't matter what your position is in the church, it doesn't matter how many talents you were given by God to work with them for Him, but it does matter how well and consistent you work for Him. In Heaven we will be surprised to find out that people who we never thought they had any significance, they will actually have a better wage than others who were the famous ones.

    The above story is a real story. The brorher who confessed it to us is the pastor of one of the most significant and crowded reborn congregations in my country. A lesson to be learnt by all of us.

  • Bob211
    WATER BAPTISM - LA Outreach on September 29, 2018, my 38 years of journey became real, took a lot of detours, lots of trials - very hard, mild trials, and not so easy trials, but all in all my Jesus change my life, healed me of many diseases: diabetes, very high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate enlargement, arthritis, heart disease with block arteries. I refused to take my doctors' prescriptions, I was told if I don't I will die, but I kept my faith in JESUS, never took any medication. Now my Jesus healed me completely.

    I learned how to fast and pray. After fasting 11 days absolute, 12th thru 21st day water only fast, 22nd thru 28th day two meals fast November 1 - 28, 2020, a hard trial came to my life: December 2, 2020 my daughter a registered nurse noticed I look sick, tested my oxygen concentration, was 83% normally was 97 - 98%, tested me for COVID-19 - positive, called 911 on me, paramedics took me, I brought my Bible, remembered what our Beloved Evangelist Pastor Wilde E. Almeda, end-time prophet of God, in time of danger, call on Jesus, Hallelujah Praise the Lord, which I did, asked Lord if this is your will, I'm not afraid, willing to die and be with you. However, Lord I'm only 3 years old, a baby Christian in your church, let me live Lord, I want to serve you many more years, now adult choir member.

    By the time I notice, my nurse finished admitting me, I asked her to leave me, provide privacy so I can pray and meditate. She obliged, turned down the lights, I took off my oxygen, prayed, felt the Holy Spirit in me, my eyes closed I could see a big hand over my head, head a voice open my eyes, it was then my nurse entered my room, turned on the lights, found me without oxygen, said, Mr. Malit you're in big trouble, check my oxygen, shake head, checked it again shake head, asked her, what's wrong, said I can't believe it. It's 95% without oxygen. I told her my Jesus healed me, my nurse, doctor couldn't believe what just happened, they don't have to

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