Prayer Requests

  • David Allen on 1 Peter 5
    please keep myself and my daughters and there family in your prayers
  • Da on 1 Peter 5
    Please keep Kristie and myself in your prayers she has been very sick and in pain she had a stint in her bile duct and still has it , pray the Lord heals her
  • Sean M Bradley on 1 Peter 5
    please pray for my wife of 40 years, Donna, as she was given an initial diagnosis skin cancer. waiting for lab results. Thank you, Sean Bradley
  • Kimberly on 1 Peter 5
    I would ask brothers and sisters to pray for my father, who is a minister of the word and currently battling stage 3 cancer, that the Lord would see fit not to bring him home just yet. I would also ask for prayer for my very best friend, who is not only at war with a very serious mental illness, but also believes God will not redeem her. Please pray for both healing and repentance unto life in her.

    Their names are Brad and Sarah. Thank you.
  • David Allen on 1 Peter 5
    please pray for myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there family
  • Da on 1 Peter 5
    please pray for Kristie and myself
  • Pamela Outar on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray for my brother to be set free from alcohol and tobacco additions and my mom healing from diabetes.

    Thank you .
  • Nancy Borntreger on 1 Peter 5
    Prayer is needed for Jim a Drilling Engineer who just collapsed on a rig out in the ocean and was taken to the emergency ward in critical condition and may not make it.
  • Grace on 1 Peter 5
    Asking for prayer for my son and his wife. And for my self seeking healing in our bodies, pray salvation for them both.Be blessed in Jesus name.
  • Chantell Wardlow on 1 Peter 5
    Father, I ask you to break and lose Chantell from the deaf and dumb spirit in Jesus Christ's name.

    I would like the Lord to help me with I stop to worried about things in my life and my family member a lot. I have faith in the Lord listen to my prayers and answer my prayers too. I ask the Lord, I like to my twin brother Matrell feel a good received from my letter and I really hope to he listen to the Lord to save him in his life and him be safe too.
  • Sean M Bradley on 1 Peter 5
    please pray for my wife 40 years, Donna, who was given an initial diagnosis of skin cancer. no other information at this time. Thank you, Sean
  • David A. on 1 Peter 5
    please pray for Kristie she has been very sick
  • John Mac Lellan on Matthew 10:1
    Please pray that I may have sufficient provision from the Lord that I may be fully able to carry out my life so that the precious Holy Spirit may get all the praise and glory Hallelulah. Also I ask that my life be yielded such that it will be available to the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit to assist many lost into the Kingdom of eternal life. As well might there be many set free from infirmities as part of the process of ushering them into salvation and eternal life Amen.
  • Walter Hill on Isaiah 56
    Can we pray for Cod
  • Freda on 1 Peter 5
    I need prayer for the following prayer requests: 1. need a new job working from home doing clerical work now with higher pay and better benefits, off on holidays & weekends/2. need a large money blessing to come to me now to pay off debts/3. need healing in my eyes from cataracts & lasik
  • Crystal on 1 Peter 5
    me and my family. evryones salvation. addiction free.
  • David Allen on 1 Peter 5
    Please keep myself and my Daughters Deanna and Jessica and there family's in your prayers
  • David on 1 Peter 5
    please keep Kristie and myself in your prayers
  • Ronald Callahan on 1 Peter 5
    Prayers for wife she can barely get around both knee's are bone on bone, praying for a healing . I'm dealing with stage 4 prostate cancer praying for a complete healing also.
  • Kiki on Isaiah 56
    I was wondering about healing? I. Glorify of God. Ive been stuck on this for a while not knowing where to look. I was wondering if using oil and herbs and even crystals as healing remedies while praying and etc were okay? Ive been stuck on wanting this answered.
  • Mae on 1 Peter 5
    i am praying for a christian husband who can carry me through in faith until my last breath. thank you.
  • Sandra williams on 1 Peter 5
    asking for prayer to up lift me in doing gods works
  • Danielle Raczkowski on 1 Peter 5
    Can you pray for healing in my marriage. It needs it really bad. Appreciate your prayers!
  • Ifill Sych on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray that the exceedingly wicked reason that I am made to become exceedingly sick before I have NO CHOICE but to go somewhere...please pray that GOD will heal me from all of this sickness now. I live with a Devil-worshiper (not of my choosing), and before I HAVE to leave--I'll become exceedingly tired, sick (to the point of vomiting, barely being able to stand or walk). She's started this up already. She does a LOT of dangerous and bad things to me, but again, I have NO CHOICE but to leave today for victuals (I don't have enough food to last me for the rest of the night/day, let alone the next morning).

    In the past, she's made me so sick, I thought that I'd pass out. In the past, I've vomited uncontrollably (couldn't even hold it until I could get to the restroom's toilet). I could barely walk, and thought that--even once when I trudged through it (again, NO CHOICE, just kept praying to the LORD, as I thought I was going to pass out and need an ambulance--thankfully GOD heard my prayers and kept me from passing out in the past), weeks later, when I'd come back to that same vehicle (that I'd left out in). I opened the door to it, and immediately was hit with INSTANT sickness. It's some sort of gas or something she fills my living quarters up with or toxin, because as SOON as I opened the car door--WEEKS LATER--I was hit with instant sickness.

    Please pray that GOD will not allow her to sicken me today. She's caused my hair to fall out (all types of hair on my body--scalp, eyelashes, and other body hair) to the touch, and just on it's on (eyelashes just falling out to my cheek or onto my little desk), etc.

    Please pray GOD heal me of the toxins she's already started with today, so that I can leave. Please pray GOD will PLEASE tell me of a safe place that I may go to today, that I not have to live in this Satanic, abusive, and toxic (physically and emotionally/spiritually) situation. PLEASE HELP ME by asking CHRIST's Father to deliver me from Satan's KIDS
  • Matthew on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray for God's guidance for me and my family and to help us in our mental health.
  • David A. on 1 Peter 5
    please pray for Kristie and me , please pray the LORD give Kristie the strength and courage to face what is before her and to say and do what she must , please pray that the walls that separate be removed once and for all
  • Nancy Borntreger on 1 Peter 5
    Pray for Jim a widower and Drilling Engineer who is on a rig 500 miles out in the ocean and cannot access his bank account. He needs financial help to get an airline ticket to fly home and will pay the person back whatever he owes them.
  • KEVIN ERICKSON on 1 Peter 5
    Please Pray for my wife Jenny and myself. My wife was in a car accident in 2018 of may. Airbag blew up in her face. She was burned from her head and hands also her front of body. We also found out that day she has Chiari Malformation in her Brain. Her whole family has it. She has had a hard time with woman things that shouldn't have to take 5or7 years . Menopause post, Perry. Every pause possible. She got scoliosis in the spine from laying down for 2 years. Bed rest for 3 years. It's like I'm living by myself. Holy Spirit touchand restore my wife back to me please in the name of J Jesus. The Malformation really effects her body. Please pray for complete healing from head tto toes. She has had a mini stroke that dropped her face God healed that she looks like the woman I married 14years ago.Amen and AMEN. For myself I was in a car accident also. I was rearended going to work from being off of work cause I got Covid on the job and bought it home to her. The Chiari made the virus worse on her. So it would seem the advisory is throwing darts at us. I ask for prayer on my whole body. We both have had concussions for a couple of years. The acc caused all of my surgeries to my body flare up. The holy Spirit knows all about us . Sorry I wrote a book about us. Please forgive me. We both have chronic pain. So pray for healing so we can get off of opiates. Thank you so much for listening. Hallaluya Praise GOD for his Loving Son JESUS CHRIST our Savior. Thank you again KEVIN and JENNY ERICKSON. May God bless you all for your patience and Prayers.
  • Steven Torres on 1 Peter 5
    Love life health fellings prosperity
  • Steven Torres on Ecclesiasticus 8
    Would love help praying i feel alone

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