Prayer Requests

  • Akinjide Shamsudeen Agboola
    Dear Prophet of God ,

    I need a Powerful Urgent intercessory prayer to BREAK the ROOTS of POVERTY in my Life, Careers & Livelihoods.

    To attract Miracle Transfer Of Money 1 m in Nigeria Naira Note, to ease my means of Life & Livelihood.

    Thanks for your prayers.

    NB : very extremely important.
  • Jake
    Please pray for the families of the over 11 now dead in the USA from taking the experimental covid injection some pretend is a vaccine. More than half a million having adverse affects from it, blood clots, infertility, heart problems. It is absolutely horrifying to see what has been done to the vulnerable and the healthy in our society. The government should not be pushing a non-FDA approved experimental anything on people. We have never seen so much death or lies or oppression like this before. Some don't even believe this many people have died- but it's all been recorded in the open vaers website which comes direct from CDC with no political filter. Hearing the truth through the noise of propaganda can save someone's life. People are so blinded by fake news they sometimes can't even discern or agree on what is true anymore. Pray!
  • Carol
    Pray for simon and myself need jobs on part time and we are happy to study Bible college under Victory Life Bbile Training Centre sponsor

    We need your prayers to have Deaf bible study and prayer group at our place one day will have deaf church as myself pastor. thanks prayer will be so appreicated.
  • David Allen
    please continue to pray for myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families
  • Sally
    Please pray for my husband Felix for salvation and our marriage also deliverance from alcohol that he would show love compassion respect kindness towards me our LORD to work a miracle in his life thank you for praying
  • Stanley
    I want you to pray for my Spiritual life.
  • Dale K Van Buren
    Physical and Spiritual Healing: From the true one and only proper "Physician; God!!! {PLEASE}
  • David
    Please pray for Kristie and myself, please pray the Lord give her the strength and courage to do and to say what she much to get past what is before her, this is wearing on me , it has got to change
  • David Allen
    please keep myself and my family in your prayers
  • Omar Trigo
    Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

    My Prayer Request is that OUR LOVE GOD JEHOVAH, THE MOST SINCERE LOVE, May Enter the Deepest of My Love Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit and Body, so JESUS CHRIST Bless Me Paying Me 1 Trillion Dollars Every Day of My Wealthy Life, in order for Me to Love JEHOVAH, this Very Moment, the Way HE Wants to Be Loved, Perfectly and Completely, Constantly and Eternally.

    Thanks a lot!

    Blessings from THE FATHER to You All,

    Omar Trigo.
  • Angela
    Please pray for me as I get ready to go into work this weekend. I need a restful night of sleep so I can be energized to take care of my patients. I can't sleep because I'm afraid: afraid of getting sick, bringing COVID home to my family, or accidently infecting my non-COVID patients. I'm also scared because the acuity level of the patients is so high. Please pray for my patients. Please pray that if any should deteriorate, God will give me the presence of mind to act quickly and skillfully. Also, please pray that my coworkers and I will have time to eat, hydrate, and use the bathroom. Please pray that despite our heightened stress levels, my coworkers and I will treat each other with love and respect. Thank you.
  • Stephanie V
    Thank you so much for your prayers! My appointments went well! God is good! Please continue to pray for future appointments that I have, and that I will be completely healthy! Thank you so much and may God bless you!
  • David Allen
    please keep myself and my family in your prayers
  • Trenisha
    My son is 26 yrs old and he's on heroine. Myself and family members have been doing our best to get him help and to get him to admit that he has an addiction. He stayed in rehab one day and left. He's been to jail several times, steals from family and businesses. As his mother it's so heartbreaking. I pray to God everyday several times a day to hear my prayer for him to remove this demon from my son but to let His will to be done. I give my son over to God but I still worry about him when I haven't heard from him in a few days. I can't function right. It's so hard to go by when you know that your child is like that. You don't know if he's alive or not. Hungry. Where he's sleeping. Please pray for us. Especially him cause when he's good I can rest peacefully. Thank you so much. God bless
  • David Allen
    please keep myself and daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families in your prayers ,, thank you and may GOD bless you
  • Free
    Thank You Lord Christ Jesus for all things You have done possible for me and all they who Belive in Your Kingdom. The Holy Ghost is here all over the website, in those spirit who dont stand down, but belive in You thru everything. Thank You Lord Jesus that You have done wonderfully things for Your ppl. And You have not forgotten any of them. You will fulfill Your Word. And i'll pray for Jerusalem, and all of you who are there. That You Lord Jesus come with Your blessings like it said in the Holy Bible. Thank You Lord that You Bless all the people who want too stand up for You. Ill Love Your society and too be with You Forever and forever. Amen
  • Omar Trigo
    Beloved brothers and sisters:

    my prayer request is that our wealthy god jehovah, the wealthiest, may enter the deepest of my love mind, heart, soul, spirit and body, so jesus christ create me blessed by jehovah with all jesus christ's power to create 1 trillion dollars every day of my wealthy life, in order for me to be able to build jehovah's authentic house of cult to jesus christ as he commands us in his delicious bible to love jehovah, this very moment, the way he loves himself, perfectly and completely, constantly and eternally.

    thanks a lot!

    blessings from the father to you all,

    omar trigo.
  • Robin Bernard
    Lord, I come to you for your help. Please hear my urgent cry and keep me safe and protected from all demons and evil spirits sent my way to harm me, keep me safe in your protective shield so that no harm can come to me and help me to get my documents and status in order.Lord I am in dire need for your help, I have negative energy following me around and I need to be kept safe and punish those who tell lies about me and want to harm and destroy my life. Lord I am alone and I need you by my side. Please hear my cry and help me in this time of dire need. Amen.
  • Debbie
    I ask for prayer of strenght.. my health is weaken.. that i may keep doing all GODS WORKS,, AMEN THANK YOU
  • David Allen
    please continue to pray for myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families , thank you and may GOD bless you
  • Lena
    Prayers for my brother Buddy-has stage 3 cancer in his lungs and stage 4 cancer in his ribs

    God be with him . Amen
  • Kimberly Kenney on Revelation 13
    I have been a Christian for over 21 years, and during, and when I was transferred into the Police Department, I illegally became a targeted victim, and my private home was illegally break-in entering, and I was illegally put under, and there was an illegal criminal brain procedure was illegally done against my will, my physical brain have been illegally subjected with wireless electrical brain implants, and now my physical brain have been completely wired against my will. And in the Bible this is against God's Biblical Word. And I have been trying to Outlaw this crime, and the Higher State Officials, and Local Law Enforcement, and other State Agencies are illegally covering up this crime. What do I need to do. I will not give up, until they are exposed, No Justice, No Peace. And now my Christianity have been weakness.
  • Pillay govindamah
    My son and daughter-in-law have covid. God has been good in so far helping them. Two days ago he broke out into hives all over his body. He couldnt walk. Right now he cannot wear socks on his feet because it is swollen. His fingers ,face , head are also swollen. Doctors dont know what it is. I did communion with him and found that the swelling on his hand begin to come down. God has begun a work I beleive if more people pray he will get better sooner than expected.His business has gone into debt rescue. Pray for new doors to open and new clients to come on board. Pray for the financial need of the business. Pray for trustworthy people to work for him.Due to the pandemic my childrens business are suffering . Pray for restoration and all their financial needs to be met.pray for restoration of our economy in South Africa.I will God all the glory and praise for answering all my prayers. Thank you
  • Art
    In September 2020 women in Pensacola FL. admitted to branding little kids with Satans' beast mark and have been cursing the Holy Spirit of God publicly and has since gotten much worse as they lie to outsiders. Please ask God to send the Holy Ghost!
  • Lena
    Prayers for Lizzy -she has a calling on her life to become an Emergency Room Nurse

    She has just began LPN classes-the struggle is hard to get all of it paid for-I am standing in

    the gap for her, I know nothing is impossible with God-please stand with me as we believe

    Her tuition for school is already paid in full. in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

  • Deborah on Philippians 4
    I have a very dear friend who has just found out he has stage 4 liver cancer. I have prayed and asked God for a miracle.
  • Stephanie V
    Please pray that my two appointments go very well this week. Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
  • Joy
    About 2 weeks ago, I needed prayers for a new job. Prayers have been answered "Praise the Lord". I need prayers for my husband to clear up his sickness. He been sick with a sinus problem or allergies. Thanks for all the prayers. God Bless.
  • David Allen
    please continue to keep myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families lifted up in prayers
  • Ash
    I have a burden in my heart for someone I love. They need to feel the love and salvation power of Jesus. I pray the strongholds of the devil are taken away form their life. I love them dearly.

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