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6/24/2019, 2:00am - Prayer request by "Fonda":
"Please pray for my mom. She is bleeding internally and she needs prayer. It is in a inoperable place and has to stop so they doctor can work on the other things.please pray for GOD to guide the doctor"Pray    

6/24/2019, 1:05am - Prayer request by "Maureen Guevara":
"Extraordinary extras blessings today lord special favors today lord for money to pay for the repo of our car and the light and gas bills. As ll the bills lord favors please lord.thank you jesus Amen"Pray    

6/24/2019, 1:01am - Prayer request by "Please pray for my books to be sold. We need to get a new roof house repair. Mo":
"Help lord we can't work because of illness and so much bills we are fighting to keep our home. Lord jesus send my son Stephen Guevara and me financial help !so we can have a piece of today."Pray    

6/24/2019, 12:50am - Prayer request by "Maureen Guevara":
"Prair needs for my son Stephen Guevara healing from kidney and psoriasis transplant. The weakness in his 2legs and for him to be able to remember what he trying to study. His short term memory. Heal l"Pray    

6/23/2019, 6:43pm - Prayer request by "Diana":
"I lost my husband tragically Nov 14, 2017 while we were celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. That would have been on Nov. 13, 2017. He apparently had brain cancer. Merry just want to die!!"Pray    

6/23/2019, 2:30am - Prayer request by "Rusty":
"I'm dealing with trust issues and I can't find myself a good church home because of it. I keep my standards so high that it makes it hard to do so. What can i do to fix this problem"Pray    

6/22/2019, 5:09pm - Prayer request by "Andrew L.":
"Can you please pray for my friend Bill F.he is battling bladder cancer.He has two more treatments to go.Then in August he will find out if his cancer has spread.Please pray the cancer has not spread ."Pray    

6/22/2019, 6:40am - Prayer request by "Delores Mitchell Hall":
"Healing from breast cancer and everything with it, including side effects from chemo, radiation and prescriptions. Complete restoration of health, faith finances, sound mind clean heart."Pray    

6/22/2019, 2:56am - Prayer request by "Patricia":
"Please Lord, have mercy on the children at the border of our blessed nation who are being treated pitifully. Give us the strength to help them as our brothers and sisters in your Love."Pray    

6/21/2019, 5:02pm - Prayer request by "Cece Nonamou":
"I want you to be in prayer with me for me and my family lives that the Lord Our God will open door for me and my family, strength us to known Him for our-self"Pray    

6/21/2019, 2:35pm - Prayer request by "RAQUEL GUDA":
"Father god i bless thy holy name and ask that you will stop the insults of those of foreign origin and make them my footstool and to sit down in the dust of the land and i believe ,release holy power."Pray    

6/21/2019, 9:15am - Prayer request by "Nzanbeni":
"Lord I come to you and kneel before repent all my sins and I have decided to follow uJesus,please pray for my family for healing and good health for family for all this I ask in Jesus mighty name Amen"Pray    

6/20/2019, 10:15am - Prayer request by "Belinda":
"Please pray for my family, and the evilness in this world. To bring pray and GOD,CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT back into the families, school, places. And to pray for the peace of Israel."Pray    

6/19/2019, 2:01pm - Prayer request by "Andrew L.":
"Please pray for me for reassurance of my Salvation.And for some relief from the mental problems i am currently suffering with.Please pray for my friend Boe T.for salvation and deliverance from liquor."Pray    

6/19/2019, 9:14am - Prayer request by "annette jakubac":
"please pray for me and my husband that we will find a church to go to and that my husband will gain salvation through the lord Jesus Christ and that I will be totally healed from sickness."Pray    

6/18/2019, 1:33pm - Prayer request by "VIRGINIA Padgett JENKINS":
"Bless me with real mega income to pay all my bills, help my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren live the best decent holy life to know morals live as creator celestial god made us to live."Pray    

6/18/2019, 9:15am - Prayer request by "Ravi gadgey":
"Please pray for my family"Pray    

6/18/2019, 8:09am - Prayer request by "judie Foster":
"I would like for you to pray for me gracefully, financially, and faithfully through my times if distress. My life has been through a lot of trials and tribulations. That I need more prayer and faith."Pray    

6/18/2019, 7:00am - Prayer request by "Tonya Jenkins":
"Help me not to commit suicide"Pray    

6/18/2019, 5:44am - Prayer request by "marlin D stewart":
"i need prayer healing strength for me my family"Pray    

6/17/2019, 10:21pm - Prayer request by "CL":
"Please pray for me. Ending my life is the only way to escape the pain I can't get rid of."Pray    

6/17/2019, 6:18pm - Prayer request by "Deborah McCurtis":
"pray with me for a financial blessing. I thank God from hearing my prayer please answer as your child is hurting"Pray    

6/17/2019, 6:15pm - Prayer request by "Deborah McCurtis":
"Please pray with me that God grant me grace, mercy, and favor. I am so back up in my finances that I can't seem get ahead or stay afloat. I feel I am sinking fast and can't see my way out."Pray    

6/17/2019, 10:46am - Prayer request by "Beth":
"Please pray for me. My 19 yr old son died 1 8 19. I know he was saved and his life was a testament to that. But I am having a hard time understanding how God could allow my beautiful son to go."Pray    

6/17/2019, 8:33am - Prayer request by "Linda":
"Please ask god to restore my name and peace, and destroy this yoke and bondage over my life.Please god to reveal the enemy and allow his rightness and justice over my life"Pray    

6/17/2019, 12:04am - Prayer request by "Jennine":
"Please pray for all my grandchildrens salvation."Pray    

6/15/2019, 12:28pm - Prayer request by "[email protected]":
"Thank Jesus with me for all He is doing for Chris right now. And for the provision he is going to receive. For your glory Lord. Amen."Pray    

6/14/2019, 5:02am - Prayer request by "Karen":
"Prayer for Marriage restoration for me and my husband. No divorce in Jesu Name Amen no jobless for me or m family."Pray    

6/13/2019, 8:43pm - Prayer request by "Mary Brown":
"Seeking prayer for my marriage, I need the to Lord to intervene we need to do a miracle a lot strife hurtful words have spoken on both end, I dont know if my husband love or respect me anymore, help"Pray    

6/13/2019, 6:01am - Prayer request by "Paul":
"please said a prayer for me I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, I am grateful every blessing."Pray    

6/13/2019, 1:07am - Prayer request by "Chris":
"Pray for my salvation..I have been afflicted with anxiety and insomnia...I ask for deliverance from the the wicked one and into the loving arms of God and his beloved son Jesus... I love you Lord and all your beautiful children...ah men..!!"Pray    

6/12/2019, 4:11am - Prayer request by "Ruth":
"Seeking prayer for my daughter. She is Living seeing a man who is 17 yrs older divorced child. Please pray how the Lord leads you. I want her to find the man God intends for her live a godly life."Pray    

6/11/2019, 10:14am - Prayer request by "Adam":
"Dear God, please bless the people in this community. Please grant them wisdom and understanding of your Word. Please strengthen us and guide us through good times and bad. Use us for your glory."Pray    

6/10/2019, 10:26pm - Prayer request by "Melissa neff":
"I pray I get wisdom and that the stroms I'm in GOd delivers me from any evil shall not come upon my life and I shall prosper through him and his son and give him the glory forever and ever amen"Pray    

6/10/2019, 4:17pm - Prayer request by "Vonnie Edwards":
"Asking for prayer for my daughter in laws.God knows why.An for my sons an husband too.An for me .Life is hard at times.An also for my co-workers. An for me to be able to continue to care for mother."Pray    

6/10/2019, 4:33am - Prayer request by "Agnes Mathembo Nduli":
"please pray for me, i desere to join university but i don't have school fee and my parents can't afford. Am trusting God to provide."Pray    

6/08/2019, 11:37am - Prayer request by "Adam":
"Asking for wisdom and strength to best serve others through ministry."Pray    

6/08/2019, 11:04am - Prayer request by "Dwna":
"for all four of my Son's grandchildren's and me being ALONE broken hearted. My oldest Twin is astray, feels as though no one loves him, maybe I am wrong. but I haven't been a good mom. cry a lot."Pray    

6/08/2019, 9:56am - Prayer request by "Louise":
"My husband suffered many forms of "attacks" in recent years on our business its affected our personal lives very badly know its only through prayer and God grace that we can get through this."Pray    

6/08/2019, 1:25am - Prayer request by "TUNDE EZEKIEL":
"Please pray in my behalf i believe god can do it for me"Pray    


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