Prayer Requests

  • Renea skovron
    Father in heaven hollow be thy name please find me a place to live soon. Lord in your mercy hear my prayers in the powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen
  • Renea
    Dear God please let my yorkie be able to have bowel movement today, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen
  • Magnolia on Psalms 86
    Pray for me and my family to be filled. Bible says those who thirst after righteousness shall be filled.

    Thank you.
  • Jeremiah
    Can you pray for my mental health.
  • Marv
    Prayers for friend who is homeless but has friends and family who she could stay with but choose not to
  • Ronald Retzloff
    I pray on this day of atonement that I may be forgiven of the many sins that I have commited throughout my past. I pray that I live to see the goodness in others that I love and cherish. Dear Father, I pray that after forgiveness of my sins that you take me. I no longer have anything to offer even to those that I love and cherish. Through Jesus Christ I Pray. Amen.
  • David Allen
    please remember myself and my daughters Deanna and Jessica and there families today in your prayers , please remember my lost co workers ,
  • Barbara
    Oh my Lord Jesus, My daughter has three babies under 7 yrs of age. and they are homeless with no vehicle. Lord guide us to find a home she can afford. the cold is coming soon. Please keep them warm and safe. I love you my mighty Lord and I have faith you will answer my prayers. Thank you Jesus.
  • Rod
    Please pray for my complete healing. Your prayers for me is very much appreciated.
  • Bryan K Woods
    I would like prayer to find a suitable job close to home pays well good benefits and compensation, working day hours.
    I desire prayer for my neice and her family. i don't know the situation but god does. she called me yesterday and asked that we have prayer. please pray for her and her family. her mother just died in the month of august. please pray also for my brothers that god's will be done in their lives. and pray for me and my family. may god bless each of you. thanks!
  • David Allen
    please pray for myself and my daughters today and there families please remember my lost coworkers
  • Prentiss
    Pray for me that the Lord strengthens my mind, so that I am more resilient and steadfast in my faith and ultimately my full walk with Christ. Please, pray also for all the members of my immediate family (including first uncles, aunties, and cousins) in the same manner. I also ask that God keeps my grandparents within his grace, so that when the day comes they will be with Jesus in Heaven.
  • Amy
    Please pray for the safety and protection of our family. Our neighbors are bringing hazards
  • Anna
    Thank You Jesus for all the testimonies of Salvation, Deliverance, and Healing to come.

    By Your grace, for Your glory.Alleluia.

    Strengthen us Lord.

    Hebrews 10:19 kjv: Having therefore, brethren,boldness to enter

    into the holiest by the blood of Jesus,
  • David Allen
    please continue to keep myself and daughters and there families in your prayers today please remember my lost co workers
  • A
    Please pray for healing miracle supernatural protection for my daughter LH she had surgery 2 weeks ago the respiratory stomach intestinal infection is back for my husband myself children grandchildren mother sisters and their families for Rosy Lino several health problems finances for marriage restoration for my son thank you
  • Bettie Jean Deluna
    pray that i will find a job ...... been looking and all doors seem closed.... don't have money to pay electric or buy food and no assistants in help can not get to the people it is all on computer.... they said i do quilify but no check and no one is saying come in .... this needs GOD'S help...
  • Waveney B Bishop
    Please pray for Glendon who has been diagnosed with the covid 19 virus, is in hospital receiving treatment, that he may respond to the treatment given. For my niece and his relatives that they may have the strength to endure and faith to trust in God for the best outcome. Also for all the medical team who are caring for these patients. May God here our prayer and answer.
  • Simiyu shedrack
    pray for my destiny
  • Wendy
    Pray for us to come out of lockdown. Go to level 2. Amen
  • David Allen
    please remember myself and my daughters and there families in you prayers today, please also remember my lost coworkers
  • Milton
    Good Health
  • April
    Please pray for the Lord's presence, hope, love, grace, mercy, help, blessing, favor, annointing, deliverance, complete healing , salvation, peace, comfort, provision, increased finances, promotions, good health, success, acceptance from others, respect & agape love from others, safety and God's rescue and hedge of protection and Warring Angels around me, my children, my grandkids, our homes, cars, jobs, churches, health, minds, lives relationships, marriages, businesses & for God protect and save all my children and grandchildren and me and fight all our battles and for God to bless me with a house to own that is big enough to accommodate me, and the desires of my heart being fulfilled, and a saved sanctified man of God that would treat me as Jesus would the Church & to care and protect me, respect and love me, be faithful, committed and marry me & stay married until Jesus comes in the rapture. Prayer for us to find a good Bible based church with true leaders of God, for God to protect us and give us all peace for us in Jesus Name.
  • Earl
    My prayer request is that my family will be healed and. I hope that My faith will grow to Christ
  • Patricia Williams
    Prayers for help with alcohol and drugs
  • Alana Swim
  • David Allen
    please remember myself and my daughters and there family today in your prayers please remember my co workers
  • Nadine Boles
    My prayer request is that this country will submit themselves back to our Lord and Savior and that we as a nation will stand up and preserve the laws of the land (the constitution) so that our children will inherit the fruit as promised from our Lord and Savior.
  • Solomon
    I have decided to to give my life to give my life to our savior Jesus Christ. He alone is capable of saving me, and able to offer me salvation. Thank You Jesus for Your saving grace Amen

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