Prayer Requests

  • Noah - 3 hours ago
    I ask you please remember me in your prayers when you have the time, I've been feeling a troubled feeling in my heart recently and I don't know if I feel like I need to repent or not but it's a feeling I can't shake. I ask you please remember me and God bless you all.
  • Lena - 15 hours ago
    please pray that ALL of my siblings can become born again and for ALL of my relatives and ALL of my step-relatives and please pray that EVERY christen including me can grow in our spiritual life and that we can do work for god and do whatever he wants us to do please pray that his will be done and in Jesus ALMIGHTY name! thanks, may my ALMIGHTY and LOVING God bless you all.
  • Uncle of autistic nephew - 15 hours ago
    Hi everyone, I'd like to ask for prayer for my nephew who I believe is being neglected and abused by his father. My nephew has autism and cannot fully take care of himself and his father is his legal caretaker. Why the court would allow his father to do this, I do not know.. since his father has been in trouble with the law quite a few times. Thank you for your prayers, God bless.
  • David Allen - 20 hours ago
    Please remember me and my daughters and their families today in your prayers Please remember the McCallister family in your prayers they lost their son in a plane crash Friday morning
  • Grovenia C Downs - 1 day ago
    I need complete healing for myself & these love one's.

    Grovenia Downs

    Bis. Charles Blake

    Bis T.D. Jakes

    Yvonne Finley

    Barbara Odesneze

    Muhammad a neighbor

    Shauna Moten

    Joyce Fisher

    Alberta Downs family

    Harriet Collier

    Norma Jean Ross

    Mickey Ross

    Liz Johnson

    Kavin Crawford

    Ernestine Bison

    Lou Pride
  • David - 1 day ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • Anna - 2 days ago
    Psalm 61 kjv, Philippians 4:7 kjv.
  • Francisco Segredo Rocha - 2 days ago
    I prayer for financial breackthruogh for payment of all my financial debt of almot USD$3,000.00 , payment of scammed debt
  • Janew_7112 - 2 days ago
    Please pry for my daughter Brandi. Shes in jail for a DUI. Pray that God will get ahold of her, and she will have a heart for God.
  • Terry - 2 days ago
    PRAYERS TO HEAL AND DESTROY DIABETES. & heart disease. & stroke, & Cancer.. & Pray for People who Back, & Hip. & Body Hurting. & Pray For People for Healing who has C 19 In Jesus Christ Name... Pray for the Doctors, & Care keeper., Pray Healing For People who has Bad eye's In Jesus Christ Name I Pray .PRAYERS TO God HEAL AND DESTROY DIABETES. & heart disease. & stroke, & Cancer. Pray for the Doctors, & Care keeper., Pray Healing For People who has Bad eye's In Jesus Christ Name I Pray. Amen. Pray for USA Troops In Jesus Pray Healing For every One who has neuropath Feet And Legs . In The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Christ Name I Pray, Amen
  • Natalie - 2 days ago
    It's been a year since I've had a car, I've been trying for over 10 years to get a house and trying to save money, as a single mom has been so difficult. I need a special prayer and for got to reveal what's blocking me? And wanna be a better person over all and continue to have a relationship with GOD! Please pray for me
  • Terry - 2 days ago
    Colossians 1:27

    "To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:"

    Pray for USA, & Jew's Nation. In The Name of Jesus Christ
  • David Allen - 2 days ago
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers
  • Shoha - 3 days ago
    Thank you everyone for your support. For the kind words and prayers. I wish you all strength and courage to do good, I wish you all blessings from God and wish you success in every act of kindness of yours, I wish you success in getting through all your financial issues, health problems. May God help you and all of us in our everyday life.

    I would also kindly ask you to pray for me, to help me find out who I am and what am I supposed to be in this life. I am lost, I don't know what I can and who am I. So if you could, mention me in your prayers so God helps me figure out what should I do, and what do I do best and what is my purpose. Thank You very much.
  • E. - 3 days ago
    Overwhelmed. Asking for extra strong protection, intervention and breakthrough for us and all in need as well as for much more love, joy, peace, strength, wisdom, guidance, discernment and to walk in the authority and the power of the Lord. Asking for us and all in need. Thank you.
  • Daniel - 3 days ago
    I want you all to pray for me and my family,for protection and financial upliftment, secondly my elder brother who is based in Uk that God almighty protect and favour him.
  • David Allen - 3 days ago
    Please remember my daughter and their families today in your prayers please pray for me
  • Husband doing his best - 3 days ago
    Hi, I would like prayer for my marriage, but to be honest I'd like prayer for me even more. I cannot lie about that. I've done my best to minister to my wife and forgive, and I'm always the one apologizing.. but while I'm doing my best to be a better man it seems like she's doing her best to push the boundaries of what she can say or do against God. Her words and actions are getting worse by the day. She is constantly cursing at me and making rude comments about my appearance or my actions. I am the one who's mostly taking care of the home and I am working extra hours. I am doing my best to listen to her constantly while she's in a good mood and putting my own feelings second or flat out not talking about how I feel at all because it upsets her. I cannot live like this I need fervent prayer please.
  • Laban Edwards - 3 days ago
    Pray for me so God can change my life and save me to serve Jesus Christ faithfully
  • Martha Stephanus - 4 days ago
    I have prayer request my father in heaven, I ask for your forgiveness for my trespasses and the trespasses of those who trespassed against me and my family, I am grateful for everything you have done for me and for keeping me and my family safe and protected. Please father grant my husband freedom from the chains of consequence he has learned his lesson , I promise you father , you put your son in my hands to be his wife to be his protector and caregiver yes I understand my role I am making you a promise today that if you send your MIGHTY angel GABRIEL or also the strongest one that we call SERAFIM just for today to go watch over my Adam as he sleep and protect him through all the bad and darkness of the night like the candle light please FATHER It would fill me with joy please protect my ADAM my husband and your son my word is kept from my side and I know your WORD is unbroken ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am forever in Debt of you my father when you're ready for my services GOD your servant is ready to be of service! AMEN.
  • Matthew - 4 days ago
    Jesus thank you for the growing relationship and faith I have with you thank you for your spirit with me that fills me love hope and healing. Jesus please hear the prayers of our family in need of your love and healing. Please rescue those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol with your love that saved me and gave me new life with you and love for my self. Please help me to connect with the spouse you have to share my new life together. Please guide me in finding a safe clean affordable apartment. Jesus thank you for the veterans home and the many blessings that I am so greatfull for.
  • Lauraford - 4 days ago
    lordcontinue to give me strength trusting that all my battles are in your hands
  • Daniel Chrzanowski - 4 days ago
    Snoring makes me feel tired the whole day and it causes hypertension so in order to work and take care of my 3 little children I need healing we are healed by His stripes so let us pray and rebuke that condition, command the fatigue to leave and tiredness to withdraw, join me in prayer for good health and full recovery in the Mighty Name of Jesus' Christ of Nazareth
  • Rhonda - 4 days ago
    Please pray for my son fighting drug addiction. I don't know how to help him other than pray. He says he wants to be sober. He goes to church, he is struggling. Pray gods will and protection over his heart health mind and body. Pray for me to have the right words to encourage him. I seem to say the wrong things when I am just trying to help.
  • David Allen - 4 days ago
    Please Pray for my daughters and their families, Please pray for me
  • Soph - 5 days ago
    Please i need prayers for my spouse and my marriage and a continious divine intimacy with God.
  • Cody S. - 5 days ago
    Will y'all keep me in your prayers I'm facing hip core Decompression surgery soon Also I haven't been sleeping good either.
  • Terry - 5 days ago
    pray for the troops
  • David Allen - 5 days ago
    please remember me and my daughters and their families today in your prayers
  • E. - 6 days ago
    Asking for the Lord to lead us out of our "Egypt" and overcome the tyranny of our "Pharaoh". Decades of prayer, fasting, others praying, deliverance ministry and still so much spiritual bondage, besetting sins, fruitlessness, stagnation. Father grant true repentance and liberation in all the areas that bind us, where there are strongholds and heal soul and heart wounds. Remove generational curses. Glorify your Son in our lives. Fight our battles and protect us. Save those who are not saved. Asking all these things for us and for all those who are struggling in a similar manner.

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