Prayer Requests

  • Gabriel Beaven
    Thank you but I don't think that is going to help me thinking about giving up on the whole praying thing. It's been rough for me. It's one reality after another. Let me ask you. How would you feel if you lost it all. You don't think about that do you? No instead you focus on what you have. It's like the story of job. You have to ask yourself sometimes. A God that is suppose to be so loving and caring and one that doesn't want to see His children hurt so such a thing. I find myself asking how on earth that ever came to be. I try my hardest to keep the Sabbath day and end up with well that's not going to get you to Heaven. God forgets your sins yet you will be judged. If God forgets then how can He judge. Doesn't make sense does it? You may think I'm crazy but I'm at a standstill. I wouldn't go back to the old because I saw what that did to me. It changes you. I keep hearing this knock at the door of my spirit saying don't give in don't give up. When I don't see a sign. It's all I'm asking for. I hope you pray for me that God gives me a sign about her. It's racked my brain for so long now. I have all the information I need I just don't know when exactly or where or how it's even going to happen. Im still here and I don't know why.
  • Eric Nkengayih Atembe
    - Please i need prayer for deliverance

    - Financial breakthrough

    - Intensify my fellowship with the holyspirit
  • Anna
    Be encouraged in Jesus name.

    Isaiah 55:11 kjv: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth:

    it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish

    that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing

    whereto I send it.
  • LOGAN THE PORN ADDICT on Genesis 1
    I have stage four cancer please pray for me!!!!!
  • David Allen
    please remember me in your Prayers today
  • Gabriel Beaven
    God I'm ready to give up. I'm ready to just say that's it and be done with it all. Am I really destined for hell. Should I really be suffering this long. God I know I'm a bad person I know I have said some messed up things that I should have never ever uttered from my mouth and in doing so am now living in utter hell. Everyday is a reminder of how bad I screwed up a relationship a love that I wanted so much. Why don't you just save me the time and turn your back as you said you would do in the Bible. I prayed for her to come back Gabby. Nothing not a sign not a wonder not anything just utter pain and despair and hopelessness.
  • Jeanie
    Please pray for my husband. Gordon has cancer. He is trying hard to be a righteous man. At times his spirit is low. Please ask your churches to keep him in their prayers. Thank you and God bless!
  • Ruth
    Pray my sons are covered by God protection from the enemy. Pray they have peace love a joy in the lives now. Rebuke Satan and his Host. God don't let them be plucked from your hand. Help me oh Lord.
  • Suze
    Just to let all you kind souls out there know ,my step dad finally consented to go into hospital today , I am very relieved , thanks so much to you all , much love in Christ .
  • Ruth Lennon on 3 John 1
    I'm very suicidal and unfortunately I have fought every demon tooth and nail and I still can't escape the thought of wanting to end my life .Thank you God bless
  • Gideon
    Good day lord, I pray for my life and the life of my family.

    Lord you know me well, I'm a hustler {street boy}, please see me through so i can make my family happy.

    Bless me, my family, my friends.

    As i continue to hustle, lord please be with me and guard me on the right path.

    Lord i know i've committed a lot of sins, knowingly and unknowingly, forgive me and wash away my bad deeds for i've chosen to put you first before my work.

    As I'm not around, lord protect my family.

  • David Allen
    please pray for me
  • Chamalle Hamilton
    You ever felt like giving up, you're fighting so hard to make a difference to achieve a lot of goals but sudden happenings ten to always pop up when you're at a stable place. You start to question yourself, Am I salt? Am I not born to achieve my goals or to escape from the ghetto? what am I doing wrong?, Am I even suitable for my job? so many questions, just feel like giving up and running away.
  • Gabriel
    Lord God in Heaven. I know I have done a lot of wrong things in my life. Lord I'm not perfect and I'm this I am asking for mercy. My partner Gabby the love of my life has continued to ignore me. Lord I am asking for direction. Lord I am asking Lord open her eyes. Lord God please help us reunite in Your will. Please I need a sign Lord. I don't ask for much. I only ask for this season of loneliness to be over and God you restore relationships all the time. Please dear God restore this one. Lord God I ask in Christ name for a sign. Please God in Heaven. I know I haven't been the best and I know things could always be worst. Please Lord send me a sign and deliver me I pray.
  • E.
    Father I keep asking, I keep seeking, I keep knocking like many here. Help Father. Many are getting so weary and our faith falters. My faith falters. Please Father we need rain. We need the fire of the Holy Spirit. Only you can break the chains that bind, only you can set the prisoners free. Please Father draw my unsaved loved ones to Jesus and all others who are unsaved. Please open the eyes of the blind. Please heal our bruised hearts, please protect us from the wiles of the devil. Give us victory Father for your names sake, the name you gave your beloved Son our Lord, the name that is above every other name and at which every knee shall bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Please exalt this name in our lives. Take away our reproach. Thank you Father. We need your touch. In Jesus name. Amen.
  • Kelly driskill
    Spirits of fear,worry,anxiety,confusion,intimidation,and anger have taken me for a month long ride. i am so tired. im asking God to give me the victory in this fight. For not by power,nor by might,but by my spirit says The Lord. im so in desperate need of peace and rest,im also trying to draw closer to God and this is seriously hindering me. im so tired brothers and sisters.Ty and may God bless you.
  • Suze
    May God forgive my anger but I am fuming . My step sister , who is my step dads only biological child , who lives about one hundred miles away and only visits about six times a year , visited her dad and my mum yesterday . I wasn't there . She brought , into a house with two terminally ill elderly people , both with serious mobility issues and an elderly cat , her spaniel puppy . Some how , all of them ended up on the landing at the top of the stairs , the dog was frightening my step dads beloved cat , so he was trying to pick it up to protect it and....he fell all the way down the stairs and banged his back , full force on the metal pipe that the stair lift runs on . He's now in bed , can't get out , doesn't want to eat or drink and won't have a doctor . My step sister just left them there yesterday , she drove home . She has an eighteen year old daughter at home and she herself works from home but she just left them and went home. I am soooooooooooooooo angry .

    Please , remember Bill and Anita Marshall in your prayers . Please may God bless them both in all the ways that He knows they need His blessings most . Thank you all so very much . Much love in Christ .
  • Rose m Gaskey
    About my grown girls come back to and forgive me and to keep me and my true live together and my health
  • David Allen
    please remember Kristie and me and our families in your prayers
  • Neighbor
    Please pray for Peace, Protection, Improvement, Clean-up and God's merciful blessings for our neighborhoods of Holland and Wheatsheaf. Asking this in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying and God Bless all of you.
  • Grace Laura Makombe
    Good evening my name is Grace Laura Makombe. Please pray for me for fruits of my womb. I have a 15yr old daughter but I'm struggling to fall pregnant again. FATHER God please bless me with another baby, Father God please make my womb fruitfull in the mighty name of Jesus Amen
  • Jim Kirkpatrick
    Need prayer for my Daughter and wife.
  • GiGi
    Dear Friends,

    I want to thank you for your prayers for my mother, Joan, who has been in the hospital these past two weeks with sepsis.

    Yesterday, she took a downturn and Doctors said that death is near. All but one of my 9 siblings have spent days with here at the hospital on rotation these past two weeks, so we have all had many hours with her, which is a real blessing.

    She made it through the night, but my hope is that she passes soon, within hours, as everyone here has spent their last times with her last night and this morning. One of my brothers is still in Hawaii getting things together to come home.

    I am at peace with her going. I told her yesterday, though she was semi-conscious, that she will soon go to be with Jesus and that the angels are happy waiting for that moment. My husband and I prayed over her. My brother and I sang Amazing Grace over her.

    I would just ask that you would pray for my siblings that do not know the Lord and have a very different mindset than those of us who do. There is great division in my family (and this has been for a long time). Pray that we continue to work through Mom's situation together with respect for one another and love.

    I am at peace with her eminent death. She has lived a long life of 88 years with very little health problems. She is a strong person and a believer. Earlier in the week, we prayed together the Lord's Prayer. She recalled that by heart. She has been very weak for the whole two weeks and we could not have much conversation due to her discomfort and breathing troubles. But I know that presence and care speaks louder than words sometimes.
  • David Allen
    please pray for Kristie and me and our families
  • God's will Seekers
    We visited US, because we didn't find anyone willing/able to help us in our country ( central EU ). Had lot of issues in a family and we were not able to find breakthrough in our lives. God was working with us, we came back, but life turned upside down, especially in relationships were kind of not natural way all falling apart. We decided to be faithful and not compromise the faith, feeling like we are on a crossroads every day being put into decisions. Please pray for us to be faithful, courageous and being able to hear God's voice so we could know that we are going as the Lord Jesus want us to.
  • Rena
    My son is having great difficulty swallowing. He hasnt eaten solid food for several days. He is able to sip liquids. Please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ our Great Physician will quickly restore my sons ability to swallow everything normally. I desire that He do a work that no an can take the credit for. We are believers waiting patiently for the Masters healing touch. We give Him all the praise and glory for the Glory of His Grace, for the gift of healing; for the miracle working power of His Holy Spirit.
  • Denise
    Listening to a beautiful song that makes me cry every time I hear it! The love I have for my husband is so strong in my heart when I think of him listening to it! When I think of my Lord being beaten and broken, I cringe so, I can't bring myself to even think that anyone would do that to someone for there teachings! How wrong and evil it was to kill my Lord after all He has done for the world! His death and resurrection is everything to all who are believers, Thank you Lord Jesus for saving my family and I from all sins, past, present and hopefully none after giving our lives to You!! Love forever, Denise, Stephen, Samson and Tutti man!!!
  • Amy
    Please pray for my car to be ok and for me to have favor in this dealership. I'm feeling a bit angry and like I'm not sure what to do.
  • Jennifer Spitzer
    Please pray that I have favor energy strength and do a great job with alertness and that it's not busy at work today and I can go to the store a few times ijnip amen

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