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  • Randolph Blankenship on Matthew 13
    I love this chapter but the part that speaks loudest to me is the wheat and the tares, I believe this scripture speaks loud and clear to the church today. I believe that there are so many people in the church today that fit this scripture, and it is almost scary to think how many people in church today believe that they are a christian when in all actuality they are headed wide open to an eternity
  • Oguejiofor ebuka on Matthew 13
    Did jesus have brothers and sisters?
  • Geoff on Matthew 13
    The most profound thing to learn from this Chapter is that Jesus Christ is talking about 2 different kingdoms. 1: his kingdom in verse 41 - Jesus Christ 's kingdom! and 2: the kingdom of their father in verse 43 - God 's kingdom! Now read Daniel 2:44 - Let him who has ears listen!
  • Anthony Sims on Matthew 13:15
    I am grateful for the hunger and thirst God has put in me through the realization of exactly what Jesus ' sacrifice on the cross means in my life. Not long ago I thought God wanted me to live a marvelous,fantastically comfortable life with every worldly possession available. I was so deep in debt it was impossible for me to see God or hear God 's voice. Chasing after this world makes me weary. In Getting rid of distractions I have acquired my new ears and eyes. Hallelujah!
  • Summer on Matthew 13:7
    This verse is very true
  • Ryzzo Torgbo on Matthew 13:57
    I think Jesus called himself a prophet here.
  • Christopher wey. on Matthew 13:25
    This book matthew 13:25 teaches us to watch and pray for now man knows when the thief will come at night. The enemies uses night hours to carry out their evil plans. So it is mandatory for the christians to always pray at lease an hour or as the spirit directed at night. If you did not take charge of your environment at night with prayers, then the enemies takes charge and carry out their evil plans. Paul and silas were thrown into the prison in the day time. But they knew they might be killed silently night, so instead of their enemies to take charge night , they took charge and they were set free.
  • DidymosThomas on Matthew 13
    Bill 's comment 1 06 2015 : Amen. It is truth that very few know seldom about. John 11:16 speaks clearly in the sense that Thomas is the twin and I 'm here to reveal you the truth. He wants me to tell you " life on earth to heaven is compared to a pretest to a post test. Much research and preparation must be done but its not like lifting logs and carrying them everyday. Its simple: education is medication. When you research who you are you will know yourself. When you know yourself you become detached from the world and start questioning. When you become detached from the world you 're closer to God when you start questioning that means you care about God. So as long as you trust in him he will carry you away from this world full of sin and will surpass death. But the world will pass into that 5 letter word. Peace be unto you and God bless
  • Robert on Matthew 13
    On the previous comment: v39 and v40 say "end of the world ", not the "end of the age ". There is a difference.
  • DidymosThomas on MATthew 13
    Good morning all. So glad I found this site. Glad tidings to let all who love Jesus and his father who is our father who art in heaven. Hallowed be his name. And in his name I tell you all, he is here on Earth whom died for us. Thomas his "twin ". How? We don 't know but we know by spirit and I have proof by photos ie images as proof specifying that truly as mentioned he was reborn and all who praise him will agree to my testimony, I promise. Jesus did not reborn flesh into womb but by spirit into flesh and lives on with us among this world as we continue trusting him and praising him. After 29 years I am finally convinced enough to tell all here of his existence I have seen and felt and captured as proof on paper and in writings even in stones I 've found with his eye engraved and his writings of Aramaic, language of Jesus engraved as well. These stones I 've found are the color of golden brown and some gold. These stones were also mention in KJV not misinterpreted in any way. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks.
  • Bill on Matthew 13
    Jesus says that parables are His special teaching device for revealing truth to those who are willing to receive it, while concealing truth from others who have rejected it. In Matthew 13 He speaks in parables so that His disciples will be able to learn about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. They are mysteries in the sense that these truths had never been told in the Old Testament. This is new revelation about the visible, earthly kingdom from the lips of Christ, and it is only for those who are ready and willing to receive it. Interestingly, Jesus does not identify the seed as the gospel. He says the seed is the word of the kingdom. In other words, it is teaching about the future millennial kingdom. Likewise, in Matthew 13, when Jesus refers to the word of the kingdom in the parable of the sower, the disciples understand that Jesus is talking about a visible, earthly kingdom. Jesus never challenges their thinking to consider otherwise. He apparently wants them to think He is teaching about the kingdom, not the gospel.
  • Rev. Tim George on Matthew 13:40
    The wheat and the tares look alike, and only GOD knows the differance. So He will send the angels to gather the tares to be burned in the fire in the end of this age.
  • Richard I 'm sorry you feel this way. I 'd just like to send a word of encouragement your way. In Acts 10 34, Peter tells us that God is no respecter of persons. It means that He sees us as individuals, regardless of our family ties. You cannot be held accountable for the sins of your father, no matter how evil he is, nor could you be saved by him if he were the most righteous man on earth. In this scripture, the seed is the word of God, and the soil is your heart. Your seed cannot fall among thorns unless YOU place it there. If you humble yourself before God, he will bless your heart with understanding and heal you as mentioned in vs. 15. Psalm 37 25 says, "I have been young and now am old yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. " Be blessed, Brother.
  • PA on Matthew 13
    G on 5 8 Do not try to interpret what Jesus has interpreted for you. There was evil born into this world trying to corrupt the lineage of Christ. See Genesis, Cane is not mentioned in Adam 's geneology
  • John James on Matthew 13
    Categorically,unequivocally and distinctingly it is stated that James,Joses,Simon,Judas and infact a sister by the name Salome were biological children of Joseph and Mary. After the birth of Jesus Mary and Joseph were not divorced neither did Mary became nun.They remained together as husband and wife,it therefore follow that they sought and had other children.Remember that one of God 's injunctions which the Jews do not take for granted is that of multiplying and replenishing the earth. Those that taught the doctrine that Mary remained a virgin for life and present her as the queen of heaven are actually using Mary as an alibi to veil the idol they serve and also get others to serve that idol. Jer 7 18 . There is only one mediator between man and God,the man Jesus declares the scriptures.Any other,all others is are a deceit,fraud and satanic we must suspect and flee from. God bless you.
  • Word on Matthew 13
    Christ explaining it to his crew in verse 36. Christ sows his good children on earth and Satan sows his third, children Rev. 12 4 stole them that followed him before the katabole meaning cast down overthrow, the attempted over throw of God 's mercy seat. God got mad so that beautiful planet God created with wisdom proverbs 8 20 31 that we rejoiced and we called home Isaiah 45 18 became was 1961 without form and void Gen.1 2 became a wilderness Jer. 4 20 27. In John 3 born again is born from above so we are here for a test of love. God said let us create man in our image and He didn 't leave Himself out and we were standing right there Job 38 7 all the stars and sons of God, every soul that was ever created.
  • Oswin on Matthew 13
    The Bible is a communication from God. Accept His Word as it simply states. Humans tend to want to change God 's Word to their individual preferences. Before reading the Bible, it 's best to first decide to erase what we think we already know as the truth. Unfortunately by the time most of us get to study the Bible, we have already been brought up with many untruth. If we can 't even accept what the Bible says here, how will we understand deeper things? Of course the Bible states Joseph waited till Jesus was born before having sex with Mary. Of course she was no longer a virgin after that, anymore than any other married couple. BUT THE REAL POINT THAT GOD IS MAKING ISN 'T ABOUT MARY. IT 'S ABOUT JESUS!! THE WHOLE BIBLE MESSAGE ISN 'T ABOUT MARY, IT 'S ABOUT JESUS. Hence us humans get easily distracted about what Yahweh 's real message is about. Hence the 2000 different groups of supposed 'christian ' groups.
  • Raymond on Matthew 13:55
    If Mary had other children, then why did Jesus tell His mother, while he was on the cross, "Behold your son? " And why did he tell John, "Behold your mother? " If I was a son or daughter of Mary, or a brother or sister to Jesus, I 'd be upset, that my brother ignored me, and gave my mother to someone else to take care of her. I believe the brothers and sisters the Scriptures is talking about, are Jesus ' cousins. A lot of societies, even today, refer to their first cousins as brothers and sisters.
  • I understand this saying to reflect the level of ones interest
  • Greg ormsbee on Matthew 13
    I think Jesus, is the planter, an the seed is his spirit in us, we are the gardener do we feed ourselves with his word, prayer, love, or faith, obedience to him, etc. the tare is the opposite, carnal desire, hate, anger, disobedience, etc. to truly believe in jesus, we will be a gardener, to just believe in jesus we will be a tare..
  • Peter Ankeli on Matthew 13:25
    Alexander Christian in his comment above is trying to sow tares here, but unfortunately for him, we are not asleep. How does judgement day mean destruction of Paul 's followers. Who are Paul 's followers? Even if we appear to follow Paul we only try emulate him as we saw him emulate the Master Himself, going all the way and limits to please Him. This is worthy of emulation. Known or unknown to you, there has been and will be a genuine body of believers till the close of 'time '. Never try to make mockery of Truth and Wisdom, becaus eit will show your foolishness. You can not sow weed here because we are awake.
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 13:25
    Our Father never sleeps or slumber.many times we open the door for the devil sin weeds throu ' returning to our carnality, for the little pleasure of the flesh eg adultery, indulging a long time in the worldly stuff, etc that we become absent of consciousness to Godliness.....that is the sleeping slip out moment.ln everything we do, let us let God be the priority and be watchful
  • Coolpop casady on Matthew 13:25
    I believe that it means that the tares are the children of satan, although they look human the inside make up is very different and this is were we get the psycopath, the sociopath, the Narcissist, and all the so called people that don 't have any emotions at all they don 't have any empathy, or love, or any feelings at all. This is were the Murderer comes from, the child molester, and the so called people of this nature comes from. That is why normal people can 't understand the acts of these monsters, its because these Tares, are only in human form, but inside they are devils ,and the children of satan.
  • Pat on Matthew 13
    If the Bible consisted of only this one chapter it would be enough
  • Charlie on Matthew 13:55
    Thankfully only God knows and it really doesn t matter to you and I And Jesus s response to a similar question in Matthew 12 49 bears this out when He say these are my brothers and sisters In other words it really isn t important to Him whether He has brothers or sisters but it does matter who believes in Him and has salvation
  • Lionel on Matthew 13
    Here Jesus speaks about those that Plant the good seed of Jesus. His doctrine. There will be some that hear the word and will receive it gladly and produce fruit for Christ and some will hear the word and allow false doctrine by others to cause them not to believe and produce nothing, no fruit for Christ. The Parable concerning the tares of the field is this-Jesus is the good seed, the true doctrine, The field is the world, the children of Satan is the tares, he sowed them. The tares will be thrown into the lake of fire in the end times. all those that offend.
  • Linda Silver on Matthew 13:25
    I have been concerned that my prayer life was not what God expects from me. I appreciate this website, to remind me that the Bible talks about praying, praying without ceasing, and praying at various times in the day to thwart the attacks of the enemy. I accept this Word in Jesus' Name, and I ask that you pray for my two sons, and my grandson. In Jesus' Name, draw them close to Jesus Christ, I pray that they will willingly take up their cross and follow Christ. I pray that Jesus will come back soon and receive us unto Himself. I want to see my sons and grandson in the New Jerusalem. I pray that my prayer life will become so full that my feet leave the ground when I pray and praise!!! Thank you in Jesus' Name.
  • E. A. Leonard on Matthew 13
  • Regelind Schlag on Matthew 13:5
    I am nearly absolutely sure now about the rock being Jesus himself in this verse. The seed is sown into our hearts and if our hearts have not much soil of the world but instead believe in and love Jesus and cling to him as our rock, then we will wither away immediately, i. e. we will be changed and caught up in clouds into the air within the twinkling of an eye to meet Jesus there and to stay with him forever. Catch Up into the Air!
  • Patrick Hycent on Matthew 13:25
    Sleeapinggn state here does not mean just to close the eyes but also the act of negligence, ignorance etc
    when there is something to correct and you ignore it or showing lack of concern to what you should get involved in, this are sleeping states.
    Now, let me ask, between the baby that was born & the girl that turned prostitude or between the baby & the boy that turned rapist what went wrong?
    The bible said "when men sleep his enemies came and sow tares" some of this sleeping state came from the part of the parents who had failed their responsilities on their children but instead gave them to another hands who inductrinated them with differen doctrines and made them vulnerable to different kinds of teaching all in the name of boarding & expensive school, house help, nanny, all in the name of lack of chance & laziness on the part of parents, "when men sleep" all these are sleeping states. Parents should wake up from their slumber even to their responsibilities.

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