Galatians Chapter 1 Discussion

  • Galatians 1:1

    "Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;)"

    Jesus is not a man he is the Lord God.
  • Andy Metz on Galatians 1:16
    Christ in ME, my (only) HOPE of Glory!
  • Vanessa on Galatians 1
    We die to self and it is He that works through us by faith, we do not preach our words but the Lords, we can not change it , and why would we want to when it's all truth
  • Baeza Fisseha on Galatians 1:10
    As long as we seek the praise of men, we can not live exclusively for Christ. Christ gets all the glory because he is the one who accomplished our salvation. Do not conform to the world but be transformed and live for and through Christ.
  • Obbie Beal on Galatians 1
    The above verses are examples of how artfully plus quickly the forces of evil using mankind attack those who accept JESUS as their SAVIOR, as it relates to SALVATION through John 3:16-21. The forces of evil knows how gullible humans are to a lie, especially a half-truth, or ..., ..., so in 2020, where ever evil can, evil continue using deceived men /wolfs with sheep clothing to torment, scatter, kill, device, ..., especially those of of John 3:16-21.
  • DeLores on Galatians 1
    I know that the book of Galatians is enlightening. It has liberated me from salvation under the law of Moses. I think God for the Blood of Jesus that has saved me and set me free from the law of sin and death.
  • Justus on Galatians 1
    jesus is the way,the truth and the life.thanks be to God revealing mystries to apostel paul.
  • Sally on Galatians 1
    .Supporting the state Israel has become so popular.
  • Wayne Tucker on Galatians 1
    The scripture we are reading, along with ll Corinthians 11:4, will put to rest false religions and false gospels that have sprung up among us. Read the Bible and talk to Jesus. We can't go wrong!
  • Mary Campbell - in Reply on Galatians 1
    Amen. Paul was now preaching the gospel and some of the saints was still afraid of him because they remembered when he was persecuting the saints. Still today, people tend to forget that if the Lord saved them He can save anybody
  • Judy Gamble - in Reply on Galatians 1
  • Pol saga ricarte - in Reply on Galatians 1
    amen in Christ
  • Wayne Tucker - in Reply on Galatians 1
    God bless all the brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!!!
  • Rev Horton Singleton on Galatians 1
    The book of Galatians gives a clear view of God working salvation and accptance in one who have turned from the worldly life to accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior the changing of paul on the Damascus road demonstrates how God can change our hell bound direction and show us the heaven bound direction if we allow him...praise his wonderful name.
  • Mary on Galatians 1
    hi god bless all god is good iam going to be 61 on the16 so happy with my life want to give hope to others praise jesus
  • Sharon on Galatians 1
    The Law of the OT, show us that we are in bondage because of our sins. Jesus Spirit free us from the law. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law so that we would be recognized by His Spirit, even if we did not know all the laws. We are free from sin and under no condemnation. If we abide in His spirit we can be fruitful and multiply, and bring joy, honor, and praise to God Kingdom through others
  • Chinapen.indrani on Galatians 1
    I walk with God since 50years, m'y whole life changed. As if God has taken all things away And separated me from money And all things And pourred a Great Greta love And compassion in me. I wax unable to furtive those who hurt me, beated me, rejeted me And robbed m'y body i was a baby. I réel the power, the péage in all circumtances And know i would not bé gère if Gode sas not so real.
  • Christine Turner on Galatians 1
    Need God guidance. Tired of the church being weak a and powerless.

  • Sally on Galatians 1
    After reading a comment on youtube it helped me understand that love is how we stay under Grace.
  • Sally on Galatians 1
    Loving is an easy way to live under Grace. Thanks to all of you for explaining living under law and living grace.
  • Audra Seay on Galatians 1
    Once we give our lives totally to Christ and vow to turn away from sin and mean it, then comes Salvation which is Gods gift to mankind. It's not ourselves that can save us from sinning but Jesus living in our hearts as we gave him control. We obey and he gives us His POWER to be obedient. People think or live as the Devil is stronger and you can't help but sin, but the truth is God is stronger.
  • Lonzo Wiggington on Galatians 1
    I feel that Galatians 1 is very clear to me, the power that that I had in the flesh, never measured up to Paul teaching in Galatians 1.
  • A disciple on Galatians 1
    We are NOT without Law to Christ. The LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS HAS MADE US FREE FROM THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH. We have the Law written in the fleshly tables of our heart by the Spirit which He has given to us; to teach us and guide us into all truth, and through which He convicts the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. According to the Law of Freedom we walk in truth.
  • Benjamin on Galatians 1
    One only comes under the law when he breaks it, we being naturally born sinners we need God's grace and by believing in Jesus we become born again not in flesh but in spirit then we are not under the law or under the condemnation of it, since law has no power over Christ we too being in Him law will have no power over us so you are not under the law then but under grace
  • A disciple on Galatians 1
    Kieran88; No, we are not still under the Law in the sense that, by the fact that the Spirit of grace has wrought in us through faith to make us a new creation; having broken that which held us in bondage to sin and darkness before, and our sins forgiven and cleansed away; we are then no longer under its condemnation. But the Spirit of the Law works by walking in love and true holiness in Christ.
  • Bruce on Galatians 1
    Kieran: Knowing that a man is not justified by The Works of The Law but by The Faith of Jesus Christ, even we have Believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be Justified by The Faith of Christ, and not by the works of The Law: for by the works of The Law shall no Flesh be Justified. Galatians 2:16
  • Kieran88 on Galatians 1
    we are still under the law right? this idea of we just have to believe and we are not under the law is madness
  • Chris Paisley on Galatians 1
    Who gave himself for our sins is this the idea of limited atonement or is this the idea of the substutionary work of our Lord
  • Annnie on Galatians 1
    I love the way the apostle Paul correct the people. For it is for there good.u can not be move by what u have those that do not

    Know the trueful.for the trueful will make you free.

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