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  • E L on Galatians 1
    According to the biblical record, Did John the apostle and Paul the apostle ever meet?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Galatians 1
    Hi E L,

    Yes, it seems they did. The first time Paul went to Jerusalem was three years after his Conversion, Where He saw only Simon Peter and James the Lords brother and abode there fifteen days. Galatians 1:18-19.

    Then after another fourteen years he went up to Jerusalem again. Stating James, Cephas, and John were there. Galatians 2:9. Though it seems he probably saw all of them at that visit.

    Hope that helps. God Bless.
  • E L - in Reply on Galatians 1
    Thank. you for your biblical reference
  • Esther - in Reply on Galatians 1
    Does the Bible teach anything about cremation of our body?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Galatians 1
    Hello Esther,

    I looked into this a little for you. As I know it comes up in that some people don't believe you should cremate a dead body. As it seems some have stated it may keep that person from "being resurrected" in the end.

    So one verse came up where a body was burned before burial. 1 Samuel 31:11-13.

    As there is no direct Scripture against cremation. The people of Israel would normally buried their dead. As today the cost to bury a dead body is very high. Cremation is the most cost effective way to dispose of someones remains in my knowledge.

    In my knowledge it really doesn't matter what is done to the body after death. We are all dust and, our bodies, return to dust after our death. Job 34:14-15. As the saying "ashes to ashes, dust to dust". If any think it has anything to do that whoever was cremated won't be resurrected. I'd say "what about people who died in a fire, eaten by a shark, or mutilated in a terrible car accident, or something?" Hopefully they wouldn't think that has anything to do with God being able to resurrect them on the last day. As God can do anything.

    I hope my view helps you. If anyone else has any other view feel free to post.

    God Bless.


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