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  • Jonathan Grove on Matthew 24:9
    Please pray for me. I struggle a lot with being single and I truly desire to be married. I am worried that I will never get married and that concerns me because I don't like being single at all. Please pray that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I truly desire a marriage that is blessed by God and I need God's mercy and help with finding the right Christian lady to marry. Proverbs 18:22 says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Please pray that Jesus Christ, in His mercy and grace, will make this verse become a reality in my own life soon. Thank you so much for praying for me. May God bless you all.
  • Debra Hamilton - in Reply on Matthew 24:9
    Dear Jonathan Grove, God blesses us in many ways we can be alone for a time I learn it is good to be patient be friends first to find that you are truly a match not to rush into a relationship without commitment life is a Journey of ups and downs always have Jesus in your prospective then you will meet her your wife
  • Jonathan Grove - in Reply on Matthew 24:9
    Thank you for your comment and your prayers. May God bless you.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 24:9
    I agree with you that the scripture you've chosen is a good foundation for search. I have another you should use too.

    Knowing how hard it is with Churches closed, to search. See if your Church has any organized activities for singles, like: meet for lunch; movies, meet at each other's apartments for coffee, chat or board games. Have to work around co-vid you see. Put a sign up sheet on a church bulletin board online. See what happens.

    In the mean time, set aside an hour a day to sit in silence before the Lord (fast from all media). Read Genesis 24; where Abraham sends his servant to find Isaac a wife. It's a perfect Read for you.

    Ask the Lord to send an angel to find your "Rebekah" and bring her to you. You are going to have to keep your faith strong.

    You can ask God how the search goes? Is there anything you can do for Him while you are waiting? Consider "enlarging your tent".
  • Jonathan Grove - in Reply on Matthew 24:9
    Thank you for the scripture, the prayers, and the advice. I would love if God sent an angel to find my Rebekah! I appreciate your prayers for me that God will send an angel to do that. I will definitely study that scripture passage and pray for that as well! I also appreciate the advice about the church group for singles, hopefully I will be able to try something like that. Thank you so much. May God bless you.


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