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9/08/2020, 9:37am by "dwayne nickson sr": FOR God created the heavens and the earth, and i believe just like God created this planet with life,he created other planets with LIFE also.

4/07/2020, 3:21pm by "Timmy": Wanted to introduce myself to the forum

4/06/2020, 1:57pm by "Mickey": People may be awakening but many are falling away too. Grab onto God and hold fast to your faith. It's called the great falling away.

4/06/2020, 12:16am by "joe": Will we be shown the truth and will man return to our Lord ,God, and Savior. This world is being taken over by evil. When will the awakening happen? I feel it must be soon

3/29/2020, 5:03pm by "MM": Guiding and keeping our hearts with all diligence is very critical these days. Our heart can deceives and leads in the wrong way. So we have to read and apply the word of God and ask Him to guide us in all our ways. The word further tells us that the heart of men is desperately wicked. So if out of our hearts are the issues of life that means we have protect it.

1/04/2015, 5:23am by "Isaac": Teach us valueable

9/08/2014, 7:20am by "Chanchal Gayen": Here heart refers to the center of our thinking which is the seat of all our actions. therefore our thoughts need to be guided appropriately. the best guidance comes from the Bible. so let us read it.

9/05/2014, 11:35am by "Chris Foote": Your heart should be full of Love.

8/29/2014, 6:06am by "Carol": I really needed this verse several months ago. It is true for me a female must guard her heart. Because we are so emotional that are heart sometimes leads us down the wrong path. Guarding my heart is the most important thing.

5/27/2014, 12:45pm by "Leeooi-oneika Edmund": My heart needs to be protected, it needs that force of prudence and diligence so that i may stay ground and have life in abundance the way it is supposed to be lived

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