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  • Daniel Kombe on Judges 6
    May I have a preached sermon on Judges 6:11-16
  • How God Readies people for battle and ministry - in Reply on Judges 6
    Wesley's Notes for Judges 6:26-29

    [some editing for space]

    6:26 Gideon was NO PRIEST, nor was this the appointed place of sacrifice; but God can dispense with his own institutions, though we may not; and his call gave Gideon sufficient authority.

    6:27 Ten men - whereby they were easily induced to assist him. He feared - Not so much, lest he should suffer for it, but he should be prevented from doing it.

    6:28 Was offered - Not upon Baal's altar, for which it was designed; but upon an altar erected in contempt of Baal.

    6:30 They said - Probably some of the persons employed in it.

    6:31 Will ye plead - Why are you so zealous in pleading for that Baal, for the worship whereof you suffer such grievous calamities at this day? It is plain, that Joash had been a worshipper of Baal: but probably he was now convinced by Gideon. He that will plead - He that shall farther plead for such a god as this, deserves to die for his folly and impiety. It is not probable, that this was all which he said for his son: but it is usual in scripture to give only short hints of things which were more largely discoursed. While it is morning - That is, instantly, without delay. Let him plead - As the God of Israel hath often done when any indignity or injury hath been done him. But Baal hath now shewed, that he is neither able to help you, nor himself; and therefore is not worthy to be served any longer. This resolute answer was necessary to stop the torrent of the peoples fury; and it was drawn from him, by the sense of his son's extreme danger; and by the confidence he had, that God would plead his son's cause, and use him for the rescue of his people.

    Mishael: the first bullock was for Gideon. God Sanctified Gideon to lead Israel into battle.

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  • Jessie freeman on Judges 6
    Why did he refer to 2nd bullock in verse 26, what happened to 1st one? i assumed the 1st one may have been sacrificed

  • Lorraine Magarian on Judges 6
    In re: verse 21, poor Gideon didn't believe that the LORD was talking to him even after he brought down fire!
  • Charlene on Judges 6
    Again the Israelites deny their God to worship Baal and please themselves in whatever sin they choose. When along comes trouble, they all of a sudden remember where their "help comes from, it comes from the Lord". NOW they acknowledge God, repent and God forgives them AGAIN. How great is our God's mercy, grace and love for His own? But for the grace of God there go I. Thank you Jesus
  • Rongai on Judges 6
    Gideon was just amazing.
  • Ivy Johnson on Judges 6
    Gideon was hiding in fear of being seen by the enemies. God had an assignment for him to do. The first thing, Gideon was concerned that he was not good enough. Doesn’that sound like us today. We think we have to clean-up ourselves for God to use us. No, if we could, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, would not have to come. He is the only one who can clean-us-up.
  • Gloria on Judges 6
    God is so kind. Gideon was terrified but God went to all lengths to encourage him and strengthen his faith. And God speaks to us. he tells us what hes going to do. He doesn't leave us in the dark about his plans. What a wonderful God he is.
  • BSP on Judges 6
    Verse 14~Jehovah God saw the potential that Gideon had. He told him to go with the strength you have. He knew he couldn’t do it in his own strength but he needed him to just get going and Jehovah would make up for the rest.
  • Abel Israel on Judges 6
    Eaglesrock, in my own view of this chapter: Is not that Gideon is afraid, is because Israel had already sinned and God is punishing them base on their sins, because the bible said fear is a torment, and fear also is having faith in the adversary to harm us where as God has already given Israel to the enemy to do them harm because of their sins in worshipping other god Baal.
  • Irene123 on Judges 6
    V.2 - they lived in caves; also David did too. And others not of the middle east. These 'pre-historic' bones the worldly people are digging up; the bones of these people is what they are digging up. Just 'pieces' they are adding to to make a 'complete' skull. They shape it to look 'ape-ish'. They hate God.
  • Alexander on Judges 6
    I like the story of Gideon he was just sitting under a tree and God used him.God will use you when you least expect it.
  • Lucy Wanjiru on Judges 6
    This is amazing how God confirms his presence in Gideon's time and even today we just need to trust and obey God and he will reveal to us what is hidden. He will shows us great things, great talents that we have.
  • Beatrice on Judges 6
    1.We should always trust in God because is able 2.God is always faithful and he keeps his promises 3.God is part of our problems but He is solution to our problems 5.God has power to break and to destroy generation curses
  • Hughey on Judges 6:11
    I have always like the book of Judges, but I have never gotten as much involved as I have now, since reading the prophet Gideon. Since I have started to read and has gotten the knowledge that I am getting, I will continue reading.
  • Eaglesrock on Judges 6
    God shows up and He says When God showed up the Bible says that the angel of the Lord or Jesus literally showed up. Jesus came and just sat under a tree. He s looking at Gideon and He says hey! Mighty man of valor. Gideon looks around to see if there is anyone else in the wine press with him. Because he s in agreement with failure and his weaknesses. Gideon is basically saying why are you talking about me like that? I am the least of my clan. I am the least of my family. You don t even know what family I came from. Besides that , God has a banded us. We feel like nothing good is happing in our lives, that all I am is a victim. I am a victim of my past, I am a victim of my family. While God says excuse me, mighty man of valor. I want you to go in my strength. Because I will never leave you or forsake you. God is speaking to you according to your potential. Not your pass.
  • Eaglesrock on Judges 6
    We see ourselves differently than God see s us When God came to Gideon, He didn t speak to Gideon s problems. He had the solutions to the problems. He didn t speak to Gideon the way Gideon thought about himself. He spoke to his potential. The devil will speak to us about our inadequacies, our weaknesses, our failures, about our pass, about or goof ups and our mess ups. Even when we get into areas we should not be in, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us or convict us and tell us that is not who you are. God will not speak to your inadequacies, our your weaknesses. God will always speak to your potential Most of the time we do not see ourselves with potential. We see our weaknesses and our inadequacies and our failures because it is the devil that brings them up all the time. My question is this, why do we believe the Devil more than we believe God? Why do we let the devil speak these things to us and then we come into agreement with it, and then don t believe what God has said about us. That is why so many of us are defeated all the time is because we don t believe what God says about us. When God shows up, Gideon is in the wine press, and he is afraid that the enemy is going to come and still his grain from him. So he s hiding, hoping that the enemy won t come, and steal from him, because he was doing something fruitful. Sometimes when some of you start getting fruitful or bless and then some you start letting the devil steal from you.
  • BSP on Judges 6:13
    This verse shows that Jehovah God wants us to have open and heartfelt communication with Him through our prayers. He allowed Gideon to ask an honest question from the heart, but God reassured Gideon that he was with him. This example also shows that servants of God may experience some very difficult times, but God has not forsaken them and he will be with them to help them endure.
  • Wellington on Judges 6
    In most cases we panic the sorrounding facts,but the truth is a true christian must not panic because God has loaded you with mighty power .Just have faith and believe that God is on your side.
  • Earl foster on Judges 6
    god will use us to fulfil his purpose if we strive to make our selves available psalm40 8 to him according to his will.prov16 4
  • Nwiamanie Liikii Lewis on Judges 6:16
    Every individual is made with hidden endowment that can only be discovered in God.
  • Runyararo on Judges 6:24
    The lord is our peace and our strength. All the peace that we may be in need of from our Jehovah, no other name shall restore us to an eternal peace of mind, but the JESUS NAME ONLY. WE shall see him in glorious power to come and deliver us from all the wicked ways and we shall built HIM an altar withiin our hearts to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to HIM WHO SITTTETH ON the throne. Definitely we shall see Him.
  • Muzi zulu on Judges 6
    Israel was derlived to the hand of the enermy by god because they forgoten god and they worshiped the altar of baal the god of their for fathers which is not good at all
  • Roberta on Judges 6
    I marveled at how human Gideon was when the angel of God came to him and showed him miracles and he kept wanting more and more proof that it was God will that he do what the messenger from God told him he was to do to save Israel from the Midianites and Amalakites. Gideon didn 't feel good enough to be called upon for such a task and kept asking God to prove himself by completing tasks .He was even afraid God would get angry with him but kept asking for proof anyway .God did not get angry with Gideon but did the tasks he requested .God knew Gideon felt inadequate and afraid so He put Gideon 's mind at ease by doing what Gideon asked. All this was done by a mighty and loving God in order to use Gideon to deliver His people Israel from suffering again. This chapter shows to me Gideon 's human frailties and Jehovah God 's loving kindness and patience .
  • Chika on Judges 6
    lsrael is in bondage to the midianites an Angel appears to Gideon and calls him to deliver lsrael, he overthrows the alter of baal, the spirit of the Lord rests upon him, and the Lord gives him a sign to show he is called to deliver lsrael...
  • KC Samdel on Judges 6
    Israel backslid n satan enslaved nation The leaders repented n God heard their cry He sought a man n He found Gideon inexperienced afraid yet God saw potential See what God can do when we allow HIM to train us as we yield all to the LORD Gideon had a closet meeting with GOD before he replaced heathen altar by the LORD S Only then he was bold enough to sound Trumpet to summon army God is recruiting why not copy Gideon n enlist in GOD S army
  • Nnaemeka Diogu on Judges 6
    the role of parents in the up bring of their children matters a lot,Gideon was able to respond and challenge God with what he must have learnt from his parents"The miraculous deeds of God in Isreal's deliverance in Egypt" how do we equip the children.
  • Ice on Judges 6:14
    GOD wants to do something for men but cannot just do that without a man. HE depends on HIS investments inside of us help, save and deliver the world around us. I truly believe that the story of Gideon tells us to understand that GOD needs us as the light to get out of the bushel and give light to our dark world, and as salt of the earth to get out of the shaker and give taste to the tastelessness around us. Wherever we are GOD needs us because our world has needs. Go in this thy might. You are never without an investment of GOD inside of you, go beloved! Go! Let's go!
  • Francis ukpabio on Judges 6:14
    God is interested in what we can become and many times not what we are now.he is interested in our fullfiling our destiny and full potential afterall he calls things that are not as if they are
  • Wellington nyakasoka on Judges 6
    Israel was delivered into the hands of the Midian because of sin or evil doing before the LORD, When GOD delivers you in the hands of the devil you will not prevail no matter how you pray, fast or worship unless you repent or turn back to GOD by abstaining from sin.

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