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2 John Chapter 1  (1611 Bible)


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2 John Chapter 1, Original 1611 KJV

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1 The Elder vnto the elect Lady, and her children, whome I loue in the trueth: and not I onely, but also all they that haue knowen þe trueth:

2 For the trueths sake which dwelleth in vs, and shalbe with vs for euer:

3 Grace bee with you, mercie, and peace from God the Father, and from the Lord Iesus Christ, the Sonne of the Father in trueth and loue.

4 I reioyced greatly, that I found of thy children walking in trueth, as wee haue receiued a commaundement from the Father.

5 And now, I beseech thee Lady, not as though I wrote a new commandement vnto thee: but that which wee had from the beginning, that wee loue one another.

6 And this is loue, that wee walke after his Commandements. This is the Commandement, that as yee haue heard from the beginning, yee should walke in it.

7 For many deceiuers are entred into the world, who confesse not that Iesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiuer, and an Antichrist.

8 Looke to your selues, that wee lose not those things which wee haue wrought, but that we receiue a full reward.

9 Whosoeuer transgresseth and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God: hee that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Sonne.

10 If there come any vnto you, and bring not this doctrine, receiue him not into your house, neither bid him, God speed.

11 For hee that biddeth him God speed, is partaker of his euill deeds.

12 Hauing many things to write vnto you, I would not write with paper and inke, but I trust to come vnto you, and speake face to face, that our ioy may be full.

13 The children of thy elect sister greet thee. Amen.


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Abel Subramony's 2 John Chapter 1 comment on 1/23/2015, 11:37pm...

It tells us we must not be deceived by false doctrine.How will we know if it is false doctrine if we do not read our bible and understand it.First we need to read and understand the bible so that the false preachers will not mislead us.Once we read and understand and believe then we can be assured that we receive and know GOD the father and his son the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Annabella's 2 John Chapter 1 comment about verse 7 on 1/18/2015, 12:34pm...

I love this verse , It tells things just the way they are and gives me much insight


Joash's 2 John Chapter 1 comment on 10/02/2014, 12:42am...

Jesus is Lord and truly has come in flesh for this is the mystery of other gospel but this


Ebenezer's 2 John Chapter 1 comment on 9/26/2014, 11:11am...

if we Deviate from the fact that Jesus came in the fles flesh, died and rose on the third day, Any thing else becomes irrelevant. Embrace the person of Jesus and believe everything He said before and after His death reurrection even until The Book of Revelations. Your soul is safe if trust Jesus. Amen Just believe Jesus alone and preach faith in Him alone for g geniune salvation and eternal life


Robert's 2 John Chapter 1 comment on 8/07/2014, 6:54am...

Oh and one more thing we all should agree on. That Jesus is the son of God and that he was born of a virgin into this world and that he died for all of our sins, for we can have a way into eternal life with Him in heaven.


Robert's 2 John Chapter 1 comment on 8/07/2014, 6:48am...

Although we all will not agree on all doctrines of faith, there is one thing that we all should agree on and that is verses 5 and 6. Remember LOVE is the KEY. GOD BLESS.


Shellyann Campbell Stephens's 2 John Chapter 1 comment about verse 7 on 3/10/2014, 9:37pm...

I love to read the words of god


SG's 2 John Chapter 1 comment on 2/05/2014, 8:42pm...

Yes verse 1o is very good example in how we must treat those who are carrying another doctrine or false belief, I was so zealous me and some other Christian sister and the Jehovah Witness always coming around to show us that they knew their word and like wise did we, one mistake we made we allowed them to come and have bible study so we could show them the way, and we did and they left scratching their heads because one thing for sure you are never to let an unbeliever or unlearned show you the way we conduct and asked the question and they left baffle because they had so many question and never could understand the truth and that's because the truth is revealed within your heart and once your filled with God Holy Spirit he began to unfold the beautiful Gospel, the light is turn on then he makes it plain. As the bible say I'm going to paraphrase(spirit knows the things of the spirit and likewise the flesh or the carnal things of the flesh, that which is spirit knows the spirit and that which is born flesh know that of the flesh. So if your not born again neither can you retain these thing in your natural mind.


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