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Donation and Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Fellow Bible Reader,

Occasionally visitors ask how to help with the effort of the King James Bible Online to grow and spread the Word to more people. Below are the 3 ways to help out...

1. Financial Donation

While the King James Bible Online is not currently organized as a non-profit organization and we can't offer tax-exempt donation receipts, some wish to help out with the effort through a financial donation. This act of service is warmly welcomed, is very much appreciated, and the funds will help grow and improve the website services.

To make a donation, we accept Credit Card donations via PayPal. For those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with PayPal, they have proven themselves trustworthy having been in business since 1998. You don't need a PayPal account to send money and the steps are easy to follow. Simply click the orange 'Donate' button below.

Those who wish to send a check or money order and that can be done by sending to:

King James Bible Online
1000 N Green Valley Pkwy 440-210
Henderson, NV 89074

2. Volunteer Help

Volunteers are always needed for both the KJV website comments and Facebook KJV comments- helping monitor comments, ensuring peaceful, Bible-based discussion is happening, and removing spam and any negativity. To volunteer for one of these areas, simply let us know by contacting us HERE.

3. Spread the Word online

Websites and social media make it easy to share King James Bible verses with others- a great opportunity for the unreached to become familiar with the scriptures who perhaps has had proper exposure to it before.

If you'd like to assist in sharing the Word online, you are welcome to like these pages and share the posted scriptures...

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