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About King James Bible OnlineThe King James Bible Online website provides an online version of the King James Bible— the most printed and widely distributed work in history (Source: U.S. Congress). The website features the standard King James Version (Cambridge edition), along with the original 1611 edition in early modern English.

The King James Version is widely regarded as the most accurate English translation of the Bible. Its translators performed a painstakingly meticulous, precise and accurate job in the translation- a project that took seven years. The King James Bible is said to be the most sold, read, bought, published, given away, believed, translated, quoted, and accurate book the world has ever experienced.

This website allows users to share comments about their King James Bible readings and interact with other readers. Learning and research is encouraged by allowing users to click on individual verses to compare to a dozen alternate Bible translations. It also contains references such as commentaries, a concordance, and Bible dictionary. This site features one of the largest collections of Bible trivia on the internet with questions after every chapter to test the reader's comprehension. Users may customize trivia by difficulty, category, subject, or book. Biblical illustrations by 19th century French illustrator Gustave Doré are integrated into the site. You may also choose to read the daily Bible verse postings on Facebook, Twitter, via email subscription, or through inspirational images.

The website began in November 2007 as dedicated King James Bible website to bring more accessibility and visibility to the treasured Bible translation. The site receives more than 3 million visits per month from readers across the world. Read more about the website and its development in the King James Online News Blog...

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