Testimony: Why Jesus Is Joys

joy's testimony "Why Jesus Is Joys" on 10/22/2016, 8:54am...

i was born in a christian orthodox family i India which believed that they were baptized by ST Thomas. As a child i participated in all the rituals of the church and believed that baptism which my parents gave 40 days after my birth had made me a child of God. When i became older i became attracted to many sins including films which had a impact on my studies .

I was a average student , these problems made me attend Gospel meetings. I had huge supplements for my degree and by grace of God i passed out i started to work. Mean while i had accident i escaped by grace of God. Even my professional life was no good i as a failure in office and kept changing Jobs. I has one more accident which made me take rest for few weeks.

This created financial trouble and this made me angry and desperate. i went to a gospel meeting here power of Jesus touched me , i came back a changed person, i said sorry to my parents.

Then lord led me to a prayer group which advocated sinless baptism and did not encourage adult baptism. Slowly pressures of world made me lured once more to the world. Family began to think about marriage but my job was a problem they send me to UK. Although i came into contact with Pentecostal groups there still i used to drink and sin like all my friends. i went even to temples took food from there and even worshiped those worship.

Demon help i took for passing my MBA. Then my job was still no good Lord led me back to Uk wing of the group in which i first encountered Jesus. i prayed but kept going temples and my life was failure. i tried even betting and one of my room mate cheated me of lot of money. That was my birthday the terrible new of friend absconding came on the same day. same day there was a prayer meeting in the evening i went luckily only me and assistant evangelist was there and he talked with me i accepted Jesus as my personal savior and God. .

I got witnessed Christ through water baptism 2 weeks later. as friends held me responsible for cheating me room mate, they had also been cheated they forced me to commit to ungodly ways to repay them. i pray cried nothing worked. i was in a situation were i thought they will kill me. Although London several people became rich before my eyes i could not somehow get any i returned back kept attending church. Tried to get Job it did not workout. Family was trying to fix my marriage some where. i in desperation i spoke to me pastor and while we were talking associated pastor came and told some thing related to my marriage. Exactly as he said a proposal came despite i being jobless at that time marriage happened. She was bit insecure we had constant disputes she kept insisting on going back.

One dispute it was the same my sister was having operation and she was in my home and in night called me and told me many things i got panicked and thought my marriage life was over. Same thing happened one more night and i even told all my relatives. and send messages for prayer help. earlier also before baptism when my mother had a problem in office i had created a prayer chain and she got her job back within weeks although we lost some money. one of my relatives had a vision and she told wife will come back and i should show any anger. the same thing happened i understood god had worked.

i tired to two business lost, my only income is now gone, we have infertility issues still she clings to me although she is not a believer which i consider is a miracle of Lord. i don't have a regular income for now one year but Lord has kept going. He provided a job for my wife in Xian hospital without any recommendation that was also a miracle.

Although Jesus have never spoken to me directly whenever i am crying he sends someone from any part of the world to comfort me . i have not conquered my sins there also he keeps me under his shade. i keep getting angry with god due to my failures but He suffers me and protects me. i have three desires to proclaim the Good news of my master Lord Jesus, to have steady income and to have a generation. i believe Jesus will provide me all this that will be my next testimony. God bless all who have read this he is real Savior 22 carot


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