Testimony: Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed

Audge's testimony "Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed" on 3/03/2016, 10:19am...

I can't remember any happy childhood memories .The sexual abuse started very early in life,The Lord took me on a healing journey while I was praying in the Spirit later in my adult life.I saw myself in a vision,Ilooked to be about 1.5 years old.I was being carried into the bushes,in the next segment I saw myself being laid down on the ground with a branch in my hands,(must have been berries)I could see my uncle through the branch ,coming down on top of me.

I was taken to other painful segments of my early years that I don't recall.I cried so hard,I could feel the fear,pain,loneliness,and was allowed to feel each hurtful emotion as I clung unto the Holy Spirit in tongues.

I was abused by two of my caregivers,uncle,and older brother Gary.In my younger teen years I found out ,"if I got in trouble with the law ,they'd take me away to a safe place."This is when my life of crime started.I was put in children's jails like Dale's House.I learned new and better ways to survive out on the street.Robbery,car theft,...(I need not glorify past sin).

I hated God,and all He stood for.As I was also put in a boarding school run by nuns,they were sadistically cruel.In my life of crime and drugs/alcohol,I had a cousin who was a Christian .I hated it when I heard about her dumb Jesus and her stupid God,(My two favorite swear words at the time).

One night a friend came to pick me up in a stolen car,we went to do a robbery,(we had a few beers,so we did a careless job. The police chased us,and caught us.We were shipped to a city jail where I talked to a lawyer.He said,"you won't get more than three years?"I was so distraught !I had never been charged for all the crimes I had committed,I'd always got away with it under a false name.Now everything caught up with me.I was going to prison.I found a cross in my pocket,I don't know where it came from?I wasn't into God .I hated Him with a passion .I started to remember all the things my cousin would say about her stupid Jesus,and God,(before I would shut her out. I said in my mind,"God,if You're really real,help me get out of here tomorrow and I'll quit my life of crime,I'll quit drinking,drugs,etc. I promised Him a big fat pig. I felt something flowing into me from above,like a rain of peace.It made me weep,I tried wiping the tears away,(I didn't want the other girls to think I was a jam tart crying in jail).That night,I slept in such a peace,(someone who was going up for the charges I was,the next day,wouldn't sleep so peacefully ).

The next day I went before the judge,he read the charges out,and asked if I would like to enter a plea.I said,"your honor,can I speak to my lawyer more on this?"He slammed the gavel down:"three months Pine Grove correctional center!!!"That was it I was being put on a shelf till my next court date,back then remand wasn't counted as time served.I was put back into the place where they hauled prisoners off to prison.😢

All of a sudden a guard came to the big steal door and started opening the door,he said,"Audrey DuBois,will you step out here please!"My heart jumped into my throat as I heard the other girls whispering to each other :"are they letting her go?"'No",'she's on remand three months!!"I started to shake thinking ,"their making a mistake,"I shook as I took the pen from the guard,he said,"sign here for your personal belongings." I had to hold my hand with my other hand I was shaking so badly.As I signed my last name I saw bleachers of people watching me,at the same time,I heard a voice from above saying,"God if You're real,get me out of here tomorrow and I'll give up my life of crime,...I stood pasted to the big glass window to the building looking up to the sky,"Y-Y-You kept Your end of the bargin,I'll keep mine."

I went to find my cousin to try find out how to become a Christian,I and my sis-in-law stopped at my sisters looking for cousin Denise.I sat at the coffee table while my two relatives went in the other room to discuss paper work.Out of boredom I pulled this big book that was sitting on the coffee table infront of me.I started reading the inscription to the reader on the first page,as I read 1/4 of the way through,a man's voice took over,every word was so sweet,so meaningful ,would jump from the pages into my spirit,(heart).1/2 way down the page,my sis-in-law came out of the other room,"okay Audge ,let's go!" I started to read ,real fast.I couldn't understand what I just read,so I went back to where the voice last read,every word jumped into my heart,so strongly ,at the end He said,"For it is by grace that you have been saved ,through faith ,and this not your own ,it's a gift of God!"I felt something fall from my eyes!Then,I knew in my knower,there was a God.He was really real.I felt a tangeble presence .He changed my life around 100% 💕Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed💕


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