Testimony: When The Good News Reached Me

Anonymous testimony "When The Good News Reached Me" on 7/31/2014, 10:01am...

I am a 43 year old Indian homemaker who lives in Indonesia. Born into a Hindu family I had never questioned my religion and followed whatever had to be done as a Hindu. For me this meant lighting a lamp in the evening at 6 pm and visiting a temple when I made my annual visit to India. It meant celebrating certain festivals and praying to idols and pictures of Hindu gods at home.

I didn't have a very difficult life but was certainly in the dark about many things. I was highly opinionated and quick to argue and debate on every topic under the sun. I had constant mood swings where I could spend a moment in cloud 9 then go down deep into the dumps depending on my situation. But most of all I was a constant worrier. There was this hole inside of me that I tried to satisfy with socializing and eating.

Things changed when I placed my child in a Christian school. The school was strong in its sharing of Biblical verses and as the warm and comfortable atmosphere that the teachers provided grew on me I began to notice the opening and closing prayers at assemblies or other such gatherings.

The Bible verses used as themes for the year opened my eyes to Christian behavior and many of the teachers were practicing them which also touched my heart. However, at one Christmas assembly when a teacher gave a message where he said Jesus was the only way to heaven I felt upset and complained about this to the principal. When the teacher was confronted with this he and his wife began praying for me.

Meanwhile, I had formed a good friendship with the teacher's wife who I felt was one of the nicest persons I had ever met. She began a Bible study group and I joined it.

I began to love the teachings and most of all I began to fall in love with Jesus. To me He seemed perfect, holy and sinless. I knew this through the many messages the school was sharing but I believe the Holy Spirit was working on my heart with these thoughts. One day I declared to a group of teachers at the school that though I loved Christianity I couldn't do anything about it as I was born Hindu. God must have had a good hearty laugh at that!

A few months later, as I was online I saw a link that said there was evidence that Jesus was God. I clicked onto it and was stunned at the deep and clear research that had been done. But it was a picture of a Jesus in the background whose eyes seemed to be piercing my soul that made me realize what a sinner I was. Suddenly I saw all my sins in front of my eyes. I saw the Cross with Jesus on it and I saw the truth. Jesus was the only God. He had died for me. I was a sinner. Only His blood would clean me and open the gate to heaven. I just had to believe in this and receive Him.

It took me a week to decide what to do. I feared the hindu gods would punish me. But one night I got the answer. "When God is with you, who can be against you?" I received Jesus. My life was never the same after that. No longer did I worry. No longer was I empty. The hole was filled with Jesus.

I walked in the light, clearly knowing what was wrong and what was right as the Bible verses and the Holy Spirit showed me many things. I began to love people as I saw them through Jesus' eyes. He brought financial blessings like never before. He gave me strength when I was diagnosed with a benign tumor. Jesus gave me peace and joy. The good news had given me freedom.


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