Testimony: Truly Redeemed

KrystalP28's testimony "Truly Redeemed" on 1/31/2013, 10:16pm...

Hey! My name is Krystal and I'm trying to get my testimony out because the lord is weighing heavy on my heart to do so.

I grew up in a small town in west Virginia called Thorpe in McDowell County, My daddy was a preacher now ministered his own church. From the time of my birth the devil was out to destroy me you see I was born with out a hip joint so the doctor said I would never walk.

My grandma, very wise lady strong in the lord dreamt about a child coming to her with a limp leg she placed a clove leaf in my crib n she spoke to her within the next few days I had a doctor appointment where they said that I was a miracle because the joint was there now I've been walking since.

So growing up I was always close with the lord but as years went by I found myself drifting away from him now by the age 14 I was experimenting with pot noodle alcohol just to fit in. I was very active in basketball, was homecoming queen in junior high but pot became my friend now I let all that go.

During my high school years my dad quit preaching n I could see the devil moving in, my parents started having problems my mom began to drink heavy night take nerve medication n my dad started acting strange. At 17 I was sexually assaulted by a 70 year old man that was suppose to be my grandpa best friend and that destroyed me so by the age 19 I had started snorting pills n my parents split up. My brother and I started partying a lot more n by 2004 my mother decided to up now move to Florida leaving us behind I felt so abandoned now alone my dad ended up moving back home but was never there cuz he worked a lot. My addiction became stronger and I started taking nerve pills n I remember waking up to the electric company disconnecting the lights now my dad saying it's ok god will make a way but I just remember being so angry with god that I didn't believe him. I left home that day now moved to Mercer County where I then met a man who promised me the moon and stars, I was seeking attention so bad that I was gullible and believed every word. He introduced me to everything you could think of but one drug stuck and it was cocaine. I loved the feeling it gave me now I thought I needed to numb the pain!

I got pregnant with my first child n at age 21 I had her she was what kept me going but the desire to get high overwhelmed me now I started it again by this time snorting cocaine wasn't enough so we started smoking crack now stayed on that for years. This man beat me mentally abused me cheated now I chose to become his wife after our daughter had been born 5months. 5 months after that I found out I was pregnant with twins and was scared to death my addiction to crack was horrible n we spent every dollar we had on it.

On July 21 our twins we're born and I thought that being a mother of 3 kids would change me I was wrong. My dad remarried now my mom moved back but things we're still the same n I was still miserable. In 2008 my father murdered his second wife n I flipped. He was my rock! My addiction went into a whirlwind n I started taking every thing I could get my hands on. June of 09 my addiction led to my kids getting taken by cps n I caught a charge. I went to jail while my husband was ripping n running the streets. I went to the regional jail n I remember praying saying lord let mom go my bond now I promise I'll do right and he answered my prayer. I got off drugs got my kids back n met another man who I thought for sure was the one. I divorced my husband and got engaged to the other man.

I did well for 6 months I got put on probation now new I didn't want to mess up. I told my fiance I wanted to nod one more time no so he listened he brought home Oxycontin now there I was hooked again. I remember being panicky going to see my p. O every month but didn't care because I was so bad that I just didn't want to be sick. He worked in the coal mines so we had plenty of money about a year into the relationship he started getting violent n so I did too. It was very unhealthy but I stayed because my addiction said to.

I had lost interest in every thing. Wasn't long after that my kids got taken again n there I was again angry at god thinking why are u doing this to me n my kids. Deep down after that I was on a death mission, didn't care if I was alive or dead didn't matter to me I had lost every thing. I got evicted from my home lost my kids now was hearing I'd never get them back so I just gave up.

They stopped making Oxycontin you could snort so I met a guy who had opana n they became my life. I moved with my boyfriend back to McDowell with his family cuz noone in my family wanted me around because I'd already taken enough from them that they didn't trust me. Being away from my family killed me not seeing my kids destroyed me on the inside that one day we were dope sick n couldn't find anything so we met up with some friends who we're shooting up so we tried it.

I remember feeling so bad after it that I just wanted to cry. Me now my boyfriend got into a fight one night high as kited n it was near my twins birthday I was already depressed that I remember praying saying lord I can't do this anymore I don't care what happens just please do something. I had to see my probation officer in a few days n I remember flushing my system thinking I really don't want to go to jail.

When I went in on July 20 2011she arrested me that day and put me in jail. I couldn't even cry because deep down I was screaming help me. 34 days in that place opened my eyes to a lot. One night laying in that cold cell I talked to god like he was my best friend saying lord I'm done I just want my kids, I had so much guilt now heartache that it was driving me insane. I went to church every Sunday while I was there. I got out n was placed in a program called drug court and folks let me tell ya I was shook. They have a faith based class called celebrate recovery and meeting the ppl over it opened my heart now replanted the seed to Christ I remember a girl named Kim came in an told us her testimony n I couldn't take my eyes off of her I had tears in my eyes now she told me to stand up so I did she said I don't know u but god is working on u and he has bigger plans for you. That day I felt the chains break n I accepted Jesus into my heart.

Now here I sit typing this, I've been clean for 18 months, I have had my children back in the home with me for a year I'm going to beauty school and I also graduated from the drug court program and I'm almost officially outta trouble. Please do not think that you too can't overcome any obstacle in your way because I'm living proof that you can.

My god is an awesome god n I give him all the glory, he restored now replinished me. Knuckle favorite saying from my lord is Be Still and Know That I am God. If you are facing any difficulty turn to Jesus, if you have health issues turn to Jesus I don't care if your just having a bad day turn to Jesus for he will show you the way.

I hope you enjoy my testimony and please spread this along to others, I really want my story to be heard I want to help those who are lost give them hope not faith that they may see there is nothing to impossible with Jesus. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed and I hope someone was blessed by it. If you'd like to speak directly to me send me an email it's kaydrizzle28@gmail. com


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