Testimony: There Is Nothing I Haven\\\'t Experienced

Brian Devereux's testimony "There Is Nothing I Haven\\\'t Experienced" on 1/12/2016, 9:38am...

I remember when I was about three years of age and was going to Church with mum and dad. Then my dear sister at the age of 18 months Amanda died of unknown causes and instead of drawing closer to God my dad turned away and started to drink heavily. My parent’s marriage then went from bad to worse with dad fighting and beating my mother. I knew what was happening but I was still a young boy. All I wanted was for God to stop him and I tried a few times to help. Then he seemed to turned on me with mum rejecting me because of Amanda’s death. I did not understand. I remember having lots of school friends and things were okay for a while. I had eye problems ‘macular dystrophy’ and even with glasses could not see the blackboard. The teachers put me at the back of the class but I could not do the work so had a lot of homework. Mum and dad were not good at helping me with that kind of schoolwork so the teachers put me at the front of the class. Because the teachers picked on me the other children did too which led to being bullied at school and then out of school.

I became uncontrollable at home with everything I had been going through. The Social Services were called and I was placed in foster care. Nothing changed I was still the same way so I was placed in a children’s home. This was where I experienced child abuse physically and verbally. I eventually ended up in Bramfield House School for boys which is where I experienced homosexuality. Being a teenager at the time I didn’t think anything of it and thought it was normal. Social Services were still involved in my life when I left school. I had been taken out of home life, main stream school and then public school and even though they knew I was under age (my Social Worker being pregnant at the time) it was easier to let me live with someone. I was 17 and not sure of myself I should have been developing social skills and talking to girls. I then met a woman named Tracy so started to live a bisexual lifestyle. My head was all over the place. (Looking back God was always there even though I did not know it at the time). God was calling me. I was at College at the time going back and forth from Reach to Bury St Edmunds. College is where I met Tracy who became my girlfriend (and then back to Michael and in the end both). Neither of these relationships lasted even though I stayed friends with both of them for years after.

At times when I was younger I would feel God draw me to him even though I had no actual experience.
While I was at College I was introduced to pot and other drugs. This was to become my release for many years when I should have turned to God but I was not listening to him. It was the start of the raving scene - speed, mushrooms, coke and LSD I also had a habit on smack for two year’s which I thought was me kicking the habit. I was on self destruct and did not want to live. It was God being there because I was doing more heroin than the people who used to come round my place in Reach. Some nights there was between 6 and up to 9 of us. Two to six bags each person. I didn’t have to pay so was having a lot. I felt a calling from God to stop. I knew about God and Jesus but really was not listening to him. I had lots of dead end jobs going from one to another. My last one was making paint and getting it ready for dispatch. During this time I build a boat with some help and lived on it for two and a bit years. I then lived on a narrow boat which belonged to someone else. At this time I met Claire on a course who became my girlfriend. She lived with me on the boat.

I was signed off work due to my macular dystrophy in both eyes. I was still living on the boat. After ten months I moved to Ely but did not know anyone so I went down the pub for a year instead of the Church. I became a volunteer on a helping hands project gardening team. I was still smoking pot on and off an drinking on and off.

I then went to the Countess Free Church for a chat about how people would see a Church on High Barns. I was thinking okay then why not. I had no intention of becoming a Christian I was quite happy smoking and drinking. Then a man shook my hand and at that moment God used him because after that handshake Jesus took it all. Jesus took all the pain, grief, anger, emotion and all the bad feelings I had about the child abuse and my lost sister.

To anyone reading this testimony there is nothing Jesus cannot help you with through his love and compassion. It is beyond my understanding all I know is my relationship with him is true as me and you are here on earth. Jesus can take all your addictions and grief and he will. All you have to do is invite Jesus into your life. Amen. Highest praises to the Great I AM.

To all peoples of all faiths of all religions pray this prayer if you want to go to heaven. Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life to you and ask you to come in as my Savior and Lord. Take control of my life. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Make me the kind of person you want me to be. Amen


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