Testimony: The Spirit World And The Last Days: A True Testimony Of A Born Again Christian

Anonymous testimony "The Spirit World And The Last Days: A True Testimony Of A Born Again Christian" on 7/29/2014, 6:11am...

When I was about fifteen years old, a movie went viral on the internet. As a 15 year old in the year 2007, I spent a lot of time on the internet. I was always interested in spiritual things. This movie, called Zeitgeist, became the most watched documentary, pretty much in the history of the internet. In high school I even did a whole project on the movie, because I totally believed it to be true. The movie is a documentary about how Jesus never existed, and how his life (born of a virgin, baptized, birthday December 25, died on a cross, resurrection) was just a allegorical tale that has been told since the start of mankind because of astrology. It goes on to say that the sun (the son), on December 25, goes to this constellation called The Crux (the cross) and stays still for three days, then it goes up “one degree” on the 28th, after three days of being “dead” and is “resurrected” since it moves up. Let me just say that everything this film has claimed, has already been refuted. The filmmaker had a meltdown and started making crazy crazy movies afterwards, propaganda films and so on. The whole internet, after a couple years, finally realized it was all a lie. But I truly believed it at the time, and thus, I hated Christianity, I didn’t even believe Jesus ever existed, and my life went down the drain.

I started drinking, doing drugs, and smoking at 15. I “played the harlot” as the Bible says. I was a terrible teenager. I always had a good heart and believed in God, and I had terrible guilt, gut-wrenching guilt every single day because of all the mistakes I made on a daily basis. And the God I believed in was not the true God, I believed in more of a new-age (I had been super-brainwashed by internet documentaries) metaphysical sciency-type God, like more of an eternal sacred energy thing. To make a long story short, I’m going to just blow through the rest of the story without really going into the details.

My cousin moved in with me when I was 17. We both did a lot of pills and drank a lot and smoked a lot. She overdosed on my 17th birthday and I found her dead in my bedroom. After that I went very fringe-science like, with all the quantum physics and metaphysics articles coming out, because I was trying to grasp Death and all of that, and wondering about the afterlife. So then, what I thought was a ghost, was following me around. One day when I was laying in bed with my boyfriend at the time, I was telling him how there was an energy or a ghost following me around, stealing my things and slamming windows and knocking over candles, trying to start fires. He didn’t believe a word I said. So I said “You can either believe me, or leave,” and at that very moment when I said “leave” my bedroom door SWUNG open. We were terrified but he still didn’t believe, saying it had been my brother who opened the door.

My best friend Kim came to sleep over my house. I told her all about metaphysics and the afterlife, from that which I learned on the internet. We talked about metaphysics and spirituality all day. At night we ordered Chinese food. Her fortune cookie said “Study metaphysics with a friend” and my fortune cookie said “Something big will fall from the sky”. We both started crying and being very dramatic about the whole thing, just because her fortune cookie was so on point and accurate, that it was terrifying, because we assumed mine also to be accurate due to association, and we were scared about what would fall from the sky.

The next day we woke up and got ready for school. She slept over on a school night because she lived very far away from the school and I lived very close. We were getting ready and I wore red suede shoes, a black and white dress. But I needed something red to wear to match my shoes. I looked forever for a red necklace or a red bracelet, in my grandmas and my moms closet, trying to find something to wear that would match my shoes. I literally said out loud “I wish I had something red to match these shoes.” But there was nothing red in my house. So I just wore a dried-spaghetti noodle necklace (I had an internship at a preschool and a kid made it for me) and the necklace had 2 green noodles, 1 orange noodle in the middle, then 2 yellow noodles at the end. The orange noodle in the middle, is why I chose this necklace. It was the only thing that SOMEWHAT could match my red shoes.

We got to school early and went into the back of the school to wait. The back of this school is a huge, empty, abandoned parking lot. It’s on a hill, and no roads connect to the back of the school, it’s like a huge empty lot that no one can access unless by walking up the hill or walking around the school once youre on the hill. There are no trees and absolutely nothing around it for anything to fall from or get tossed from. So we sit down. Suddenly something just falls literally out of thin air. From the sky. Something fell, from the sky, RIGHT between me and Kim. Directly in-between us, onto the pavement. And it did not break when it fell. It was a perfectly red, shining, glistening with like, glitter, bright red dried spaghetti noodle. Obviously we freaked out and we both left school and walked home due to utter shock. Sadly, before we left, we were trying to see where the noodle came from. I was trembling and shaking as I picked it up, and I accidentally dropped it. When it dropped, from where I was crouching down, it broke. It just shattered. Yet when it fell out of thin air it did not break. We collected the pieces and walked back to my house.

Then I slept over her house. We went out to the back porch after 9pm, when it was dark. We were about to sit down when suddenly something comes out from behind her shed. It’s a huge, flying saucer. It’s literally like 5-10 feet above the ground, and 5-10 feet away from us. It was not in the sky, not in the “air”, it was in her backyard right next to us. It was not big. It was like as big as her shed, but smaller, because it was hiding behind the shed before it came out from behind it. So it comes out before we can even sit down. It goes right to the middle of the yard and lights up. So at first it looked like your typical flying saucer, but with balls around the middle. Like it was wearing a belt of Christmas ornaments or something. Then when it lit up, all the balls, or orbs, lit up in this multicolored light show. Colors that Ive never even seen before. Just neon, weird weird colors, and so fast, changing colors, every orb just doing a very weird color-changing-light show kind of thing. Then after, I don’t even know how long, maybe a minute, maybe a couple minutes, it just turned off the lights and floated back into the woods behind the shed.

Then she slept over my house like months later. This time it was late at night, like after 10pm, and we were ready to go to bed. I really wanted to go to bed but Kim insisted that we go outside to try to see another “UFO”. We went outside but it was freezing cold so we had to sit in my mom’s PontiacVibe to stay warm. It was not even two minutes before it happened. We sat in the car for like two minutes when all of the sudden Kat looked out her window and said “Do you see that?” and I didn’t see it because I waas in the drivers seat. So I leaned towards her window to try to see, but just as I did that, and saw it, it looked like it was right about to fall on us. Like a comet just fell from space and we were about to die, it was about to fall directly on my moms car. But then it started flying straight.

It literally fell, from the sky, to the top of the car, and flew straight over the car. Inches above the car. So we could both see it when it flew straight, out of the windshield. It was a glowing purple triangle with something in the middle that looked like a wooden airplane at the time, and HUGE FLAMES coming out of the back. A purple triangle in the front, in the middle like a wooden plane, and the back was flames of fire. We got out of the car and chased it up the street, but when it turned a corner it just disappeared. It literally disappeared.

Kims house is in the woods so no one could have seen the small UFO in her backyard at night. But I lived in a very populated residential area with teenagers and college students living in it. I have no idea how NONE OF MY NEIGHBORS could have seen the purple triangle. It was around 10 or 11, not THAT late at night, for kids my age. It made me question whether we were the only ones who could see these things or beckon them to come down from “the heavens”.

So I started googling this stuff. I went to google, the first thing that popped in my head was “wooden chariot on fire”. That phrase just came to me. I described it to my friends as a wooden airplane on fire, but when I got to google, the word “chariot” just wouldn’t get out of my head. Come to think, now, looking back, I used to sing this song in chorus in middle school that went “Swing low, sweet chariot, coming to carry me home” not even understanding that it was a christian song. But now the song just seemed to suggest a UFO swinging down low to carry me home. I started actually believing that I was some kind of superhuman, maybe half alien or something, and that’s why I seemed to have friends that were supernatural that I could literally summon up whenever I went outside with this one particular girl.

I became satanic but not knowing I was satanic. Worshipping angels, having sayonces, doing things like that, became twice as bad as a drunk and a liar and a theif than I was before. Because I thought that morals didn’t apply to me. I thought I was special, one of the only people on Earth who have direct communication with the spirit world or the UFOS or whatever you want to call them. I swear I believed that I had an alien family or something. I went nuts.

But once I started googling, “wooden chariot on fire”, the only thing on the internet that came up was the Book of Ezekiel. It was a book of the Bible. I read it. Ezekiel saw “wheels within wheels” that were on fire. So as soon as I read that, I had an epiphany. I said to myself, here is this book, this Bible, that no one believes. No one believes it. Not even some Christians and the most educated theologians truly believe in Adam and Eve, Noahs flood, everyone going to hell except those who believe in Jesus, etc. They dismiss the miracles of Jesus, like him walking on water, they teach that it was a land bridge. I said to myself, absolutely no one believes this book. But here is a verse of Ezekiel that perfectly describes what I saw. And no one will EVER believe me. Well some of my friends did believe me but not my family and not most people would probably ever believe this story. Maybe some people reading this right now don’t believe it--that’s my point--its pretty unbelievable. But so is the Bible.

So I said to myself, I am a person who knows a truth that absolutely no one will ever believe. The Bible is a book that professes to be the only truth in the world yet no one believes it. So I said, it must be true. I said, this book is probably 100% true, and every single thing being true, every word being from the God who created this Universe. And I 100% believed it, right away, that the Bible and that Christianity is true.

I started studying it. The king james version. When I read “God hides the wisdom in the foolish things, the strong things in the weak things” or something like that, I instantly got a flashback of how STUPID I thought the Bible was before I ever actually read it. It’s like God hid the only truth in the whole world, in the book that people generally think is the most foolish book. That’s genius. Our God is a genius. This world does EVERYTHING it can to have us not believe. But I overcame the world that day when I accepted Jesus as my savior.

There are a LOT of things that I did that were satanic and terrible, that I did not record in this testimony, for sake of saving time and not having this be an entire book. But I just want to say: I was satanic, I truly believed I was an alien, and I corrupted everyone I knew into believing in new-age philosophy, because I thought I was some kind of prophet. Prophet of Satan. I was a poet, the most popular at the open mics, I have to say, my poems were the best Ive ever heard, but they were extremely satanic, always bringing down religion and insulting the Bible. Like, it was automatic writing, I would just do a bunch of drugs and write a poem and I would joke around and say like I was possessed while writing it cause I never thought or tried to make a rhyme or bring something up, it was truly what they call “automatic writing”.

After I was saved by Jesus, I could not believe the poetry I used to write. I could not understand what in the world would make words like that come out of my heart because I never even read the bible or knew anything about it yet constantly wrote about religion and how it is so evil. And just all those hundreds of people who loved my poetry. This was all like 5-7 years ago and I still have people come up to me asking to hear a poem that they remember from years and years ago. My poetry was very popular in my town. It corrupted every ear that it fell upon.

I have a lot to make up for now. I want to get right with God and tell people my story so everyone who believes me can learn from it. The spirit world is real. The “Fallen angels” are real. Satan’s real and he goes about like a roaring lion.

EVERY SINGLE MIRACLE IN THE BIBLE IS 100% TRUE AND NOT ALLEGORICAL. Every single miracle actually happened. I don’t know if I would believe that Moses parted an entire sea with a rod, unless I had seen things that others deem impossible and supernatural. So the verse that comes up for me is, “Thomas, you have seen and you have believed, but blessed are they which have not seen and believed” so I feel like I’ve been taken down a couple notches, having seen this miraculous things, its no wonder that I fully believe in the miracles of the bible

But more blessed is everyone else who has not seen yet has believed


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