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Beth's testimony "The Devil Is A Liar" on 4/04/2019, 11:25am...

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I grew up going to a Baptist Church. I was saved at the early age of 5 years old. My mama took my brother and I into the bedroom, she asked us if we believed in Jesus, that he died on the cross for our sins and did we want to be saved? We said yes so she had us kneel down and pray, asking God to come into our hearts and save us.

As I grew older I doubted my salvation because I kept hearing about the “age of accountability” and I worried that I was too young, so I prayed that prayer again at around the age of 12 or so, “just to be sure I was saved”. I am sure it was the Devil giving me doubt. The Devil is VERY powerful and he is a LIAR!

I married early, age 18, my husband was 19. I worked two jobs at times to make ends meet. In my 20’s I began hanging around older adults that were going places and doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. I knew it was wrong, but I continued to do those things that were unpleasing to God. I would pray for forgiveness so many times that I was tired of hearing those prayers myself. I then changed my prayer to “Lord, help me get out of this”, and he did! I lived with guilt for so long, too long.

The Devil pressed me HARD as a young person, knowing he could make me believe him. The Devil kept whispering to me “you have done it now”! You are going straight to hell for sinning against God! He would say, “it is too late for you”, “don’t open that Bible or you will see that you are going to hell”, don’t go to church or you will hear that preacher say “you have sinned the unforgivable sins, you are going to hell”.

I lived in fear of dying and going to hell for 30 years! In some ways I wanted to know for sure if I was going to hell, then again, if I found out for sure that I WAS going to hell, I knew I could not live with that, but if I killed myself, I would get there sooner! It was torture not knowing!

I had stopped my sinful ways, I was only “bad” for a year or so. I then tried my best to be what God wanted in every way, EXCEPT for going to church, reading my bible, and listening to God’s word on TV. I avoided all talk of heaven and hell as much as possible. I just tried to be a good person, I would try and be encouraging to others mentioning how great God was and I would even witness to others, saying God loves you! I just couldn’t take my own advice! The Devil is a powerful LIAR!

One day, one of my patients who has cancer, (I am a nurse), said to me, “God has told me I am going to be ok”! I pondered at her statements knowing God does speak to people. That weekend on a Saturday night, I did not pray that same old prayer I usually pray, “God forgive me of my sins, be with my family, keep us safe, happy, and healthy, etc. I chose to have a conversation with God. I said, God, I know you are real, I haven’t heard from you in a long time, I NEED to hear from you, I need to know I am going to be ok…

IMMEDIATELY, he said to me, “PUT….ME…..FIRST”! I knew without a doubt who said that and what that meant! The clock could not move fast enough for me to get to church the next morning! I was under conviction! I got up, began getting ready for church. My husband asked me, “ where are you going”? I told him “TO CHURCH”! My eyes were as big as saucers! He said if you had told me sooner I would have went with you. He grew up in a Baptist home too. I said to him, I cannot explain right now, but I have to go! My drive was just 10 minutes to church, but I prayed all the way there. I said, “God, I am doing what you want me to do, I am going to church! Just please, Lord, give me peace and joy”.

I don’t remember the message, but I remember having COMPLETE PEACE AND JOY the entire sermon. I heard the preacher say “It doesn’t matter what you have done, or where you have been, it is not too late”! I cried and cried and thanked God over and over for getting me back to where I needed to be.

I no longer feared the word of God, I was no longer afraid to be in a church, I was no longer under the Devils’ lies! I cannot tell you how great my life is now! I have a personal relationship with my savior! I feel him in my heart, I know he is with me all the time. The Devil still tries, but he no longer has hold on me!

I am a new person, so very happy and so very thankful! If you earnestly want change in your life, talk to God, seek him with all your heart and you WILL be changed!

Beth C.


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