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Testimony: Thank You God❤️

Damon Weaver's testimony "Thank You God❤️" on 6/23/2016, 2:52pm...

Hello I am Damon weaver and I am 18. I was able to meet president Obama on several occasions. I also meet
Oprah,joe Biden,spike lee,Samuel Jackson and many others(YouTube Damon weaver when you get a chance). I'm here to tell everyone I love God and Jesus with all my heart.Before I truly found Christ I was livin under mind control and didn't know the meaning of a life. With God granting me the gift to know about secret societies and the knowledge to know about the evil in the world. I gave mind my mind and soul to the lord. He is so great. I believe I am a very blessed person with a very big purpose in life.christian faith has improved my faith because I learned and understand the only way to salvation is through the blood of a Jesus Christ our savior. From my experience I've learned that everything in the bible is exactly True and I also learned we are living in the last days. I want to spread the love of Jesus and prepare others for the second coming.
Thank you God for everything I love you AMEN🙏🙏💯


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