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Testimony: Still Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith

Sister in Christ's testimony "Still Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith" on 2/03/2014, 6:01am...

I am a Christian but for a long time I relied on my own strength and understanding when it came to my life. I decided not to give money to the church because I felt the pastors, members did not use the money for it intended purpose, namely the upkeep of the church.
I struggled with lust, cigarettes and alcohol.....Yet I was a Christian.
Then things took a turn for the worse, I gave up my "Christianity" and decided that the devil could do more for me, since God wasn't doing much. I made a deal with the devil: "If you give me what I want then you can do what you want with me".

If I tell you the hell I went thru, you will not believe. A darkness came over me. I nearly lost my mind and body. When I could take the abuse no longer, I remembered. I remembered the Lord. I heard his voice, loud and clear.....I have not left you just believe. I fell on my knees and prayed, like never before. I pray to be released from every stronghold that I have allowed the devil to have over me (lust, smoking, drinking,). I prayed for the Lord Jesus to come into my life and take control; to bind every evil spirit that is operating in my life and cast such spirit(s) back into hell. After I was finish praying- I felt something strange in me - I don't know how to explain it. All lust and fleshly desires left me. I felt a lifting in me; spirits were no longer there to torment me.

But there was a voice I heard: :Get rid of all idols, objects that bring a curse upon you and your house, evil literature, etc. I threw away everything that was connected to the old man: dvds, cds, books, candles, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. I even got rid of my cable. I began to read the bible more, pray more and quickly joined a Holy Spirit-filled church.

Today, I still face some challenges but I have learned the devil's tactics. He is liar..oh does Satan lie. He still tries to make me fall for his lies. Example: "You can get rich quicker, why not go to casinos, play the lottery, etc. Don't help the poor, they are such a burden..Keep the money for yourself, you are in greater need than they are. don't tithe, the pastor will only use it to pay his rent, furnish his expensive house or buy a new car". But I have learned to obey the voice of God.
The devil has even tried to take my life but I know God has stopped him in his track...How I know?? Jesus has revealed it to me.

People, Satan is real. His tactics you must not underestimate. He cannot be defeated by your own will-power. The only way to beat Satan is by putting on the armor of God and fighting with the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Prayers are also a weapon of warfare. Remember: you are not fighting a person of flesh and blood!!
It is all about the spiritual realm and if you don't understand this then you are in some serious trouble.

Are you going thru problems at work? Problems in your marriage? Abusive relationship? Problems raising your child?? You are under attack because the devil is after your faith. He wishes to break you in such a manner that you would start doubting the existence, the power of Jesus. If he can take away your faith then he has you.
No matter how many times you fall, get up and keep on fighting the good fight of faith. Contend for the faith. You are in a battle.


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