Testimony: Praise To Our Lord Jesus

praveen kumar's testimony "Praise To Our Lord Jesus" on 3/14/2016, 10:57pm...

My name is praveen kumar iam from india. i want tell my own testimony iam studied degree in loyola degree college.my college principal is so strit

i have some attendence shortage that reason my dady(father) health problem,and so many financial,helth ,other problems in dec 28 2015.
iam pray for my problems "o god please help me for our my problems" but lord jesus heard my PRAYER. heals my family problems.

My attendence shortage is 2months(60 days),generally one student 20 or30 days abcent in regular classes he has punished, and he is not allowed practicals,internal exams and external exams. that is our college rule.

jan 3 2016 College regisration letter send me for meet principal with my parents.iam so feared but lord jesus with me. jesus says -you will go iam with you. the lord jesus prepared me from LUKE 12:4-5.

iam meet our college principal to explain our attendence shortage, that reason my family problems.principal accepted me, and my attendence.he has accepted written internal,external exams THE LORD IS GOOD.PRAISE THE LORD.


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