Testimony: Praise God For His Mercy - For Sucessfully Completing Research

James D Terish Bino's testimony "Praise God For His Mercy - For Sucessfully Completing Research" on 12/27/2016, 9:02am...

Glory to God. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ who came to this world to save us.

I Can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I thank my Lord for giving me an opportunity to write a testimony about his abundant grace and mercy that he has shown me throughout my life and this is regarding my PhD course work. I am currently working with a pharmaceutical service organization and I was very particular and interested to carry out my PhD in Pharmaceutical analysis. I chose Diabetes as the area of research with an aim to develop a prognosis tool for the same. Through God's grace I got enrolled in a South India based university and did not have the possibility to pay the fees. God helped me by getting the loan from a reputed bank in study loan category. This is for five years and we are in fourth year.
Coming back regarding course, I got enrolled in 2012 as external, which is a 3 year program. As per university norms, final work needs to be submitted by 20th March 2015 with a grace period of Fifteen days or need to pay one more year fees which bank may not have the provision. Being a Luke warm believer, I started the activity by choosing a Bio marker as the indicator for type 2 diabetes and first line treatment drug as the method need to be evaluated as prognostic tool and its applicability in therapeutic drug monitoring.
Started with simultaneous method development and linearity seems to be ok and was presented to the panel for finalizing the title. During which I was very optimistic as this was our area of work and next came the course exam, which was also happened easily as was favored. Then came the real area of work which need to be completed within remaining period with minimum two publications. Sourced all the requirements and started the activity and was carrying in self-sufficient way, note not with support from Lord. Same method which was working earlier did not work now and I started panicking. Too much disturbed and stress could not make decision. Started keeping in prayer and also submit to Lord the Work. Being a sinner realized need to change a lot in life like humbling and honoring Jesus for his mercy and support by acknowledging. And more importantly realized to accept even if it did not happen will not fudge the work like Daniel and his friends when they were send to furnace. Now while writing this I realize that's the faith in God and acknowledging it will really make things work out.
Kept on working on the method by changing the parameters, chemicals and still with no break. Stressed out and sometimes decided to quit which will include the loan burden. But started growing in Lord and without realizing started acknowledging His mercy and also realized need to be truthful. Whatever may happen decided not to fudge the work even if not able to complete but was very stressed out because of the fact work was not progressing.
Encouraged by family and completely submitting to Lord continued the experimentation. Unexpectedly this Sinner was guided by the Lord hopefully in the month of June - July of 2014 and the method was working. Glory to God this is without much changes in the trials which was carried and was very much humbled because this was revealed through my colleague who was supporting. Optimized the method and proceeded with the validation as per regulatory requirements and was meeting the criteria. This was completed by August 2014 and to prove the applicability of the method designed the animal study. Again to acknowledge I do not know to design the animal study, but unknowingly I was guided by my Lord and carried out the study and the results indicated the concept.
This all was done by November 2014. With just four months left, I need to publish 2 papers in reputed publications in order to submit my thesis. Here too, papers got rejected for no reason when I selected publications based on my own intuition. Finally ,surrendered fully to God and through his guidance , 4 papers got published in just 4 months' time. Glory to God.
From start I was keeping in prayer to complete the work within the timeline without any extension. Praise God for his Mercy and Goodness I submitted my thesis on 20th March 2015, which is exactly the day of completion without the need of even grace period. But to accept, this was by the Grace of Lord Almighty without which it was really impossible. Even though this was not a perfect one, I have committed to use this work to honor and glorify my savior. If I look back this now and realize completely itís the mercy and kindness of my Lord to this unworthy servant. External evaluation, Submission and Viva all happened successfully and the work was recommended for award in May 2016.
And in November 2016 got the provisional and official announced.
Also we were blessed with our second daughter on 28th March 2015 which we were awaiting for some time. Even when I was away for official or course reasons Almighty took care of us.

By this we proclaim we will serve only our Savior Jesus Christ and worship and honor only the living God. Also we commit to glorify Lord Jesus in all our achievements and success. Amen


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