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Testimony: Peace Of God

Philip Junglas's testimony "Peace Of God" on 8/01/2014, 7:51pm...

Life journey:

Born and baptized Catholic as a baby. Parochial school. Prayer and thought of God/Jesus regularly through the years, but never read the bible. Too lazy? Zoom ahead. College "ahah" moments: God loves me more than I love my fiance (whom I loved with all my heart.) Zoom ahead. Around 35, decide to read the bible, for first time. Fairly regular church goer, enjoyed sermons, felt like I was missing something. God calling? Old testiment, New Testament read, usually during exercise on stationary bike or elliptical. Began to pray more regularly, talking to God mixed with routine prayers, like Rosary. Zoom ahead. 40 years old. Late for second child's first confession. Get there and go into confessional. Confessed menial sins (work too busy to get in too much trouble... ;) ) Priest asks me to bow head and pray for penance (Our Father.) THIS IS WERE IT GETS WEIRD:

I bowed my head and closed my eyes and was immediately plunged, with the sense of a belly flop from 20 feet, into PEACE, while at the same time seeing a bright light and a silhouette of head and shoulders (no face.) The PEACE (capitalized to poorly represent the amazing sensation) was SO intense that it flooded out every desire in my body, every care, worry and strife. It filled my entire sensorium. It made me IMMEDIATELY aware the physical things I owned had no value. It is impossible to describe. As it shocked me, my eyes flew open. The priest was still praying and I was mumbling the rest of the Our Father. It perhaps lasted less than a second, but is firmly imprinted in my mind and soul. I have no clue what I am to do with this experience, so I share it. It didn't come with instructions... It just solidified my faith.

I am now about to turn 50. I am still a sinner. He tested me with road rage a couple of months ago and a hungry person seeking a meal while I sat at an outside restaurant two nights ago. I failed in both situations. Yet, I am at peace. God knows my weaknesses and He wishes to answer my prayers. He forgives, when we say sorry and ask for forgiveness. He answers prayers. I have asked to be a better servant. I feel the last two fails were simply to humble me to help me see how I am still vulnerable to evil and to give me the opportunity to handle them better in the future. He is patient and I think the next time, I will be more prepared to show my Father how his lessons have been absorbed.

I share the PEACE experience so that you, the reader, may know that, as promised, there is PEACE on earth. He is risen and His Spirit is with us. Do I understand it as I do a scientific "fact?" NO. But, He authored the rules of nature, so to understand the Creator/Son and Holy Spirit is likely not humanly possible. Perhaps by divine revelation, not by scientific study. I am a scientist, so I am keenly aware of the inability of my senses and the use of scientific testing to "see" His Majesty. If a scientist thinks about the complexity of any situation in which God's grace is apparent, that scientist must immediately realize the control of so many variables to have given that situation is pretty unfathomable. For instance, take the star of David that shown over the town of Bethlehem. When did it get set in motion to be there at that wonderful time to point out to the world a special heavenly event was taking place? Or, take for instance your own "moments with God." Think of how the blend of the circumstances allowed for the event to take place. No mortal could orchestrate such a feat. Faith is a fragile and beautiful thing. Pray, Pray, Pray. Stay close to God. Say sorry if you make a mistake and learn from your mistakes. Peace, -Philip


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