Testimony: No Longer Deceived

Flor's testimony "No Longer Deceived" on 7/03/2012, 6:26pm...

I was raised in the Catholic religion, although neither of my parents went to church at the time. I went through all the church's rituals, baptism as a baby and then then communion at age 7. I was really expecting something supernatural to happen to me then because I was told I was taking in the body of Jesus. So naturally I was looking for something big to happen to me, and when nothing happened, I felt a great disappointment and sadness. I continued going to the mass, of course because I had to, and also Catholic school. But as I got older I went because I wanted to see my friends and find out what they were doing.

After graduating high school I started a full time job and thought I had it made, I was working, making money, and had a little more liberty. My parents were very strict with me. The more things I experienced in this "liberal" life, the emptier I felt inside. I wanted to be happy and wanted fulfillment. I tried relationships, drugs, alcohol, friends, and everything was very temporal. Nothing lasted. I had two children and was afraid for my children because I didn't see that the world was safe for them. Children were being kidnapped, were getting hooked on drugs, and young girls looked like hookers on the streets; and I wanted to protect my kids from all that. I started feeling very miserable inside, helpless and hopeless. While at work, I started spending my lunch time in the Catholic church; I would light candles and pray to the statues; and I came out of there feeling worse than when I first went in.

One Saturday morning in February of 1985, I was going shopping with my kids and the weather was unusually warm. It should have been freezing cold, and it was about 75 degrees, and that terrified me. I knew there was something wrong and that the world was coming to an end. This stayed with me and it made me nervous, because I didn't know what was going to happen after I died. A few weeks after this, I was witnessed to and for the first time I found out why Jesus died on the cross and why He shed His blood. In all the years I went to mass, never did I hear the truth of the Gospel. But even after hearing this I thought I was just fine. I mean after all, I had not killed anyone, neither robbed any bank, and I wasn't a drug addict. I thought I was a pretty good person, I didn't think I needed Jesus. Oh, how wrong I was, and the Lord made sure I knew it. A few weeks later, I finally bent my stubborn knees and asked the Lord to come into my heart and save my wretched soul. After the prayer I felt as light as a feather and everything around me was oh so bright.

The Lord's timing is always perfect. I had some wonderful healing experiences that the Lord gave me. I went through some trying times with the man I was married to at the time. He was saved a few months before me, but his heart was not with the Lord, everything to him was carnal and in time he turned his back on the Lord. But the Lord is so faithful, He gave me the strength to go through this and more, and then blessed me with a wonderful Christian husband who loves the Lord, and loves to tell others about Him.

God is a wonderful God. He is faithful and true, so long as you are faithful and true to His Word. Yes, there will be trying times, but God is always there. He is my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Healer, my Comfort and Joy. I know that I can run to Him and be safe in His arms.

I have learned that God is a jealous God. He created us for a purpose and we have to fulfill that purpose. And if we don't He is a God to be reckoned with. Heaven is real and so is Hell. And I say, Hell is not an option.

I praise and thank the living God for having mercy upon me, and for giving me the opportunity to share this portion of my testimony. There is so much to say when the Lord is in your life, because He does something in our lives every single day. Thank you Lord for saving my soul!!!!


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