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Testimony: New Creation In Christ

Luke's testimony "New Creation In Christ" on 5/31/2016, 5:37am...

This is my testimony from being a sinner and turned into a new creation. My life before finding Jesus was a mess of nothingness, consisting of going out with my "friends" everyday, going out to many party's, smoking weed all the time, drinking alcohol, taking all sorts of drugs and just being on the broad path to destruction. As the years went by and I carried on destroying my soul unknowingly, I had been turned into a reprobate mind, of which I knew nothing about. My life started going nowhere, I wasn't searching for a job as I was very lazy and only wanted to do my own dark ways of trying to find peace within myself. All of my family were concerned about me and worrying that I would not return home due to taking drugs all night into the morning, not caring about what anyone thought.

It came to pass that I realized something just wasn't right with my life, in my heart I knew that my life must change, that the void in my heart could not be filled by the ways of man. I started searching prayers on the internet, prayers for my family before bed. At this time I didn't know that Jesus and the Father, were the truth. So I kept praying every night to God and grieving departed ones. I gave up after a while, as nothing had changed and because I was so lost, It didn't even cross my mind that I was trying to seek God. I carried on smoking weed and other things, but after a few months, I was seeing demons when on drugs, huge black shadow forms, where I could actually feel the darkness and trembled in fear as it stare at me through a window in a house on the street, saying it was going to weave into my bed sheets and suffocate me in my sleep. I began to feel convicted by God and knew in my heart, that I should quit. It came to pass that I just now wanted to stop all of this and become a new person, a fresh start. Once I had this mind set, God supernaturally stripped me of all my friends and I just felt the urge to leave all of my friends, I mean all of them. They all thought I went crazy for leaving them and I needed help, ect.

A few weeks after a thought came into my mind, thinking to become a Christian. So I searched up how to become a christian and watching all sorts of videos. I slowly began to realize the world was not what I thought, this really pulled into my heart and I started to draw near to God and lean on him, learning the good fruits of the Lord, and slowly, but surely coming out of the world and sin. Searching righteousness and repenting. When I came to know the truth of Jesus and the Father, I always knew he was real, in all my life I felt I didn't belong here. I would make this testimony longer, but I feel like making a video is much better to explain my testimony in more detail. It brings me great joy to glorify Jesus and the Father, If you have read this and have not yet come to Jesus, then you should do imminently, for it could be the last chance God is giving you.

God bless you all, may peace be with you all, in Jesus name. Amen


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