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Testimony: Near Death Experience And What Did I See ?

Elwin's testimony "Near Death Experience And What Did I See ?" on 6/21/2016, 11:26pm...

Before i was a Christian I was very interested in the near death experience. I read many books on them and seen many videos of testimonies from people who died went to heaven or hell and were given another chance and came back to tell all about it . I believed everything these people claimed. I thought of the life after this one every day of my life . The mystery to where we go after physical death consumed me daily . I even did a speech on the NDE in college. I was burdened by the mystery to our lives to the point that it made me depressed . I thought if there is a creator (I knew there had to be) why doesn't he tell us who he is? or if there is a God why do we have to come here only to die? I wanted to know what these people who had these NDE seen. I thought how lucky they were to have been able to know what the mystery is to this life . I wanted a NDE and hoped it would happen to me. I never even considered taking my life. I just didn't want to be here with no answers to why we exist and I didn't know why we are all on this planet in a universe that never ever ends.

As years went on and my thoughts were still consumed with the mystery to our lives I got the opportunity to die 2 times and this is what happened

The late hours of August 19th 2002 I was taken in to the ER due to a traumatic motorcycle accident. (Colossians 3:8) I donít remember much about the accident other than I could not make a turn at a very high speed I felt in-explainable pain and everything went black. I woke up 10 days later from a coma at the CMC hospital and was in critical condition. I had suffered the following injuries: Compound fracture of right tibia (titanium rod) shattering fibula, broke all ribs, punctured right lung, compound fracture right radius (titanium plate), compound fracture right scapula shredding right latissimus dorsi (leaving limited amount of functional muscle), lacerated liver resulting in bleeding out and consequently flat lining 2 times on electrocardiogram then being revived with the AED life shock pads. I had seen hallucinations from all the morphine. dilaudid and other meds i was given while in the coma but i did not have a near death experience like all those other people claim. As a result of all these injuries I was placed in inpatient trauma unit for over a month. During this time at the hospital I was in and out of surgeries for skin grafts (skin from my leg to cover the hole in my back) and was doing rehabilitation much of which was a dream state. The rehab was all directed by a trauma rehab specialist and executed in my hospital bed for I could not walk yet. Most of my rehab was being shown pictures to identify objects and being asked questions about if i remembered certain things (In the beginning I didn't know anyone and had to be told i had a child) I used a bed pan and had a catheter in so I didn't need to get up to go to the bathroom or leave my bed at any time nor could I do so.

After my time at the Hospital was completed I was place in a medical van chained in while still in my wheelchair and was transferred to an impatient rehabilitation center where I would stay for an additional month. At this rehab I was given more to do such as brushing my teeth my hair (needed to learn hygiene with opposite functioning arm) and eventually give myself a shower in a shower chair. I was still being monitored while I was eating due to my inability to swallow properly because my throat muscles we not strong yet due to the feeding tube that I had in previously ( I did choke and the nurse helped me on one occasion).

I was directed to walk between parallel bars and they were still showing me flashcards and giving memory task with the Alzheimer's patients ever so often to identify objects in pictures to keep my mind active (This was no problem I knew everything I seen by this point). I was also given rehab on my right arm due to severed nerves consequently that prevented my arms capacity to function from my elbow down to my fingers. The arm was completely paralyzed and I used my left arm to place my right arm where it need to be (Job 1:21). I was told that these nerves may not regenerate and my arm may always be paralyzed (Hebrews 12:6-7 Proverbs 3:12). Eventually after the many weeks of inpatient rehabilitation was done, I was discharged and the medical staff sent a nurse to my home and continued treatment to prevent frozen shoulder, help nerve regeneration and do exercises to re-establish strength in my muscles. I was also anxiously anticipating another surgery to remove the external fixator from my right leg to eventually get a titanium rod surgically implanted in the bone. The rehab was all done by a nurse who came to my home to treat me in my bed. I was given a hospital shower chair and wheeled myself around the house using my one leg and one arm to get around. After a few weeks of this at home I was given the option to be picked up and dropped off every other day by the rehab van to an outpatient rehab facility where my treatment continued. I did this for several weeks and was on my way to recovery with many limitations As i got my understanding of the severity of what has happened to me I began to remember about the NDE compulsion I had and was extremely disappointed that i didnt have one like the countless other people i had studied. Why did our creator let them go to the other side but not me? Although none of this made sense at the time and I was even more disturbed by the mystery to our lives . I could not see what our creator was doing. Years later the true and living God would make himself known to me by his spirit due to what i had read in his word would change everything i have ever known. I have come to realize that I was not a victim of an accident. But instead a child of the most high who even at this point still had a wicked prideful heart and was not done walking among them (Ephesians 2:3) . This pride that God hates would result in more to be learned before our Sovereign God would send his son to save me. Although conversions vary in severity it is always supernatural and it does not come from anything in the person such as emotion or imagination. When the holy spirit of God brings a person from spiritual death to life they always in time after the new birth desire to live a holy life for the law of God in his word .Conversion by God is more real than anything in this life.God personally changes everything about that person from rebellion to his laws to obedience to his laws . (Proverbs 6:16-17 John 6:44 John 6:39 John 10:28-29 Romans 9:16 Hebrews 12:6).


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