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Testimony: My Saviour

YADIDYA's testimony "My Saviour" on 1/20/2016, 1:01am...

I am hailed from Idol worship family. My father was a classical artist and before leaving this world 10 days, he took baptised. My entire family saved by almighty Jesus Christ. The very important reason to turn to Lord Jesus Christ is explained hereunder:
When I found Lord Jesus Christ in Indian Hindu Scriptures, the moment I started prayer for the Lord Jesus Christ. He shed his precious and holy young blood for all the human kind. When ever I found the aforesaid Word of God in Hindu Vedas, I compared the above mentioned Word of God with all the existing deities. But I could not get accurate answer, except LORD JESUS CHRIST. I took bastism on 17 Nov 2013 from our Rev. Pastor Sunil Babu, Efratha Chruch, Kancharapalem, Visakhapatnam.

God is showing me the correct way of life. After my death I will certainly enter into the kingdom of Lord God. Why because I have immense faith in Lord Jesus Christ. And I confirmly follow the footsteps of Lord Jesus Christ. I want to spread the love of God to one and all. I wish to die myself in Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. And I want to start Orphange home, but I don't have adequate funds to start Orphanage home. Final decision is God's. PRAISE THE LORD.


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