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Testimony: My Life Story

Anonymous testimony "My Life Story" on 3/25/2014, 7:13pm...

I grew up in a Christian family. I always have believed in God and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I knew that when I died I would go to Heaven but I hadn't realized there was more to believing and then just dying and going to Heaven I had never got anything about having a relationship with The Lord. Then my life changed.

When I was seven years old my dad died. I was at such a young age where I was old enough to understand the concept of death and I understood but I didn't fully grasp it. It didn't hit me until I was about eight or nine. It just all hit me that my dad was dead and I got really depressed. I started cutting and just wanted to die. I felt alone and was really suicidal.

One night I felt growing pains (I was like nine, ten or eleven somewhere around there) but I had thought I did something you know with cutting and everything so I got really scared and I prayed. Keep in mind I was not a big Christian I just knew God can do anything and you know everything I had heard at Church. So, being the baby Christian I was I tried to bargain with Him. I prayed for Him to make everything be alright and I would stop cutting. So, I was addicted to cutting at this point and I had no other outlet for my pain I really wanted to cut, but even though I wasn't a huge Christian then I knew breaking a promise to God is really bad. So, I leaned on God I stopped cutting when I said I would and never did ever again (now cutting is just a memory it seems so weird to think of me doing that, because I'm so happy and content in The Lord). I had to cling to God to battle the addiction, so I began praying a lot.

I had a strong growing relationship with God and I prayed for hours every night. If I hadn't gone through this my life would suck. Because God is above all else and my hard times are what brings me closer to Him. If I hadn't gone through this I would have never found God and He's why I'm alive He is who I'm living for. I live to make Him known and share His love.

Without these hard times I wouldn't have found Him. He can turn your worst nightmare in to something amazing and great and make you find Him and to any of the non believers my Lord took my dad dying and made it something worth living for something worth sharing. He took my worst nightmare and showed me how He can make it into the best thing that's happened to me. So, yes I know He's real because I'm still alive and He's the only one who stopped me from killing myself. Yes I know He's real because I'm living proof of Him and the difference He makes in my small tiny little life. And here I am a thirteen year old not telling you about cell phones or music or boys. I'm here telling you about my Savior because that's how big of a difference He can make in my life and in everyone else's too. And that's how real and big and great my Lord is.


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