Testimony: My Life Since I Became A Christian

Paul Joydhar's testimony "My Life Since I Became A Christian" on 7/25/2017, 11:22pm...

My Life Before Christ:

I was born in a Christian family. I always believed in God and I tried to do the “right thing” in dealing with others. I worked hard, and I was considered a success by those who knew me. When I thought about God, which I admit was not all that often, I believed that if I did enough of the right things and worked hard enough, surely I would go to heaven. Every time I achieved a goal, I expected that achievement to be followed by satisfaction and “happiness.” I enjoyed the praise and the appearance of success. That satisfaction never lasted, though. Inside of my heart and my mind was an emptiness, a hollowness, that “things,” achievements, and people could not seem to fill.

How I Came to Know Jesus Personally:

One evening, I went to a Revival meeting in Bethel AG Church at Dhaka in 2004. The pastor was from Singapore sharing the word of God. He was talking about the new life. I didn’t know before about the new life, I always thought that I am a Christian and I do believe God that’s enough. But that night I came to know that each and every one should have born again. I understood that I was a sinner and could never pay the price of being “good enough” to deserve heaven. The only thing that really mattered was Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for MY sin. When he gave the invitation for us to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, I knew that I needed to be saved, to accept Jesus and that His work was sufficient to assure me of God’s love for me and a place in heaven. I realized it was not enough to just know about Jesus, but that I needed to know Him, personally. I did accept Jesus Christ and placed all of my faith in Him and His work on the cross. I was baptized on 8th of April 2004. I will always be grateful to my pastor who invited me to attend a Revival meeting that evening.

My Life Since I Became a Christian:

After I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, I came to know what it meant to be satisfied. I am still a hard worker, but I looked at things from a different perspective. I was no longer empty; I was filled with a sense of purpose that was bigger than the moment. I became hungry to know what the Bible said about being the right kind of husband, the right model of a father, and God’s guidelines for business. My outward life may not have changed much, because I had tried to be a moral person. However, on the inside, there was a huge difference. For the first time in my life, I knew contentment. I am amazed by God’s grace and forgiveness, as He continues to show me what He considers “success” and how to live in the only life that really satisfies – a life that is covered by the blood of Jesus.

My Personal Faith:

My personal faith and beliefs will contribute to the mission to develop Christ- centered leaders in a number of ways. I am very passionate about worship and discipleship. I see my purpose in life as a chance to change lives through worship and discipleship, and to obey the calling that God has on my life. I believe it is my duty as a child of God to be the hands and feet of Christ no matter where that may lead me.

I am passionate about worship because worship is a devotion, it is my heart cry, worship is the place where I really found God and fell in love with Him. It is where I feel closest to Him, I can express myself freely to God and He understands everything my heart tries to say. Worship for me is a battle. It is praying with a tune, it is standing in the gap for someone and calling them, out of darkness, into the light. It is pouring everything I have at the altar and surrendering to the Father, it is allowing the Father to draw near and consume me very being. Worship is pure, worship is love.

Discipleship is extremely important to me because I want to be someone who embraces and assists in spreading God’s teaching to others, to help empower people to know, deeply and wholeheartedly, their God has given gifts; to help them know that God has created them in His image that He has a plan for their life. I will combine with TFN’s mission and my personal faith and beliefs to contribute a well thought out plan to enable each to reach the goal in serving Christ and worshiping. My mission is to help and develop Christ- centered leaders, through my worship, discipleship, and the full armor of God.


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