Testimony: Muslim Follows Jesus

Andrew's testimony "Muslim Follows Jesus" on 2/05/2013, 2:30pm...

Well I was Born in Iran in 1981 I have been a Christian for 3 years and I have been on a journey but before I came to Christ I lived in a family that I saw my father abuse my mother which came to a end when we came to New Zealand in 1991 my mother and father got divorced and My mother became a Christian but she was not healed from a lot of things which made me think of the religion as Fake I started to become against religion because I started to see it's fruits and so how people where such hypocrites, when I was 17 I moved to Australia and started to live on the streets joining Gangs and getting into some very dangerous places I hated my Father and my mother for who they where until 2 and half years ago when I started to think about taking my own life because I was alone and I saw no reason for living, I mean it got to a stage I was looking for Love in everything I did like drugs alcohol sex and more but that loved only stayed for a little while but I still felt alone.

So I went away for work and this guy by the name of martin spoke to me and started to share about his life before and how Jesus had come into his life and told me of all his blessing and i saw them as well as a wife beautiful Child and i said to my Self at 28 this is what i want a family of my own. I can be a husband that my father never was and father that my father never was, So he asked me to come to church so i said ill come and check it out, When i went there on Sunday Everyone was so friendly which i called them Jesus Freaks but when worship started The Song "Lead me to The Cross" came on and as i was reading the words Holy Spirit Filled me and i started to see a vision of all the Sins i was doing all of the act of disobedience I was doing and on they other side the Pain I was causing God That Hurt me and confused me Because I had met my maker and I realized that I was a Sinner. But that was not the conversion it was the start of my confusion! So Started to read the Bible and the amazing thing happened I could not put it down and the Other amazing thing is that I started to understand everything that was written and I was having revelation of Who Jesus is and what He done for me and that By His Strips I am Saved I started to Weep and I gave my Life and then I got Baptized by water then 3 months later Baptized by the Holy Spirit.

A lot has happened ever since i have become a Christian I can tell you testimony's after testimony's of How God has Moved.

Some people hear me talk and they all ways think I have been a Christian for 10 years plus but when they find out that its only been 2 years they ask me why do you know so much and I tell them Its all glory to the Holy Spirit Because He has been my Teacher. But I also tell them You where Born knowing a truth but I was born knowing a Lie now that I know the truth I will not let it go.
2 weeks after accepting Christ I called my mum and told her I was Christian and that I have become a follower of Christ she started to Cry and said I have been praying for you, and I started to have a relationship with my father he is not a Christian but he is watching me.

So tell you Something since 2010 there has been over 1 million Iranian's becoming Christian and it's not because Someone is telling them about Jesus but its because Jesus is appearing to them saying "I am the Way the Truth and the Life come to me you who are heavy and burdened and I will give you rest" Pray for them they have so much presucation and they don't even have a Bible to read and if anyone finds out that they have become Christian the government will Kill them and people go missing.

See these are all proof that Jesus is alive and active don't be ashamed to talk about Jesus to someone that does not know Him because i tell you, When you do that you are doing them a favour.


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