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Testimony: Miracle Of Multiplication

Kene's testimony "Miracle Of Multiplication" on 4/23/2013, 1:46am...

I want to thank God for the miracle of multiplication in my life and family.
After being unemployed for 9 moths last year God brought us a job in Nov 2012.
To come closer to my work place we had to relocate.
After relocation last month to a new part of the city, we had serious financial challenge as we had to change school for our son.
After doing everything we barely had money to take us thru half a month, but God brought a miracle of multiplication so that the little money we had left has take us to today being 23rd of the month.
Though as of today I have run out of money but I believe that before the end of this week God will still continue his work of providing for us.
We thank God for his mercies so far.

We are a young family of a boy and two daughters(twins) who are believers and practicing Christian.

Jesus Christ is the foundation of our home.

Praise God.


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