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Testimony: Meeting With Our Are Real Father

Anonymous testimony "Meeting With Our Are Real Father" on 2/03/2016, 6:09pm...

Hello my name Anatoliy i am russian and i was born in liningrad a family of 7 total 6 brothers 1 sister.
my family originaly is christian but then my dad started useing drugs and my mom with him.
So i group not in the best inviroment well by age 10 is when my moms brothers called us to america
We all went accept my dad he stayed. Do not really now why around closer to 11 in america got bad news are dad had a heart attack. So growing up in america with out a dad was hard so as time went by i was getting in t making alot of srouh time. so around age 18 To 19 I was addicted to drugs myself then around that time I have a twin brother that I haven't mentioned we used to alot of things together then I stole some checks from my moms boyfriend and through time they found out because there was money withdrawn from his account prior to this accident my mom was trying to send me to rehab for 1 year but I did not want to go but then my mom called the police on me they came to my house and they were standing in the living room my mom said to me in my own language either you go to rehab or you go to Jail and officer was ready to arrest me but I told my mom that I'm going to go to rehab next week I made a deal with her that I was going to do that but during that week of my promise to my mom my twin brother had stolen a car and had called me to hang out he pick me up with two other friends and we were cruising around on the car he ran a red light and we got pulled over by an officer this was a day before the day I was supposed to go to rehab we all got separated in different cars and two friends got released at that time and point I was pretty convinced I'm going to jail because I have a certificate and dppp st this is a certificate for security I was a security Gaurd so I knew Law a little new that i was going to jail as we were sitting in the police cars i started to pray inside the police car and i said god if you are real have this officers let me go and i will go to rehab tommorow. right after this prayer literally minutes away from this prayer or seconds officer opens the door and tells me you're free to go I ran nine blocks screaming and yelling because I was so happy that I didn't have to go to jail I ended up getting high on drugs that same night in the next morning my older brother took me to rehab in Seattle Washington I spent 6 months in this rehab God truly opened up to me in this rehab and I got baptized in the Holy Spirit after 2 months of being there and I repented and accepted God into myand made Jesus my saviour of my life but this wasn't the beginning of my true Christianity and identity in Christ although I got to meet our Father in this rehab it was a Christian rehab or we prayed its a Christian organization on somebody's house and we live with 12 guys and it be too much to write if I would write of all the things that went through in rehab but running to conclusion of my story as as I got out of rehab I started drinking I did not go back to drugs but I started drinking every single day and smoking cigarettes I got back into my old ways pretty quick after rehab I did not do drugs but I did start drinking and smoking and hanging out with the wrong friends again after about 6 months I came to my moms house and I close the door and I realize that I'm going into the same old life so I repented on my knees praying to our Father to forgive me that I put my feet back into the same Puddle that I used to walk in and literally the next day I got up I did not want to drink I did not want to smoke I did not want to do anything I started going to church shortly after this is when I met my wife we dated for 3 months 6 months we got married there's many many more testimonies that I have but there's not I am not good at displaying my life in the computer to write everything that happened in my life if I were to write everything that happened into my life I almost gave to you would be a book about five hundred pages long and then conclusion times went by I failed. Many many more times and through having family and now I have 2 kids and wife I have a job I have everything I need today but at the same time I still feel that I need to seek the Lord a lot more than I ever have and the Lord has opened up to me a lot more than I have ever known about our lord I thank you guys for reading this testimony this is a small part of testimony that I have for my life there is many many more things that God did in my life and how real and true our God is that he set us free through his blood through the blood of Jesus Christ


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