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Testimony: Just By Grace

Willie's testimony "Just By Grace" on 11/12/2013, 1:15am...

Many years ago I came to Christ and had a very close relationship with Him but I had fallen and was not really concerned about getting up again. The fallen life had too many snares and pleasures.

About two months ago I had come to a very deep pit, my mind was numb, my emotions were wiped out. Thoughts of suicide and wiping out my whole family were constantly in my thoughts. Financially it was bad, my family had fallen apart. I had failed as a husband, I had failed as a father. I have caused so much damage and pain in the lives of the people that mattered the most to me, my wife and my two daughters.

One day I received a video clip that made me realise that God does still love me, He loves me as I am. Sitting in a bathroom cubicle, crying like a baby, I called on Jesus and I called and called. I think it must have been the prayer with the least words I have every uttered. He came, he had always been there, I was just blind to it.

Now through Christ and with His mercy alone, I have asked my family for forgiveness and said to them I will become the husband and father they deserve and that I will do this through Christ.

Everyday is a challenge but as the days go by, they get easier. With God on my side, I find it easier. Prayers are being answered. My marriage is slowly being healed, my family is being healed, all through the grace of the living God.


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