Testimony: Jesus The Savior

Jay's testimony "Jesus The Savior" on 11/14/2015, 6:43pm...

My name is Jay. I am (glad and) eternally grateful to God that I became Christian. It started with several days in college my final semester of senior year when I took a class on the development of the soul, learning about how to grow and love others. But one night, it really hit home.

Before I became Christian I was a heavy drinker in college. I used to think that going out and exhausting myself, caving into pressure to drink, and heavily indulging in 6-8 beers was fun. I could just work out the next day and eat away and rest away my hangover. One night I had done so much partying that I had completely lost it sleeping on my bed. I woke up the next day and heard a Spirit that had been speaking to me all this time along. God was telling me to give my life to Jesus. I have ever since then become a very minimal drinker, letting His peace fill my heart - allowing me to go several months without drinking (totally fine), and also somebody who goes out to restaurants with incredible Godly strength to avoid drinking all together. (1 Cor 6:19-20)

I have since let the Holy Spirit guide me into a more moral life where I value women more, as well as my own body. (Matthew 22:39, Matthew 5:28)

Before I became Christian I never used to eat fruit. As weird as this sounds. I have given my life to God and through the book of Genesis I have let Him mold me into a human being that respects the original creation and eats fruit to stay healthy, have a stronger communion with him, and to get through life's daily challenges.

Before I became Christian I used to swear a lot. I used to think I would be bold. Now I realize I was only shaming myself and not doing anything to advance myself. I have let the Holy Spirit flow into my soul so that I may speak words of love, kindness, modesty, grace, and charity. I volunteer at my church and I also take the time to give money and food to the needy every week.

Jesus came down from Heaven and lived as one of us. If we follow Jesus we can be saved. I used to be an inactive theist but now I believe in a (personal) God who involves Himself with our lives and with all creation. I was baptized in November 2013 and confirmed in October 2015. I have learned as a Christian to put Jesus at the center of your life, to pray a lot, and to live life with a purpose to be more like Him in all your ways. It really does bring you joy that other sources cannot. I pray that this reaches many souls. Thanks for reading. God bless!


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