Testimony: Jesus Saved My Life

sonybabu's testimony "Jesus Saved My Life" on 8/19/2016, 2:19am...

Hello friends,
I'm Soniya i would like to share my testimony to strengthen, inspire and motivate someone or anyone reading this.
I was a Christian. To be Frank like others yeah I go to church, I read Bible, I take communion. I am a Christian. Is that enough for me? . we need to give ourselves to JESUS. We need to get inside His love. Not saying I'm a Christian. How many of you speak to God every day and get the results? How many of you remember what verse you have read from the Bible today? How many of you were guided by the verse every day? We are only called as Christians but we don't have Christ in us. For all these God taught me a lesson by leading me into a path to experience His precious love.
This is my testimony.
It can even be a hope for someone suffering from the deadly disease, by its sweet name "CANCER".
I was admitted in one of the best hospital in India. It was a great despair that the doctor told that I have to remove my uterus and have to take further treatment through radiology. For a person like me who is scared of injection God Jesus gave me the power strength to face the operation successfully. I was so comfortable that Jesus was with me throughout the operation. But what doctor told me later the operation that I have to go for radiology treatment to kill cancer cells any.
The happiness of my family shed into tears in no time. Weeping and crying filled day and night.
The only hope at that moment was " GOD ". I found the strength in God who strengthens me. Amen.
To start with, my husband,Mom,sis,kids asked JESUS just one thing " My life ".
The nights were tormenting and painful for me; I was not able to sleep. I was very scared of nights. But sooner i realized i could sleep better at each passing day.
One day in the midnight when I was sleeping I felt someone standing next to me keeping his hand on my stomach. He was wearing white dress I started speaking in tongues. What a merciful God he touched me and I'm healed.
I was waiting for the day of biopsy result for the doctors to say that they could not find any cancer cells. But they results again broke me down and doctor said I have cancer in one of the lymph nodes . It was stage iiib. Ha ha now Satan wants to put me down. But more than anything my God is a strong God. I asked God why for me but God said u need to pray more this is the time you can come closer to me. Pray child speak to me everyday.

I started praying more like Job . Everyday God gave me strength. He taught me new things every day. He guided me. He held my hands and saidyou " Fear not for iam with you ". What a blessing for us to get God saying that he is with you. Praise the Lord.
God appeared in the mirror everyday and I started praying more and more and I started tasting his wonders.
I was suggested to have radiology with chemotherapy for six weeks. I was worried that i will become bald. I prayed again God you know my situation you have told even the hair in your head is counted by you please do save my hair that was my prayer. I went for the checkup. God gave me a verse. Yeah it's true those who took the treatment along with me has become bald and when they asked I said my God is a great God and there one lady named Lalitha accepted Jesus and she said she will pray to our Lord daily.
I still became weak day by day my energy level had gone down in such a way that I couldn't even pray. I sled God why? There He have an answer.
But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 Amen Amen.
So I have to wait for him to fly like an eagle. Doctor examined and said the number of days the treatment I am supposed to take is reduced. Praise Lord. I waited for God to do His purpose for me in my life.
It was the last day of my radiation. I entered the room praying. As usual I laid n the machine.closed my eyes and started praying. What I got is a verse in front of me. The verse said " Till I complete whatever I have promised you I will keep you alive".Wow my God what a promise I was really into tears. I thank Almighty for his wonderful presence and guidance throughout my treatment. Not only that I was worried about the payment which was told only 90000 was approved and you will have to pay 110000. So I came to the reception to pay the amount through credit card. He said mam your insurance company has approved 200000 just now and you need not pay any amount. Only I have to give you some 1090 rupees. Praise the Lord for all wonders happening.
If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31. I repeat If God is for us, who can be against us?
JESUS never fails. He will do right things at the right time. He will give us a new beginning. Trust in the Lord our God JESUS.
Not only that God started using me in many ways. I pray for many who are in need .I pray for all the patients whomever I meet everyday. I get the result for whom I were asked to pray. I guide them into our Lord. He is a merciful God. He is our Savior. He is our Hope.
If anyone of you reading this, has loved ones suffering from this deadly disease, tell them about JESUS; because CANCER FEARS JESUS.
Your situations may seems to be hopeless or nothing to cling on to the future.
Let me tell you, JESUS is the only answer.
Jesus loves you my friend, he cares for you more than anyone else could ever.
From that day to this very moment, i experience his everlasting love in my life.

Do you want to experience this then don't ask WHY ME? SAY TRY ME .
Dear friends try Jesus experience his everlasting Love you will never fail in your life. Amen.
Many books can INFORM you, but the Bible can TRANSFORM you.
The healing power of Jesus heals all disease.
Whichever stage of disease you have one word JESUS cures you.
Trust in him and ask anything you will be answered.
Dear all Try Jesus in your life he is the answer for all.
Now I am a Christian I have Christ in me so I can boldly face anything.
Don't be a Christian for name sake. Be a Christ"in"you.
God bless you all .


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