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Testimony: It Was Gods Grace

john raphael Egenti's testimony "It Was Gods Grace" on 6/07/2014, 10:47pm...

am from the eastern part of nigeria,onitsha...i used to live a life of complete sin...i stole from people,i lie every time,i hate 4 no reason,i was a cultist,i used and drop girls,i dont even go to church,i have even killed,i knew i was on the wrong side,i knew i was doing the wrong thing,i wanted to change but i couldnt,i didnt even know how to pray,i wanted to share my problem but i trusted nobody,i wanted to leave the cult group but i couldnt because i was their leader,it was killing me but i could do nothing about it.

on june 23,i was on my way to a friends house to give him details about our operation in a bank,when a man came to me,gave me a paper and walked away,after sometime,i looked at the paper and it was an invitation to a church program,titled "GOD LOVES YOU,COME TO HIM",i laughed because it was funny to me,i told myself,how can God love someone like me??as bad as me???.when i told showed my friend the paper,he told me that we should go,he would also like to know more bout Gods love.

on june 26,we went to the program,and during the praises,we couldnt say a word because we didnt know how to sing it,after the singing and prayers,it was time for the preaching,the man of God said something that made me want to change,his words moved me,he said "God loves you very much,he wants you to be his bestfriend,why are you running away from him??

all his plans for you are of good and not evil and he is ready to forgive you your sins,no matter the level of what you have done,he still wants you to be his friend"....i was so moved,i felt like something was going to explode in me,after sometime,the man of God said "if you want to give your life to christ come out"i wanted to change,so i took the opportunity and came out,he prayed for us,that moment i felt like something was remove from me,my burden,my sins was lifted,and that day,i made my decision to change,we were given the bible.

when i reached home,i studied the bible and prayed,i stoped attending the cult meetings,i stoped al negetivities in my life,though am still going through threat from my former cult group,but i am happy to be a christian,i am happy that i changed,i know i made the right choice,life has not been easy for me though but i know things wil get better with time...i am a proud christian....praise God.


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