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Testimony: Im So Glad I Made It

martisha shealey's testimony "Im So Glad I Made It" on 12/22/2015, 6:49am...

My name is Matisha as I was growing up my mother abused alcohol and at the age e;even or twelve my mom chased me with a knife. Then me and my sister's and cousin ran away from home to my grandma's house we then went to social services.from there we went to different foster homes last place to group homes we started running away to hang on the streets that is when we started hanging out on the streets drinking and smoking weed.

At an early age I started having sex and snorting powder cocaine. Me, my sister's and a couple of friends went and tried to rob some one and I end up in the house buy my self trying to rob the older lady. not knowing her son was there he came out and held me why his mom beat me in the head with a medal frying pan and I ended up in the hospital.

From then I got older I wanted to try something different I tried crack I didn't like it at first then I meet my kids father he was on crack cocaine I started smoking it with him and I was prostituting for money and drugs. me and my baby father ended up having three kids I all ready had one.

I started losing everything I became homeless had to stay in a shelter after my baby daddy had left me and went back to his other baby's mom but he ended up coming to the shelter with me I moved out to my own place he moved with me but after he was fighting me I told him he had to leave and he left.

I started back getting high then again I ended up getting evicted again moved to a another place and left there because I could not handle my addition. I went to a half way house and it went on and on I moved out of town to a dv shelter I moved out started back getting high I moved from there I got baptized after I got baptized I was filled with the holy ghost I went to Jesus when I started having a lot of things going on with my body. I started having head aches and I could not control thinking I was going to have a heart attack. And pains thinking my leg going to give out. I was scared of birds just thinking I was going to die. I still have them but when I do I just pray and call on Jesus some times I cry still but I got God in my life and I know he is a on time God. He will Fix it when he get me where he want me to be. So I ask that every one continue to pray for me and my family in Jesus name


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