Testimony: Iím Giving My Hopes And Dreams To You Jesus

cejhayzerismyname's testimony "Iím Giving My Hopes And Dreams To You Jesus" on 10/18/2013, 2:59am...

My name is Czar Jazer, I am from Cagayan de Oro, a City found in the country of Philippines. I am currently 17 years of age and I want to tell you how the Lord incredibly worked in my life.

This is my testimony; I was raised in both Christian and Muslim family. (It really hard for me to feel Godís Love because of the different religion I have). My father was a muslim (not that active) and my mother is a Catholic. When I was a child, my grandmother which is a protestant was the one who always encourage me to go to Church. I went to Church every Sabbath to attend Sunday school for children. By that, I first know Jesus, our saviour, redeemer and friend. I was filed with happiness and joy whenever we sing songs to God. But, one thing happens that really had an impact to my life. My father got fired to his work. He decided to go here in Cagayan de Oro to search for a new job. That time I really felt mad because I will leave my friends, my grandma and the church as well. I was 8 years old at that time.

By Godís grace my father found a new work as an electrician. But, finding a job is not the main problem. The main problem is that I lost my passion and faith to God. Because of my parent doesnít go often to Church I was off-track by the love of God. I was tempted and blinded by the things of this world. I abandon my faith to God. That time, I just know Jesus but I donít really put faith and trust in Him. I have in my mind that He is not concern to me because He let me separate to fell his love. I never have a conviction to do bad things back then because I was not aligned to Him.

I do well in school. In fact, I am always on the top of the class in my elementary and high school days. I met a lot of new friends to provide my longing to be loved and to fell happiness. In high school, I was addicted to DOTA and any other computer games because of the wrong decision of choosing friends. Many of my classmates wanted to make me their friend for just one reason, (to be there assignment maker and quiz buddy). By that, I was deceit by the compliment I got to them whenever I made their school works. I thought that I am a good person because I helped them to their school task.

But thanks God. He gave me a chance to meet a classmate that is active and aligned to Him. That person always plays Christian music which I am so passionate to listen, (when I was a child). I began to remember those days that I am with the Lord serving Him and obeying His words. I was guilty in that time because I call myself a Christian but in my actions I was not, (1 John 1:6). By that time, I disciplined and practiced myself to go to Church every Sunday. But, that desire does not last long. It is so hard for me to pursue God because of my family is not aligned to Him. Whenever I asked my family to go to Church they always invent reasons just to excuse their selves. It really hurt me much because I really need a spiritual family to grow with. I prayed and ask God to set a revival into my family and I also prayed for a spiritual family that could make my faith grow and a Church which I can really fell his love.

Then, at my college life, I was invited by an unknown person who just came to me at school and talks a lot about God. I listened to his preaching because I can really see that he is a good person and I can sense that God is with Him. He scheduled a bible study with me together with my classmates, (not even knowing that person is the answer to my prayer to God). He invited me to join their fellowship in a born again Church. At first, I hesitated to go w/ their church. But, because of his persistent invitation I attempted to go with Him in their Friday youth fellowship.

In the fellowship, I was astonished on how they praise and worship God. They sing songs just like they are really singing it to God with all their heart. They raised their hands up; they bend their knees and some are crying for more of Godís presence. It really changed my perspective in worshiping God. At first, I feel that I am not welcome in that Church because I am still aligned in the pattern of this world. Iím still hook up of playing DOTA. And satan always insert things in my mind that made me to condemn myself and lead me not to pursue God.

But, indeed! God is always faithful! Every time I hide from Him. And every time I run away to his love. He always catches me and He never abandons me. Even though that Iíve broken His heart for many times. Still He forgave me If only I ask. In that time, I go to my room, repented and pray for my sins and for God to accept me again as His son. And a miracle happen, my neighbor who is also a Christian played the song ďTake all of meĒ by: Hillsong. In that very moment I felt God tangibly. I thought I was crying in his feet. The lyrics of the song made me mourned and hungered for more of Godís glory. It is very memorable for me. I felt that I am a new person again. Within 3 hours, the presence of the Lord is heavy that I cannot stand on my own feet.

On that time, I decided to pursue God and there will be no turning back again. Months passed and I became active on the Church which I am going with. I began to develop my intimacy and deep relationship to God through prayer and worship. August 26, 2013 I was baptized by the Holy Spirit, (without the permission of parents). It is one of the most memorable experiences in my whole life.

On that time, I choose to pursue God first. I departed on the pattern of this world. I stop my hobbies in playing computer games and doing things which is not pleasing to God. Iíd even abandon my friends which is bad influence to my walk to God. It is very painful to me to left these things which I am happy with. It really needs discipline and focus to God to overcome these temptations and fleshy desires. Iíve been hated by the people who are close to me. My friends tease me for taking Jesus seriously. I prayed to God for revival to the heart and mind of my friends. I fell sorry to them because they donít know what they are doing. They are blinded by the things of this world. They abandon their faith unto God.

The worst thing happened to me is that when my parents persecuted me of going to Church. They yelled me and warned me not to go back to the Church. All I can do that time is to cry and cry and pray and pray. My spiritual family told me not to surrender the faith I have to Jesus. They encourage me continue my race to pursue God because I believe I am not alone because Jesus is with me. I know that this is just a test for me. And I know I have God in my life to guide me in which path should I take. I was inspired on the word of God in 2 Timothy 3:12 it says that ďIn fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,Ē. Because of this verse, I know that I am really walking towards God. The further we go in God the more opposition we receive, because the further we go in the Lord the more dangerous we become to the kingdom of darkness.

And now, the enemy really wants me to be disappointed to God. Last night, my mother told me that I could not go to school in this 2nd semester due to financial reasons. I told her that I donít want to stop schooling because I have hope and dreams to pursue with. I am helping them to pay my tuition fee by being a working student. I sometimes get an extra income for tutoring Math subject in my lower year, (Because I am BSED major in Physical Sciences student). Even though my tuition fee is just less than 15000 pesos or (less than 800 dollar) I know that our money is not enough. They cannot provide my studies because of my brothers are also going to College. I must sacrifice my own dreams because I cannot take to hear my mother crying every night because of this problem. I prayed and asked God again for strength to overcome this test. I know that God will make way and He will give me favor. All I need to do is put my cares unto Him.

THANK YOU for reading my testimony.

I am happy in my life now and i donít have regrets of following Jesus. In fact, i am blessed because of i have known Him in this early age. And i won't let anyone or anything to separate me from the love of Christ. Not even trouble, hardship, disappointment, or persecution.


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