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Testimony: I Just Thank God For All Things **

Anonymous testimony "I Just Thank God For All Things **" on 7/31/2013, 8:30pm...

HI everyone. I just want to say thank you to God. God you know what I'm going through, you see my pains, you see when I try and fail over and over again. But you continue to have patience with me and blessing me. For that I just say thank you, because if you were like man, you would have got rid of me a long time ago, after the first few " I'll never do it again's". Praise your name GOD!

My testimony...
Im 25 years old. I haven't really experienced any PHYSICAL pains in life, but battle alot with MENTAL instability. I grew up with a over protected mother, and I myself was very soft spoken and p***ive. Because of those traits I got bullied a lot, starting as early as 1st grade and lasted all the way into my adult life. I was always afraid to stick up for myself,and also thought I was ugly( because thats what everyone in school and my family would tell me). I felt crappy about myself. So much of my pre-teen, teenage, and adolescent life I suffered from depression, low self esteem, panic attacks, social anxiety, emotional eating, fear, doubt, I mean you name it I was feeling it. BUT throughout all the ridicule from people, all the ugly words and fights I got into because of my p***iveness. God was TRULY with me. Nights when all I could do is cry all night long, he was there comforting me and strengthening me to make it through another day. He sent me some great people to encourage me through my hard times. And praise God I no longer have panic attacks and social anxiety. If anyone has ever suffered from the 2, you know that thats a HUGE relief.

So fastfoward to now, Im overweight now with a few health complications, steal battling with depression, fear, low self esteem, laziness...etc. But PRAISE GOD, HE is giving me the motivation to change, the knowledge to no that because of JESUS those strongholds will be DESTROYED! In the mighty name of Jesus. That He is already healing my body, even though I cant see it, Im going to believe as if it has already happened. I love that song with the lyrics " You aint see your best days yet, your best is yet to come" . Thats how I feel, my latter is going to be greater than my beginnings, I have a Awesome God Given Purpose in life and He is growing me and molding me.

My last note, I was saved around 12-14. Its been a bumpy ride, I think the ride would have been smoother if i got into God's word and studied and applied what I learn. The enemy and your flesh well have you focus entirely on the problems and make you feels hopeless and oblivious that you have the solution and his names is Jesus. I was just sitting her feeling bad about some choices I made, I couldn't focus on reading the bible so I hopped on the internet, and God used this website to minister to me. He said we overcome by the power of our testimonies. I wanted you all to know that your stories/ testimonies inspire God's people. SHARE THEM.. I was reluctant to share how God has carried me and cradled me through some dark times...but then I was moved to share. You never know how your story will bless some one. I just want to END this saying thank you to GOD for leading me here, i feel a lot better. And I just Pray that God moves in a special way in everyone of your lives.

GOD Bless,


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