Testimony: How Jesus Christ Changed My Life

Catherine's testimony "How Jesus Christ Changed My Life" on 12/24/2012, 2:52pm...

This is my testimony on how Jesus Christ CHANGED MY LIFE,

Lets start off with I never truly believed in Him. I was raised in a catholic family. And once I left Colombia at 9 years old to come to the US, I stopped going to church, because my mother doesn't really like going to church (I doubt a catholic church would have helped anyways). My father was never in my life. He was an alcoholic and the last time I saw him I was 12 yrs old. He has had many marriages, and many kids. Even though I did not completely believe in Him, I would pray to Him when I really wanted something or needed help. I did have a theory that we were planted here by aliens and they were our makers. That was my belief. So blind.

My life was full of wickedness. Some that I rather not say but I am going to for I am not that person anymore. I was promiscuous since a young age. And did not value my body or life at all. At the age of 15 years old, I started to smoke marijuana. And was a constant smoker(everyday) up until this year. I am 22. At 17 years old I tried cocaine. And did it a couple of times a year until 2011-2012 I was snorting every weekend. Since 15 years old I started to drink, and was a constant drinker, an alcoholic until this year. At 17 years old, I was already in bondage to alcohol and weed. Mostly alcohol. At 19 I was married. And our relationship was short of an ideal one. I was always craving the love of a man. Maybe because I did not have a father in my life. My life revolved around me having a relationship, henceforth why I gave myself to them. When I my then husband wanted to divorce me, I thought of killing myself many times. I was 19 years old. Our marriage lasted 6 months. I thought of it but never did it. After our divorce, in the year of 2009, I was addicted to ecstasy(X). I would pop pills every chance I got. I would roll (tripping on X) on Wednesdays (my week day off from work) and pop 3 pills, and roll the entire day in my friendís room. Eating absolutely nothing the whole day, for it takes way the craving for food. I would pop 3 more pills on Friday nights. Then again I would roll with 3 pills Saturday nights. Sometimes I would even take 5. I did that for 4 months straight. In those 4 months I consumed 150 pills of X or more. By December, my head was starting to act funny. I would feel very light headed and would get dizzy. I took about a 2 month break. Then I was back on it. Rolling sometimes every day for I was unemployed. Rolling and drinking, and smoking weed and snorting cocaine. That was the life I thought. I was not happy unless I was high or drunk. In 2010 I got into a DUI accident. It was on April 18, my birthday is on April 19. It was my bday weekend and I went all out like any other junkie would. Since early 2010 I started to consume another pill, Bars, also called Xanax. I was popping those every day. And the problem with those pills (if you take them for recreational use) they make you forget and black out but you still continue to function but your conscious mind is not there. Therefore you become into a very grimy and even more wicked being. I was probably possessed during those blackouts. And I did awful things while blacked out. Disgusting things. Well that bday weekend I consumed a xanax and lots of alcohol. You CANNOT mix the 2. I had learned already from many past experiences if you mix the 2 you will black out. But I was a junkie, I wanted to be high and a junkie does not learn from past experiences until the 3 million mistake. Well that Sunday morning when the party ended and everyone was sleeping, I left. Keep in mind, I was blacked out. I don't remember any of this. I was told that I left and seemed ok. I got into the car accident while I was right next to the palmetto, ready to jump on the expressway. Thank GOD, for If I had gotten on that bridge all the way to my house 20 min away, I would have driven right off. My car was a complete loss, and I came out scratch free. But no I did not learn anything from that. I continued to party and consume large amounts of drugs. And I was doing bars every day. In late 2010, my boyfriend left me. For the cause of all this drug consuming I had developed anxiety and bi-polar disorder. So I would take out a lot of my anger on him and my mother. So he got fed up and broke up with me. Boy did I feel like my life was going to end. I then consumed all the RX pills my mom had from her surgery. My x-boyfriend called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital. My rights were taken away for I was a harm to myself. I was then placed in a mental unit for a couple of days. I continued to do all types of drugs and consume alcohol every chance I got. I would even buy a bottle and drink it by myself at home while watching tv. Taking shot after shot.

In late 2011 I met my now husband Flavio Oliveira, he was an atheist, and would debate all those who believed in God as did I. He was also a junkie. We would party every single weekend. Smoke weed every single day. And snort cocaine every single weekend as well. I had quit X and bars at the end of 2010. After a couple of months being together we would fight all the time. Mostly because I was always drunk and I am not nice when I am drunk. We almost broke up a couple of times. In mid-2012, Flavio started to research about the whole new world order and illuminati ordeal. He started to realize this was a satanic cult and were very successful with all their strategies. He realized they must have had help from satan himself to be able to cover all their lies and to make such evil plans. He realized there was a satan so there must be a God and Jesus Christ and the Bible must be true! So he started to seek God every day. I was still a wordly person. And thought of breaking up with him for I thought he had become a fanatic. He then started to show me a lot of videos that speak of the nwo and their wicked plans. And that gave me chills. Finally the video that lead me to repentance was a video regarding the book "Placebo". The book entails of a pastors journey before being bought back to life and what he saw. He saw all the demons that dwel among us and are the root of all the sinful and wicked choices we make. When I realized that I am being controlled, or being led by demons to be the way I have been all my life. I immediately wanted nothing to do with that. I dropped to my knees, crying my eyes out. And asked God for forgiveness. I apologized for all the horrible things I did, all the lies I told, and all the times I spoke bad of Him. I continued to cry and repent for 20 minutes or more. I started to read the Bible and pray every day. Flavio's life had already changed; he was no longer an addict to alcohol, and drugs. My addictions and old self left my body a week after my repentance. Shortly after that, I was baptized with the Holy Ghost, and anointed. It happened a night after Flavio. We felt wax fall on our foreheads, and our eyes couldnít stop shaking. And our body felt like it was filled with light and divine energy. I thought I was glowing! The most amazing experience I have ever had in my life! After that my life no longer revolved around me but around Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour. I was born again. There is not a day that goes by where I don't pray and thank Him for absolutely all things. I am no longer captive to alcohol, or any drugs or RX pills. I donít watch TV or listen to worldy music. I only watch things about God and listen to Christian music. I donít curse and I am bothered for the actions of wordly people. The Holy Spirit has cleansed me and all that I thought was ok I now realize it isn't. Praise God! Me and Flavio were recently married In October 27, 2012. It was the most beautiful wedding. Filled with the Holy Ghost and tears or joy. He has COMPLETELY changed our life. He has fixed our relationship and has given us life. For He is, the truth, the way and the light.

My life has never been better. I have come a long way. And I am amazed everyday by the change that is in me. I could not have made this change myself. There is no way out of my own will I would have gotten out of my 8 year addictions from one week to the next. And also my own persona has changed. I am not full of wickedness or desire to sin. Of course we are all sinners so itís why we must repent every single day. Since me and my husband were saved a lot of bad spirits attacked us. By placing doubts in our minds, nightmares doing wicked things, placing old memories of wretched things we did, etc. Itís been tough but we must always stay strong and be patient and God will help us. Psalm 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.
If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord. I sincerely suggest you do. HE IS REAL! He wants to save you. He rejoices when He is able to turn someone to His light! Repent, and pray every day to be filled with His Holy Ghost wholeheartedly. Let Him know you want Him and you welcome Him into your heart. Seek Him every day and He will save you and then you will be able to experience Him as many people have. He is a merciful God; He is a perfect loving God. He is our creator and He has a wonderful place waiting for us. satans greatest achievement is he has convinced all the world he doesn't exist. he does exist and he wants to damn us all to where he is going. I pray that the whole world is saved. I pray that all the spiritual veils are taken off and His will and truth are poured over all the land in Jesus Christ name.

Matthew 7:7-13 (KJV)
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.


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