Testimony: How God Used My Son With Severe Disability For His Glory

John Putchkayala's testimony "How God Used My Son With Severe Disability For His Glory" on 5/18/2016, 4:41am...

How God used Samuel with severe disabilities for His glory.
Bro. John and his wife Sis. Mahima and their four year old daughter Ruth rejoiced greatly at the birth of a son on 12th February 1991.(Picture 1). They lived in Mandapeta , in AP , where Bro.John worked as a Branch Manager in a bank . Sis. Mahima delivery was planned at Penugonda, native place of Bro. John. His mother and a nurse are doing normal delivery process in a room, at that time all family members were present due to State Government holiday. At around 12.30 noon mother came out of the delivery room with tears and told that boy child was born with a wound on his spinal cord. Immediately we rushed to family doctor with this boy and doctor advised to take him to GGH Kakinada. After admitting the boy, the doctors informed this case is called Meningomyelocele, which paralyzes his both legs with weak spine, no control of urine and bowel, since the nerves were damaged at lumbar region. Doctor’s at Government Hospital Kakinada told that he may not survive, and better to leave him untreated so that he will die after 15 days. But after few days, God changed the mind of the doctor and they ready to perform a surgery on 7th day. Doctor’s has decided to discard this boy but God didn’t allow them to do so. Subsequently the size of the head is enlarging gradually due to closure of Spinal wound (which is called Hydrocephalus). Neurosurgeon at Kakinada Government Hospital advised to take CT scan, and it was done at Visakhapatnam and the doctor was observed that some water (cerebral fluid) was present in the brain, so the brain will not grow to that extent of water. In such situation, the boy cannot grow mentally and will remain with brain disability. Doctor advised to have a brain surgery to insert a shunt. It helps to drain out water from the brain through a tube inserted in the body. After 5 days of the surgery it was failed and the shunt was removed. Doctors told that due to failure of brain surgery, he may have ingrown brain, which result in stunted growth and behave like child even after growing physically

But God showed His abundant grace as he is growing and he became more intelligent and talented. Years were passing but these was no improvement in his health even after allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathic and Ayurvedic treatments. After attaining the age of 9 (ie., in the year 2000) he developed severe urinary infections and his urine went back to the kidneys and they were dilated due to neurogenic bladder. He was admitted in Kamineni Hospital in Hyderabad and the doctors declared that his kidneys may fail any-day within few month and he may not survive. He was sent home without any treatment and they advised the parents to seek further evaluation from CMC Hospital Vellore.

The parents sent the reports to CMC Hospital Vellore for the further evaluation and they said “there is no solutions for this case, don’t spend any money for treatment because he may not survive for a long time”.

Now, Samuel got a doubt about his health and survival, he asked his father whether his body will keep in coffin box. At the same time he expressed his desire to testify in Baptism. Since he was only 9 years old, his father discussed the matter with their God’s Servant at Rajahmundry. He further discussed the matter with senior God’s servant at Vizag regarding giving baptism to Samuel. Since his survival was most difficult and he had a strong desire to testify in Baptism,his request was granted.(Picture 3) You can see how the Lord’s servant had to carry him on his hasds for asking questions. He was carried and given baptism (Picture 4) on 30th April 2000, at House of Peace, Rajahmundry.

He was given a promise after his baptism PROVERBS 9:11”For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased.” His parents and Samuel also were very happy with this promise. Eventually he was healed from severe infection. Though the years of his life were passing by, his health did not improve. His parents had to carry him on their arms, wherever he wanted to go.(Picture 5) Once he fell down from the bed and his got collar bone was fractured.
However he began to learn playing Key board by himself, even though his health did not support him.(Picture 6 ) The same year he had severe calcium deficiency and his thigh bone was fractured. The doctors refused to perform surgery but God miraculously healed the fractured bone without a surgery. As the days passed by also his hands became weak and began to cripple as his calcium levels went too low. He could not lift his hands. But he prayed to God to strengthen his hands because of his passion to play keyboard in God’s House. After a few years his left hand gained strength to do God’s work. Meanwhile, in the year 2012 his father resigned his job as he received God’s call for full time service. He began pastoring an assembly in a village. And so Samuel got an opportunity to serve the Lord in His House, along with his father.
He, happily played the keyboard with one hand during every Sunday service, (Picture 7) even though his weak body was not able to support him. He never complained but he glorified God in every circumstances. (Picture 8 ) He became a living witness of God’s grace. Many people came to know God because of Samuel, including his parents in 1991 and his grandfather who was a communist leader, and many others. He encouraged so many people to play various instruments and to glorify God in the church. He supported open air Gospel ministry by obtaining tracts from various Christian sites across the world. One of his favorite ministries was prayers. Every month after fasting prayer, he will go through the prayer requests received and he will pray for them. Especially for the ministry of his father and salvation for others.(Picture 9 ) He opened a Facebook page in the name of HEBRON PRAYER HOUSE and posted inspirational Bible quoted with relevant images, and ministry photos, especially open air Gospel ministry. Unknown to him he inspired many people through his living testimony. He never went ot school, yet he received 14 certificates in Bible Correspondence Course with World Bible School (Picture 10 ) and Amazing Facts Bible School (USA) (Picture 11),
and also he received a certificate of graduation for passing the Good News Bible Study Basic Course. (Picture 12)

As usual he played Key Board on 9th August 2015, his health condition is normal, on 13th night he didn’t slept properly. On 14th morning his father take him to diagnostic lab for kidney function test. The reports revealed creatinine level 5.8.
On Friday August 14th 2015,he got admitted in hospital and doctors told his both kidneys were damaged, and they told us that his survival chance is zero. Samuel did not know this, and so he requested his father to allow him to play Key Board in the church for Sunday service (16th August) and that later he would get admitted again. He didn’t know that he was in last days of his life. With a heavy heart his parents admitted him in hospital. Every minute on the bed he enjoyed the presence of God and gave his testimony to the Doctors. He thought only thing that he would go back to his church after a few days’ treatment. But on 23rd August 2015 (Sunday) he slept in the Lord at 9:15pm surrounded by his loved ones. He went to his eternal home. On 9th he worshipped God and played key board in the church; on 16th he worshipped the Lord on the Hospital bed; on 23rd August he went to be in the presence of God.He lived a good life for 24 ½ years.Inspite of his acute physical suffering over all these years, he lived for the Lords Jesus Christ and for His work. His mortal remains were laid to rest on the 24th August 2015. (Picture 13) Funeral was taken place ain a grand way. Many Servants of God from surrounding places and believers were present. The young God Servants didn’t allow the coffing to be kept on the carrier vehicle, but they wanted to carry it on their showlders.

There is one important thing we want to share, which his parents found after his death. He was baptized in the year 2000 In 2002 he drew a 15 lines table backside of his Bible to keep a track record of his individual annual promises,(Picture 14) He wrote the years in the first column and promises on the other. He wrote the years up to 2015 only, and updated his yearly promises against each year in the table. After he slept in the Lord, his parents were going through his Bible. Then the mystery was revealed. God had revealed him through the Holy Spirit life span will be extended by God as per Baptism promise mentioned above. (ie., God has extended his life 15 years only (like King Hezekiah) and the same was revealed to him in the year 2002 itself. He updated his promise up to 2013 only because after that he started using another Bible, this previous Bible his was kept in suitcase.
In the Bible, he underlined so many important verses during his day to day meditation, starting from Genesis to Revelation.(Picture 15) It shows how deeplt he studied the Bible. Also he spent much of his time in prayer. That is the reason why he got close intimacy with our loving God. In his life time though his health was very poor as he suffered from ailments like,Blood Pressure, Calcium deficiency, Iron deficiency, Gastritis, and continuous bed sores with heavy bleeding, he never murmured about his situation but in turn he used to sing a song of Don Moen “God is good all the time” and also “O Yesu Nee Prema” and “Yesu Manatho Nundaga” etc from Telugu songs of Zion. It shows his strong faith and deep love towards God. How many of us can sing such songs in a situation like Samuel’s? And also he used to prepare 4 pages prayer request charts in Telugu language for chain prayer by using his laptop. Though he requested his father for Wi-Fi facility and uses it in a positive way to learn Bible courses and to do the work of God. He lived all these 24 years without any defilement in his body and mind. And he lived on this earth without any worldly identification like Birth registration, School admission, Aadhar card and voter’s card.

What will you give to God in return of His goodness towards you, like salvation, good health, good education, good job and everything else you are enjoying?
Samuel’s life puts before you a great challenge. He was not physically normal as you are. He lived his life of 24 ½ years with physical handicap and much pain.(Picture 16) Yet he did what he could for the glory of God. He served God for 3 ½ years.
Are you living for JESUS? Samuel was saved and Baptized at the age of 9, are you saved ? Are you baptized ? God has blessed you with talents, to glorify Him. Are you using them in His service? Pray to God, get courage and use them for the glory of GOD.



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