Testimony: How God Opened My Eyes And Showed Me The Truth

Asel Benis Magas's testimony "How God Opened My Eyes And Showed Me The Truth" on 1/16/2016, 4:51am...

I was raised as a religious child by my very devoted parents. Religious I say because we were Roman Catholic and I boldly say this because this religion made a very significant role in my life. Since I was a child, I already started praying the holy rosary, reading the Bible and having devotions on the different saints, sacred images and statues. My knowledge on the Catholic Doctrine went deeper when I went to high school since the nuns who took care of us never failed on giving us catechisms. During those times, I was very complacent that I will be saved because I never failed on practicing the virtues and traditions that was taught to us.
Just as after I graduated in high school, I learned that my parents have already been converted to a Christian Church, and now they are asking me to join them. I was really angry because all I know is that only the Catholic Church is the true church and all other churches are false, wicked, and just bunch of fundamentalists. I started arguing with my parents based on the doctrines I learned and told them they had already been excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. But during those times, I started falling in love with the world. I was so engrossed in listening to secular music and found myself being so rebellious that my behavior and attitude towards my parents is really at its worst. RESPECT never crossed my mind.
Just as a severe test came to our lives; I had been manipulated by a scammer but the worse thing is that I involved my parents. I was able to gain my parents trust; they dispensed every amount of money I asked from them until I learned that I had been deceived. This happened due to the fact that I was only 16 and living my life for four years with those nuns made me trust all people, but now I've been fooled. I was so ashamed on what I've done to my parents; I wanna end up my life knowing how much disappointment I brought them (BTW I'm a single child); I felt so worthless and started asking God if He ever existed and why He never warned me. I then started submitting myself to my parents knowing itís only them who could help me right at that moment. They again asked me out on coming with them at their Church (Jesus Miracle Crusade), I canít complain though itís really against my will to go with them. Iíve been very close-minded on everything I hear from that Church; I even hated every woman wearing skirts knowing that they are not part of the Catholic Church where I belong. But something really went odd, I donít understand why Iím being moved; the teachings I tried hard not to hear penetrated through my heart and made me redeem my faith back to the Lord. My mom who was declared to be paralyzed by the doctors has been healed in Jesus name and my dad who was once an enemy of the government and who was never fond of praying is now a faithful servant of God. I witnessed how our lives changed, how we became very satisfied with what we currently have, how God never stopped supplying all our needs, how we are living safely with no worries knowing that God will always deliver us from evil and most of all, how He started replacing what was taken from us.
And the most significant thing that happened to me is He never failed me in reaching my dream of finishing college. It was a great struggle for me since I canít face my parents on asking help from them due to that shame I brought them. Yet God has given me scholarship, not only one but two, and there would always be an excess amount for me as my allowance. He also never failed me with my internship since He provided me a slot on a multi-national company where I was able to acquire lots of knowledge and experience. And the best part is before our graduation, He already gave me a job that is very relevant to my course and that is where I currently work right now. Words canít express how thankful I am to the Lord Jesus on providing me these things. At times I would think, why did He choose me, Iím just a very fragile daughter who would always fall into sin, who would always fail Him with lots of my unfulfilled promises. Yet God is really good, He has that very unconditional love which He is very willing to give us once we turn ourselves to Him in repentance.
I also learned lots of things when I was converted. My eyes were opened on knowing the truth, the truth regarding the true teachings of God. How people on the Catholic Church have been manipulated by the traditions and doctrines created by man and not God. I had lived my 16 years believing on the 10 commandments provided by the Catholic Church, where the second commandment from the bible on worshipping idols and graven images has been omitted (Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth(Exodus 20:4 KJV)), making them violate that commandment and teach us to pray to the statues of Mary, to the Crucifix and to what they portrayed as the image of Jesus (Though the truth is itís the face of Cesare Borgia, son of the late Pope Alexander VI, a very controversial pope). How we were thought that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ not knowing that this is a great blasphemy against the Lord. How I have confessed my sins to the priests, whom I had called as father canít even absolve my sins (And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven (Matthew 23:9 KJV). How Iíve always been praying the rosary and to the saints believing that Mary and those saints would intercede for my prayers (For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5 KJV)). There are lot more of the Roman Catholicsí false teachings that makes me condemn them because I once was their defender. Many people have fallen into the pit because of that churchís false and perverted teachings.
My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us not settle merely on the traditions that we know, we must seek for the truth, for Jesus is the truth, and itís in the truth that we are set free, cause ONLY JESUS CAN SET US FREE.


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